HENCKELS CLASSIC Paring/Utility Knife Review

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Versatilidad 4.7 
Maniobrabilidad 4.7 
Distribución del peso 4.7 
Fácil de sostener 4.6 
Egonómico 4.6 
Excelente inversión 4.6 
  • Work as expected.
  • Make cut in a single go.
  • Not suitable for every fruit size.

HENCKELS CLASSIC Paring/Utility Knife Product Description

As you cut, you will experience more confidence. Featuring precision, a fine-edge blade that is honed for long-lasting sharpness, the Henckels International CLASSIC 4″ Paring Knife is a classic among paring knives. Remove blemishes, peel apples, and slice garlic effortlessly – this small, versatile knife is perfect for cutting and dicing. Featuring a fully forged construction with seamless transition from blade to handle, these knives’ tri-riveted handles ensure even cutting while providing balance. A kitchen tool from Henckels International is essential to any home chef. The knife collection features a wide variety of steak knives and spatulas in high-quality materials at competitive prices. It was created by J.A. Zwilling in 1895. With Henckels, this value-driven brand guarantees the same durability, style, and ease of use that the global company is known for. The experts at Henckels International will help you outfit your kitchen.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Easily peel, slice, clean and garnish various fruits and vegetables with this small, light and versatile tool.
  • The warranty lasts for a lifetime wash with a mild cleanser.
  • Steel blades and reinforcements forged in a hot-drop forge from carbon stainless steel.
  • Mango that is full of flavor and has a triple-rivet texture.
  • A limited lifetime warranty is provided by the manufacturer.
  • It is recommended to hand wash the dishes after using the dishwasher.
  • The 4 inch paring knife is ideal for peeling, cutting, and setting fruits and vegetables.
  • A forged carbon steel that heats up from the forging to make it stain-resistant and durable.
  • An angular shank with three rivets surrounds a full tang.
  • A full cushion can support a lot of weight and ensure safety.

Selected User Reviews For HENCKELS CLASSIC Paring/Utility Knife

This knife is amazing

I am very happy with it. I bought it I worked in a 4 Star restaurant during the summer and became pretty proficient with knives. The knives used in restaurants are extremely sharp and are sharpened regularly to maintain their quality. In the past few years, I have become a fan of As I couldn't find any blades that I liked, I decided to buy my own. spent a lot of time researching this J and eventually decided on it. It is a Henckels 8" Chef's knife. One of the reasons I selected this knife was because Gordon Ramsey once said they were his favorite. This knife is so sharp out of the package I am glad that I went with it. *br> The knife is great. There would be a time when I would have to re-introduce myself The blade needed to be sharpened, so I bought a sharpener with fine- and coarse-gauge settings. With this knife, I used it on just about everything you can imagine, and it never lost its edge. In the first month of consistent use, I noticed the edge had begun to dull a little. At that point, I started using my ID. It has a kitchen blade sharpener attached to Sharp as new, the blade turned out to be. A great blade that holds its edge very well overall, it's very well made. The best way to keep your knife in brand new condition is to purchase a quality blade sharpener. It is also made of very high quality material, as is the handle. I find its balance to be very good and it fits in my hand very well. That's how well constructed it is, it almost feels like the blade is an extension of your hand. Additionally, my girlfriend finds that it is very comfortable to use even though her hands are much smaller than mine. also think that the handle is very comfortable to hold thanks to the material. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and has great grip. The knife stays sharp for a long time if it is never put in the dishwasher. When I clean it with a sponge and dish soap, I find it very easy to clean. I also have the option of letting it air dry since it is rust resistant. I am extremely happy with my purchase and will eventually purchase a full set of chef's knives from this company. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good chef's knife at a good price.

Cruz Owens - 03/05/2021
The knife is great, but there are some caveats**

I love this Henckel knife with a caveat***Henckels makes great knives - but it's not for everyone It usually isn't a problem, except when a warranty issue arises. Apart from that, however, it's a great knife. It's well balanced, has very good steel, and has an ergonomic handle that fits my hand beautifully. It turns out this knife is not made in Spain as advertised, but is made in China instead. As Henckels continues to expand in Asian markets, users will be able to find their knives in Asian markets as well. An advertiser posted pictures of knives that said they were 'Made in Spain. ' All the knives I possess are Henckels made in Spain. Thus I was a little disappointed when the company advertised that the knife was made somewhere else than where it was It would have been nice if this retailer had been honest, as their pictures of their product were blatantly fake.

Macie Conway - 28/02/2021
I didn't expect anything less than horrible quality from Henkels

We have a Henkels knife which is the worst we've ever seen. My first reaction is to be shocked that it carries their name, and to wonder if it is even real. As soon as the knife was washed for the first time, it turned completely discolored. This will be shown in a photo I hope to attach. Also, the knife's TOP edge (not the cutting edge), is so sharp that it made my finger cut deep into my hand as I held the food with my left hand and the knife's top edge grazed on it. (I'm 59). I've exclusively owned Henkels knives for almost as long as I can remember. Truthfully, I could have bought a cheap, crap knife from Ross that was better quality for much less money. There is a possibility that I may be able to reopen this sham company of a once great knife maker.

Manuel Ellis - 21/05/2021
The quality of the product is not as good as a 2013 purchase

In comparison to the knife I bought in 2013, the one I just received is noticeably inferior in quality. blade is much thinner on the new one, and I can actually flex it, whereas the old one could barely bend. There are burrs on the cutting edge that I have to touch up myself, and the squared top edge of the blade has sharp burrs on the corners which have to be sanded off if I wish to comfortably use this. The picture shows A caliper reading of 0 indicates an old blade. There are 111 inches in the old blade, and there are zero inches in the new one. The length of the tape measure is 78.

Giavanna DODD - 15/01/2021
What do you mean? Despite not being a chef by any stretch of the imagination, I cook a lot and really considered this version against the professional series

Disappointed is the best word to describe my feelings. Exceptionally light, smooth and cuts through meat and veggies like butter, the 6" chef's knife from the professional series is what I use. Based on reviews, I chose this one due to being a bigger and more versatile one at a lower price point than $200 or $300. The knife is significantly heavier than the Professional series, but more importantly, it has a lot of texture. My guess is that there is no customer who wants a knife to grip food rather than slice through it with great agility but if your problem is slippery food that overtakes you as you prepare food and mastering this is a journey and not a destination, this is your knife. In either case, you will not be disappointed if you have only used butter knives or steak knives for food prep.

Kayden Powell - 19/01/2021
After 212 months, the blade edge began to deteriorate and chips began to form

It is a very sharp knife, and I am pleased with it at first sight. Just under three months after I bought it, the edge of the blade has already begun to wear down, and has chipped and developed As a rule, I hand wash my knives, then dry them and immediately place them in a block out of reach of children. As long as I don't bang the edges, and the edges don't hit the knife block, I don't have issues. Yesterday, as I dried the knife prior to storage, the towel caught on the edge and it slipped off. can see two notches or chips on the edge when I look closely. I am very disappointed in this. Furthermore, the handle of the knife is uncomfortable for long cutting sessions, and the top edge of the blade is delicately sharpened. The top edge of my finger has actually been cut. A number of the edges in the handle and where the blade meets the handle are sharp, and the handle itself is unwieldly for small fingers.

Zayden STOREY - 08/02/2021