Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels Review

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Quality of material 4.8 
Versatility 4.8 
Easy to care 4.7 
Giftable 4.6 
Absorbency 4.6 
Wrinkle-free 4.0 
  • Washing machine friendly..
  • Lint-free.
  • Can be wash with bleach.
  • Not well aborbent.

Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels Product Description

Despite its large size, this towel is able to do a lot of work at a time. The towels are made of non-toxic cotton, so when you use them, you will be helping the environment.

  • The cotton fabric.
  • The eco-friendly version of dish towels. Using paper towels instead of the green alternative. Designed with 100% cotton that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • - Commercial grade hemming prevents unraveling after multiple washings - Machine washable and lint free. Hotels and homes can benefit from world class quality.
  • There is something to be said for size. The Dish Cloths are large, vintage cloths. Towels by Harringdons come in generous size, 50 X 70 cm, and are made according to our strict specifications so you get the best value for your money. The paper must have a minimum weight of 230gsm and be woven in Herringbone.
  • Put it in a picnic hamper or use it to dry bread, wrap it in plastic, clean spills, or wrap bread. These are great for embroidery and craft projects.
  • With THREE different shades of color in one set, you can add color to your kitchen. There is a loop to hang the towel on every corner.

Questions & Answers

It is possible for them to. There is a moderate amount of non-perishable food Bleach will have no effect on the color if it is chlorine-based. I would like to thank Sarah Bonetti for her help. Those of Harringdon.
Hi there, we are pleased to let you know that all of our towels now have a hanging loop. In keeping with our philosophy of constantly improving our products, this is another feature that has been incorporated from customer feedback. It has been a pleasure working with Those of Harringdon.
The towels are available for purchase on our website. A stripe runs along each long side of the bag. Regards, Sarah Bonetti. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of single color packs. You can find more details at our Harringdons Storefront. We now offer this option in response to customer requests and to uphold our philosophy of increasing the choices available to our customers on a constant basis. Please accept my best regards. Those of Harringdon.

Selected User Reviews For Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels

Towels are so exciting? Who'd have thought it? There are towels out there that actually dry your hands, dishes, etc (5/5)

and quickly dry themselves afterward instead of hanging around damp and stale. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I figured out that towels could dry you before drying them afterward. Thanks to my good sense, I decided to do what everyone does when they come up with an idea that they think should already be out there. These are the babies that I found on Amazon. Yes, I know there are lots of other options available, but these are clearly the best This is the best I've ever seen. How do I know it? The only way they could be any better would be for them to be better. It took someone this long to realize that quality towels existed. Why should you trust someone who took so long to do this? I understand your point, but believe me when I say, I am being truthful. If you want to take your chances elsewhere, do so. You are the one who chooses Amazon and how you spend ) Happy shopping and drying, or whatever else you like Whenever I make an Amazon purchase, I rely heavily on honest reviews, which is why I take the time to post honest reviews. Hopefully my review has been of some use to you. Let me know how I can improve it.

Clark Lehman - 18/03/2021
The only thing that makes me this excited about dishtowels is that I'm getting older (5/5)

The dishtowels are all they are. The use of these towels ranges from drying dishes to mopping up spills to drying hands. The kitchen towel can also be used for any other task you need one for. My bar towels are never the right size or of good quality and I have been unhappy with their performance for many years. It is impossible to fault these towels in any Once I received them, I tossed them in the washer (on cold-water When I wash everything on cold), I dry everything (normal setting) and there may have been some shrinkage, but given the size of these towels--I imagine that there would be some. There are a lot of them- That matters not a bit! Even if I recut two or more of my old towels, it would still take two or more to make If you run a special load of laundry for your kitchen towels, that would be great! This is not something I would do. In essence, I treated them as if I were going to treat They have a thick skin. It looks almost like canvas, but it is not stiff at all. A complete finish is provided along all four edges. If I was embroidered a towel, I would use this towel. It's very tight and I could embroider this towel easily. They are nice colors and go well with pretty much any kitchen color scheme. However, for me, that is not the most important part. During the winter, they are usually drier. When I rubbed my hands together after washing them, I picked up one and dried it - It actually took me less than 15 minutes to dry them. The importance of good towels is obvious to anyone who has dealt with poor ones in the past. As well as drying dishes, they also clean them. He mopped up water that had accumulated on the counter as well. I ate everything in one go. These towels do have one small issue, the loop on the corner cannot be connected to the hook on the front. It doesn't normally present a problem, except that if I try to hang this huge towel from a hook inside my cabinet door using the loop, it will hang down past the door and fall to Rather than putting the loop on the middle of a side, I wish they would have put it on the middle of a side. Yet, I think I'll still give these as gifts this year, regardless of the fact that they're not for Christmas. A set of fabulous dish towels would be a great addition to any kitchen. This is one of those small, everyday things you just don't give much thought to - it's just one of those things that you don't notice- You'll never get it until you get it. An excellent product that deserves to be rated +5!.

Jade Brown - 23/07/2021
These towels are wonderful! I recommend it (5/5)

As soon as I received them, I washed all of these cotton towels four times. When I wash colored cotton items, I always add a few cups of vinegar before washing. I am not sure if this really works, but I have always added a few cups of vinegar. Whenever I buy cotton that is colored I get into the habit of buying it After laundering, the item shrinks very little. This is how I fold and roll up the lovely towels when I take them out of the dryer. There is a basket on the counter that contains them. I am very satisfied with the weight of the towels (not too thin), as well as the feel of the The absorbency of them is high. Besides using them to dry items in the kitchen, I use them to make no-knead artisan bread, hang them on the oven door, and store them under the utility sink. Having cotton is a great feeling. I would have preferred to get one that was all turquoise or would have preferred a lime color stripe, but I find that the different colors work well together. The towels are great. I recommend them highly. The towels I bought were full price.

Ellen Terry - 09/04/2021
As a homemaker for over 40 years, these towels are the best I have ever seen (5/5)

I am in love with these towels. There is absolutely no lint left on the glassware thanks to these super absorbent tissues. Bright, pretty colors and excellent quality make this piece stand out. I grew up in the following way The grandmother of my daughter is a collector of these towels and says she's had some for over thirty Since she is like me when it comes to not throwing anything away just because it is old, I believe that. I can tell from what I can see that they are just as absorbent as mine, since they have no holes and have still kept their hems in perfect condition. The Harringdon Towels I ordered were the same ones she has, until I saw hers' colors and stripes. She had used them many times at her house, but I had not considered them until I saw the colors I will recommend she purchase some Rit Whitening Powder for them, as they are not as white as they used to be. As with the towels I bought, they are big and nice, but fold up nicely or like me roll them up to fit in my kitchen drawers. As good as Harringdons was years ago, I'm so glad to see that they still produce the same fantastic products. I suggest that you wash these alone, or only wash them with other items that do not have lint, and stop using terrycloth, as it gets on them and is It was easy for me to make that mistake when I first got them, and I had to brush all the lint off and use a tape to prevent them from being destroyed. Using a roller retrieved the rest. Again, however, it was a waste of time. Now everything is how it should be, and I will not make the same Anybody who is interested in these should buy them. Today, companies like this have become harder to find, but this company still seems to be dedicated to crafting their products with the same care they used I appreciate the Harringdons' generosity.

Luisa Underwood - 12/07/2021
Despite their appearance, they do not absorb water (1/5)

It is a lovely set of towels, and I put them out for the company to see. Despite this, though Water does not soak up into them! The frustration is unbearable. There is a new set of wine glasses at Crate and Barrel that I bought. Put all the items in hot, soapy water to clean them off. After trying to dry them with these towels, I finally gave up. Burlap is about as useful a material for absorption as burlap When it comes to kitchen towels, old flour sacks are a wise choice A new way has been found for THEM to.

Ariel Patel - 02/08/2021