Haotian Bar Serving Cart Review

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Maniobrabilidad 4.5 
Robustez 4.3 
Excelente inversión 4.3 
Fácil de montar 4.0 
  • Top shelf doubles as a tray.
  • Made of high quality MDF.
  • Ample storage space for food, dishes, etc..
  • Takes a little bit of time to assemble..

Haotian Bar Serving Cart Product Description

An excellent choice for those whose personal taste tends toward industrial design, the cocktail cart hits all of our needs. Although its size makes it convenient for just about any space, its three shelves also make it the perfect option for storing liquor bottles or crystal glasses. The top shelf of this cart doubles as a serving tray, while the bottom shelf has a guard rail and racks for wine bottles and glasses. I was pleased with this bar cart because it’s sturdy and well-made, and it offers a lot of storage and display options.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • With the charming vintage industrial serving cart, a wine rack and hanging glass storage are included. There is enough room for four bottles of wine and six glasses of wine.
  • Food trays can be attached to the top shelf so that it can be used as a shelf. A set of four swivel castors (two with brakes) makes moving it easy.
  • The base is made from high quality MDF with a wood effect printed on it, and has a frame in black powder coated steel.
  • This item is 31.75 inches by 31.75 inches. The square root of 15 is 1. 35 x 7 is 7x7. The diameter of the gap is 4 inches. A 30 peso note. The baby weighed 9 pounds. It has a load capacity of 110 pounds. There are two pounds in there.
  • The item arrives flat-packed and needs to be assembled. Includes detailed instructions (not guaranteed to be in Spanish).

Selected User Reviews For Haotian Bar Serving Cart

This is horrible- The splintering, peeling, and unusable welding were painful to endure

Having read such wonderful reviews about this, I was so eager to own it! Because it is so expensive, I was expecting the cart to be made of wood rather than plastic- It surprised me to find out that the edges were splintered and peeling. There is a wood in the woods All sides of the appearance seal were peeling off. It appeared that the metal structure had been banged around quite a bit as well since it was scratched and discolored. Also, I didn't have the chance even to put the entire thing together due to the metal component having such horrible welded edges that it couldn't be screwed flat into the base In order for them to push flush against the wood, you'd need to saw them flat. * However, if all of the other problems don't exist, you will still be required to use a drill to attach the wood pieces (not a big deal, just an extra step). Finally, I would like to say that I am being forced to take it apart and send it back to Amazon. The inconvenience of reselling something that should never be sold again. That's a very frustrating experience!.

Korbyn Allen - 14/01/2021
How come there is such a fuss? In spite of all the fuss from other reviewers, the product is really easy to put together

As you can see in the photos, I have placed wine bottles, glasses, and a bottle of liquor in the appropriate positions. A power screwdriver/drill and the supplied wrench were all I needed to assemble it in about 20 minutes. Despite the fact that I did not need the drill at all, the task was accomplished. A steady hand is required, but more appropriately, it is better to position the items on the side, etc. , so construction is straightforward and logical. The Swedish manufacturer's items usually take more time than I can pour into them. I know how to use tools, but this was so much easier. My personal opinion is that pictures are not necessary. Those extra screws from the manufacturer will go in my toolbox, so thanks for sending them to me. People like me who can put together items like this one will be able to help you out if you have trouble assembling it. There are many people out there who have the basic knowledge of putting such items together. As soon as I put it in my kitchen to tidy up the space under my window, I'll be absolutely delighted.

Abram Freeman - 17/04/2021
An excellent bar cart that is well worth the price! I love this bar art piece for the house

It's sturdy and large enough to hold many Easy to assemble, and pretty self-explanatory In any case If you are drilling by hand, you will require an electric or battery-powered drill as the holes are exceptionally hard to screw into by hand. A challenge almost impossible to meet. In less than forty minutes, I had assembled this.

Milan Montgomery - 22/07/2021
I like the look of it

My cart looked really good when I assemble it by myself. Taking about 35 minutes, it was assembled by me. It was only a problem that the instructions indicated that there was no drill required, but it wasn't all that helpful with the tiny little marks to start. The handles for the wine glass rack, the middle shelf, and the screws for the wine glass rack had to be drilled with a small drill. I like how it looks overall, and since it's cheap it's not bad either. We would have given 5 stars if the item hadn't arrived with some damage, yet it did not look like it would be associated with shipping because the box was not dented on the outside. I don't know if they just didn't do a good quality control before shipping.

Aspyn TOMLINSON - 22/03/2021
Overall, it appears to be good, but I couldn't recommend it

It looks like the product in the picture, but it does not match the actual product. Please note *br> I was given the wrong directions - This package does not include any tools - There were a few places where the pre-drilled holes did not line up perfectly,*br> The handles were extremely difficult to use with one person. It would have been better if they just shipped it with trey handles installed. Please note *br> The item is neither a gift worth giving nor should it be shipped as one. Please note *br> I have a headache, but I look okay/good overall.

Aitana Brandt - 08/03/2021
It went better than I had I love this bar cart so much that it is worth every penny! Assembling the components As we are not handy, we used the screws provided and a manual screwdriver to assemble

My husband needed more than an hour to finish it. It is not our job to be A sturdy base Yes, you're in good hands. The fact that we have lots of bottles and glassware on the table has no effect on us. I like how sturdy this is! Look at this That's why we like it so much. In comparison with other reviews, I thought it would be a small download, but it's quite large. opted not to use the wine glass slider rack since we intended to use the bottom shelf in full. Please recommend us to your friends and family. The product definitely seems more expensive (and feels more expensive).

Emmeline Knight - 13/01/2021
I was very pleased with the results I don't understand the instructions at all

I would rate this product 5 stars This product is great for the money, it is sturdy and looks good once assembled. The only thing to know is that the instructions aren't so great and you'll need a power drill to put it together. It appears that some of the wood shelves do not include any pre-installed rails You cannot attach it to the frame with pre-drilled holes, you have to drill them yourself using screws they provide. Using a screwdriver and the screws that come with it is a challenge. Before I could even align the frame to the shelves, I had to drill 20 minutes extra on each panel to make the holes myself. I'd recommend having a power drill so that you can pre drill holes in the wood shelves before buying this bar cart. Unless you get the screws in the right mounting holes, you'll spend much more time trying to get them in.

Madelyn Koch - 04/01/2021
It's great to find that out

For the money, this is an excellent find. I assembled it in about 20 minutes, and I had no problems like some people I read about. No screws are needed for the shelves or the holders for the wine bottles and wine glasses but they are very easy to install. The box and item were both in good condition and all accessories came with it. This is a good choice since it holds a lot of items.

Casey Rasmussen - 18/06/2021