Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender Review

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  • The blender comes with a Quiet Shield lid that you may use to reduce noise pollution.
  • You'll also receive a tamper to ensure that each component is thoroughly combined.
  • Because the tamper and jar can both be washed in the dishwasher, cleanup will be a pleasure.
  • The blender jar, at 32 ounces, can't make as many servings as other larger options.
  • The actual blender jar has no handle, so you'll probably need two hands to hold it.

Selected User Reviews For Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Listen to Hamilton Beach vs (4/5)

Ninja to hear the comparison. As soon as I got it, it hurt my ears to stand close to it, and when I used it, I had to turn it off before everyone else in the kitchen could hear it. People near me who live near me have said they would pay someone $100 to make a There were so many options you could buy an after-market sound cover, but they were more expensive In the neighborhood of In our case, it was more economical to purchase a Then I read a lot of reviews and decided to purchase There is a great deal less noise now. It would have been nice if someone had made a sound video to demonstrate Despite the fact that it is not much of an improvement, the sound shield is definitely It is especially important to set the pulse. There is so much quiet on this Hamilton Beach blender.

Cheyenne Cobb - 13/04/2021
A Vitamix is a better choice because of its higher power and lower price (5/5)

I owned one previously This was of course an excellent presentation. Although this under $150 unit (actually $119) does the job we need it for, it's closer to what we want. It's been a pretty good start to the year. It only took a few minutes to get it installed and it seems to do the trick. Some of us made ice cream smoothies and gazpacho. It works fine and the noise-canceling shield really does make a difference. I wish it had a bigger pitcher to make larger amounts but the 32 fluid ounces is plenty to feed a very large family. Most of what we wish to accomplish with it will be possible with this. disadvantage is that the top of the speaker is not easy to remove and is made from more rigid plastic. Although it isn't a deal breaker, I miss the rubber that came with my Vitamix (but I am happy to give up $400 in exchange for In addition, there is no handle on the pitcher. As you can see in the photo, it is located on the noise shield. So far, it does not appear to be a big deal, but I had expected it to be This is all- In summary, I really like this blender. It's both powerful and versatile, and it's very affordable.

Noe Cooke - 10/06/2021
The motor does not make a lot of noise or blend, and the replacement parts are difficult to find (3/5)

We bought this blender in 2016. It's fine, but we don't really use it. It is less noisy with the pitcher shield on it, but not so much that a new blender is required. The Vitamix will do ok as a smoothie maker, and if that's all you need, then it may do fine. It cannot compete with a Vitamix, Blendtec, or Ninja in The software has caused me frustrations by not being able to handle many recipes. I would advise you to forget the Nut Butter my coffee grinder handled it much better. Large chunks of ice and dates often remain after ice and dates break up badly. The only snag with the Blendtec was the price - we bought it on the Treasure truck (similar price range) a couple days ago, and I am so much happier with the results, There's one major drawback to this blender (and I should probably give to it two stars for this), the ingredients slowly seep through the base and get caked to the side of the jar in the compartment below the blade after prolonged use. You'll have a hard time cleaning it. The only place where I can find a new jar is Hamilton Beach for $90. At only 2/3 the price of a new unit including shipping, I decided to switch to another model. Hamilton Beach owns Blendtec too, which is a good thing for them.

Madalynn Campos - 28/03/2021
I am disappointed (3/5)

In the past I have considered it a worthy replacement for my Nutri Ninja Auto IQ that recently burnt out. My problem is that the Ninja is too loud, so I wanted something different. significantly quieter than many of the others I have owned, but I still wouldn't recommend drinking smoothies with it. The Ninja blends well, but it has to be run several times before it becomes consistent. This blender will be relegated to the back of the cupboard and I will order It just does not work well for smoothies (especially) even though I wanted to like the Hamilton Beach.

Chris THOMSON - 02/02/2021
You need to keep In October, I bought this (2/5)

Probably used no more than ten I blended bullion cubes yesterday even with the cover on it and it was very loud even without any cover on. It's a cube of gold! Damaged the blender by breaking the side. Thanks to the fact that I have never used ice in the blender, otherwise it would have broken much sooner. The product is not up to par.

Jameson Oneill - 19/07/2021
It is very expensive to replace jar assemblies due to their poor quality (1/5)

There is high quality in this blender base. There is nothing wrong with the jar assembly. Plastic jar that crushed ice nearly daily for 7 months started leaking out of the base after it cracked at the base. As I searched for a replacement jar, I came across this website. My only chance of finding one was on Hamilton Beach's web site, for $89, but I couldn't find it anywhere else. A new blender is in order since I had to replace the current one. *br>*br>The quality is disappointing.

Jace Barnett - 28/02/2021
You can save your hearing to listen to awesome music (5/5)

A blender has been developed by Hamilton Beach that is excellent and simple to use. One would expect such a machine to perform at a high level of power and quiet. I can imagine the engineering team behind it saying, "yes, we can do that. ". The player is quiet(er), powerful, and large in stature There is a range of prices. I have no problem with it. It's awesome to have a power ramp in the car This smoothie dial feature gives you the option to "up" or "down" It is in the pre-school stage This is done. The speed of light is Using smoothie speed) in an automated manner This is the style of bragging "A smoothie with all the right ingredients" In two minutes. This is how my HB Pro 1500W QS Blender describes itself. When my smoothie is being made by this little robot I want a banana in its whole form A glycoprotein powder called GOL An omega 3, 6 splash cranberry juice, *650ml soy milk] I'm filling up my water bottle while talking with my wife. The speed ramps down and then stops. It only takes a minute to make this smoothie! It's great that this robot is so robust! ***** The BPA free thick jar is designed with a no handle. The way you did that really appealed to me! The following items can be grabbed You should always say it with sincerity. I like the way it fits in my hand perfectly. It feels There appears to be a purpose behind it to reduce micro-organisms No wobble and no energy lost from blender speed noise. Energy is directed to the spin and mixing of the blade in a nice 32 oz/1L final product. HB describes this as more of a "quiet shield" blender than a silent I can compare my current blender to two ultra loud blenders I've used previously It would be nice to have a Bella and an inexpensive HB.

Travis Black - 04/07/2021