Hamilton Beach HBH650 Commercial Tempest Blender Review

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  • Blenders in this class use these motors, but they're known for working more efficiently and powerfully than some of their competitors.
  • Removable container and blade.
  • Wave-Action system moves up and down for consistent blending.
  • Automatic shutoff.
  • Blender is known for being loud during operation.
  • Quite expensive.

Hamilton Beach HBH650 Commercial Tempest Blender Product Description

The Hamilton Beach Commercial Tempest High-Performance Blender has been designed with busy bars and restaurants in mind. It offers enormous power but is easy to use. The three horsepower motor features an all-metal drive coupling built to endure the needs of the busiest of bars. By turning off the motor when the jar is removed, the motor is protected from wear and tear. The stainless steel blades make the job of blending incredibly fast and easy. This blender has it all, featuring features such as a jump cycle that delivers the ideal drink consistency, along with a temperature gauge and jar pad sensor.

  • 16 oz. of water is blended together. In just 12 seconds, you will have created a daiquiri.
  • With the patented waves-action system, you won't have any ice chunks.
  • Featuring a powerful 3 hp motor and an all-metal clutch.
  • With easy-to-clean 2 speeds, a jump cycle & a pulse button, you can make any drink you want
  • Automatically shutting off the timer.
  • Blenders with conventional wave action do not pulverize contents evenly around the walls of the jar, while leaving whole pieces untouched. With the Wave Action System, you can get smooth results every time due to its unique container and blade design.
  • Creating a super-creamy drink profile - The Wave Action System helps break down ice from a granita texture to a creamy drink profile, thanks to speed and blade design.
  • The dual speeds, the jump cycle, and the pulse button enable you to create a wide range of drink blends with precision.
  • It frees up operators for other duties by having an automatic shut-off timer. Ideal for bars with a lot of traffic.
  • Motor 3 HP - Built with durable all-metal drive coupling that can withstand the most wear and tear.

Questions & Answers

I'm sending an item from Japan to Bulgaria by expedited shipping. It will take seven to ten days, and fourteen to twenty one days by standard shipping.
There is going to be a $270 shipping fee and a $345 item fee.
I think this is a great No, that is not the case. Considering that the Tournant (HBF600) is specifically for preparing certain foods, your question is based on an informed observation that Hamilton Beach also makes another blender specifically designed for such use. You can find it categorized under "Culinary blenders" on the Hamilton Beach website, whereas the Tempest (HBH650) is categorized under "Bar blenders." The two blenders look the same, but they handle food in different ways. the reason people complain when they try to use the Tempest to chop or puree foods without ice. Back to the Tournant, it will make smoothies very difficult. But, it is great for making salsas, hummus, nut butters, etc. The Hamilton Beach 58850 blender is a good choice for mixing butters and the like. If you're interested in a blender for making soups or fruits, consider the Vitamix or Blendtec professional line.
There is a HB machine that meets the CE specification that Amazon does not ship to Italy. Whether you can get it from a restaurant supply store depends on your location.

Selected User Reviews For Hamilton Beach HBH650 Commercial Tempest Blender

In one year, she broke up with her boyfriend (5/5)

Fire began to spread to my kitchen when the package popped. Because the warranty has expired after a year, I don't think I can get a new one. Fourteen months have passed since I bought it. Replacing the system would be very costly* Update My Amazon Chat representative told me I'll be refunded in full for returning the unit to them! 7/7/13*br>I contacted Amazon via Chat, and they've asked me to return the unit! After 14 months, I finally got rid of the blender. It is a pleasure to have this blender because it It's an honor to work with Amazon! You should be proud of yourself for stepping up to the plate!.

Royal Sanchez - 24/06/2021
I wasn't very happy with it (2/5)

I'm not sure if I got a defective blender, but the lid leaks liquid when it's in use, even though it feels like it's tight. Additionally, I used crushed ice to make a smoothie, and the ice bridge still formed and meant that it was hard to chop up It's very hard to tell whether this blender is better or worse than a $50 blender.

London Li - 18/03/2021
I would buy this product It is perfect (5/5)

I absolutely love it. Quality that you will not find anywhere else.

Will McIntyre - 20/03/2021
The reason for the 4 stars is (4/5)

For a year or two now I've owned it and it has held up well. It blends almost everything that I One correction is that the wave action may push the ingredients out of the top if the lid is not firmly held down.

Ezra Rich - 17/05/2021
What a darn shame! Blender of this quality is the best (5/5)

It is simply the best blender for my wife and me. I have been using it to make smoothies and watermelon juice for quite some time now. It is fast, efficient, and produces a smooth and creamy drink. Although I am aware that some people like the texture of their blended products, I do not. This means that I pulverize granola, even when I put it in my smoothies. A nice feature of the two-step setting is that it automatically adjusts each stage. Initially, it flies quite fast, and then it flies quite fast. Ours is not an overly loud song, unlike those of others. Following a series of attempts with GE, Oster, and other blenders that were too weak, poorly designed, or died after a few months, we are so pleased that we went with a commercial grade blender.

Lachlan Guerrero - 07/04/2021
Expert review for HBH650 commercial blender by experienced bartenders (4/5)

Since I've been bartending for several years now, I've used a variety of blenders in that time. My current position at the bar I work at takes advantage of a Vitamix commercial blender rated at two and a half hours. A metal coupling, such as the H-type, is required This works well and is an A+. Creating a 30 second margarita was a snap with an Island Oasis ice shaver type that I purchased on Amazon ($300). You pour 10 pounds of ice in the top and it is fully automatic ($couple thousand from I-Tunes) With this blender you get similar results in terms of consistency as the Island Oasis machine, and it's rated for 3 hours. It comes with a timer, which is very helpful to This is a timer (electronic) and not a mechanical one. I have never had a frozen drink so smooth from a bar blender as what I got from this It makes a full pitcher of frozen margaritas in 15 seconds, yes it makes 64 oz in 15 seconds. This is a delicious mixture of smooth creamy When the ingredients are agitated and pulverized using the wave action system, they become creamy in Having enough power to do this well is no problem for the motor. As the blades and motor are slowly getting up to full speed, the jump feature starts the blending off slow, which is a good feature that will extend the life of the blades and motor and may even help save electricity. Having touch pad style buttons (with buttons under a plastic cover) is nice because they can be wiped clean. According to me, this blender is great for home use and does a great job. With a $450+ blender, the only complaint I have is that when used at high speed the pitcher seems to wobble. This is not noticeable to the naked eye but you can hear it if you hold the pitcher steady. While the piece of rubber is not going to fall off, Hamilton Beach could have done better and retooled it for the removable end. In the long run, it causes bearings in the pitcher and motor shaft to wear faster. If you care about the product life of your product in a commercial setting, this defeats the purpose of the timer. Short legs hold the pitcher in place, so that is why the pitcher is unstable. If they had been taller, I would have given it a 5 star rating. Probably this is why they've installed a safety feature that turns off the power when the magnetic contacts on the pitcher no longer make contact with one another. Since the wobbling is so small and not visible to the naked eye, the pitcher has not caused me any issues when I've made This blender suits your needs very well, so don't let this deter your decision. For my personal use, this is for home use. Hamilton Beach will be contacted so they can fix this silly removable piece of rubber with 4 legs that holds the pitcher in place taller legs for more stability or an even snugger fit is all I ask. But this blender is one of the best I have ever used, no comparison to the others. RECENT UPDATE - It was necessary to clean off the rubbery part on the blender base, and I rotated it to make sure the pitcher was situated on a level surface. I am giving it 4 stars since I had to figure out how to use it myself, but if not for that, I would give it 5 stars for a smooth 20-second pitcher (64 oz. On the spot) of Margaritas when getting together or hosting a party. In addition to serving 120-120 guests at private parties and weddings, I have been doing the unthinkable and not taking names It has been used by about 150 people at a time since I purchased The tips I get from the site have increased as well since I have started using it.

Tyler Colon - 02/03/2021
You're not gonna find it on your mommy's shelf (5/5)

Even though I cannot believe we paid this much for a blender, I rationalized it by comparing it to all of the blenders we had gone through that were recommended by ratings agencies - All of them died just a few years later. Please note that this number Although I wanted to purchase the No. 2 in the CR ratings, I couldn't bring myself to do so. It was super ugly, so I gave it one. A machine of such strong industrial strength is certainly worth mentioning. Since the jar of the blender is made up of solely There are no removable parts) there won't be any leaks like we had There is no doubt about the motor's power. In just 20 seconds, the machine can make a frozen drink from frozen ingredients. Pureeing hot soups or other foods with it has also been helpful - In spite of its plastic nature, the blender jar is capable of taking hot items. Among the downsides of this model is the noise it produces. It's not a huge problem since it runs for only a few seconds at a time. The second is that with the one-piece jar you need a long handled spatula if you need to remove something like fried onion paste for a curry that has You also need to keep an eye on your output as the purees so fast that you need to remain attentive if you want a little texture.

Mikayla Braun - 24/03/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

Gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Reyna DICKINSON - 21/07/2021