Haley’s Corker Wine Pourer Review

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  • It's a multipurpose tool that works as a pourer, aerator and stopper.
  • It's easy to use.
  • It's reasonably priced.
  • It doesn't spill wine.
  • Feels cheap.

Selected User Reviews For Haley’s Corker Wine Pourer

Product is great, seller is questionable and packaging is poor

A review of this document needs to be split into two parts In my opinion, the product has a 5/5 rating. It is small, easy to use and clean, and effective at aerating and corking After losing my original product I bought this one out of kindness for my boyfriend. I got my first one from my family as a gift and this is a repeat purchase since my original one got lost. She also asked about it after we used it together, as she noticed there was a significant difference in taste after we used it for the same wine, but not after we drank it without it. This is a great product, especially for the price. *br>The seller rated a 3 out of 5 star. *br>This product comes with two aerators in a plastic bag, with a hole on each side of each unit. Can you explain? There can be no problem if you send this product in its original packaging, which I have attached photos of. The seller must have used the product before, since I wonder whether it has ever been used before. That seems to imply that they removed them from their original packaging and put them in this flimsy bag instead, but that doesn't make any sense at all.

Lilyana Oliver - 18/04/2021
The winos will enjoy this

As it seems so simple, and yet purifies the wine with the help of filters, I was dubious about it's effectiveness! There is no way for me to know whether it improves the wine's flavor. The hubbs enjoyed this as a gift he has just begun enjoying wine, and he does not yet discern a difference, so I only gave him one star after not being able to check out the claim made. The problem is- In terms of pros, storage becomes easier when it can be done sideways after opening, which is what the manufacturer claims. We can save a huge amount of space by using that feature, so that alone justifies this purchase for us!.

Kara Johnson - 10/07/2021
Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop

It's impossible for me to tell you how many of these I've purchased for myself and for others. An excellent gift idea for your loved ones. bought two after seeing it on someone's top 25 Amazon purchases, and since I am a wine drinker, I grabbed the Then I knew how I lived without it now I have no idea what I would do without It's great for pouring wine (it aerates it), as well as closing off the wine for the night. It's easy to My husband and I even take one to our vacation home to use The love we have for each other.

Addyson Hopkins - 13/06/2021
I think it is a defective product

There was a problem with the item staying in the bottle and it was poorly constructed. In light of the fact that the gift was given as a performance, it was embarrassing. A very disappointing experience. As a result, the packaging was a joke, it came in a clear plastic bag with no instruction manual or even a description of what the product is meant.

Norah McLean - 24/06/2021
The solution is both functional and brilliant

As I rolled my acrylic aerator off the counter, it cracked, and I saw these and thought they were brilliant as a stopper, aerator, and pourer all in one. Quite frankly, it is not the sexiest wine piece, but I'll take a device that can take care of all my needs, That it is possible to lay the wine bottle on its side without it dripping is so nice! I like it a lot!.

Olive Farley - 16/06/2021
The perfect combination of love and convenience

What a great idea! It works as a cork stopper and it prevents small cork fragments from getting into the wine. It also serves as a pop-up stopper for wine. The lid makes it easy to open and pour with one hand. This is convenient if you have children and one or both hands are taken up! This is a highly recommended book. The dishes are washed in the You're all set!.

Denisse Whitaker - 24/02/2021
This is an item that must be purchased immediately

Using this, you can easily close up your wind bottle after you open it (if you are like me, you only need to close it Although I will certainly drink the entire bottle in one sitting (No judgment), it is much easier than trying to cap or set the cork back in. It is also much easier to pour and I won't have any.

Izaiah Ruiz - 03/05/2021
I have never been happier with a wine stopper

It is a very useful wine stopper. Once it's been opened, it really seals up the wine and keeps it fresh for several days. Several of the red wines also benefit from an almost aerating effect.

Shelby McGrath - 18/04/2021