Haier HC27SF22RB 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator Review

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  • Mini-freezer of short length.
  • Level legs are adjustable.
  • Low-capacity.

Haier HC27SF22RB 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator Product Description

A budget-friendly mini-fridge from Haier that happens to include a half-width freezer compartment that comes with ice trays is a great option that offers the same excellent performance as a top-range model at a fraction of the cost. The size of this mini fridge has been a big draw for customers – specifically, the fact that it fits a number of beverages and snacks, yet it easily slides under most desks. It means you’ll never go hungry (or thirsty) as long as you have this stylish appliance nearby. You can even keep a few frozen meals or delectable desserts in the compartment’s four-by-nine-inch dimensions, so satisfying your sweet tooth has never been so easy. It is hard to deny the value you will be getting by investing in Haier’s mini-fridge, but a lot of customers reported minor dents upon receiving new units-so make sure you thoroughly inspect your product once it has arrived.

  • Compartment for half the width of a regular freezer with ice cube trays.
  • There are two full-width wire shelves inside two full-width wire shelves on each side of the door holds 2 liters and tall bottles.
  • A flat-back design that saves space and a manual defrosting system.
  • Legs that can be adjusted for leveling.
  • Climate control system with temperature adjustment.

Questions & Answers

This ice cube tray contains a small plastic portion of ice It will make very small ice cubes (it will fill one tumbler). The freezer will not fit usual ice cube.
This fridge does not have the space to hold a keg. On top is a very small freezer, which is attached to a fixed shelf on the inside.
A heavy may be involved. My first choice is Duty One, but I would check Lowe's or Home Depot as well if it was available.
In my opinion, this would be a great option for a kitchen area outside. In the event that it gets any colder than the exterior temperature, it is only by about 40 degrees. Therefore, if you are outdoors and the temperature is over 100 degrees, it won't feel as chilly as if you were indoors.

Selected User Reviews For Haier HC27SF22RB 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

'Breaks down like a cookie in your hand (1/5)

' I purchased this product around the 6th of July 2017 . We are in the 20th of August A month and a half after purchasing it, it broke down. This is unbelievable, can you believe it? We have been working on this for a month and a half now. In exchange for a hundred dollars, I was allowed to use my Haier fridge for a full bloody month. Don't even think of purchasing the Assurant warranty program, that's a complete has been difficult for me to contact either party, more or less impossible since I have been trying for the last five days, and unless their repair services are beautiful, like I am mesmerized with awe, I am not likely to recommend these to others. I never will. Is it even possible to have a refrigerator that breaks after A product of this nature is almost impossible to make, even by the Chinese.

Baylee Lucas - 05/04/2021
The box and the unit do not have any dents or scratches (5/5)

A height of 7 feet. a black refrigerator and a white fridge). There are two parts to this. A height of 7 feet. The refrigerators come in three different colors. I received a refrigerator that did not have any dents or scratches on the box or fridge. I will continue to post updates on a regular basis.

Samir Owens - 28/01/2021
I have a strange noise coming from the door and the door is not reversible like it said it would be (1/5)

My refrigerator, which I bought for my office, made a strange whining sound as soon as I plugged it in. This sound is similar to what a jet airplane makes when it flies overhead, only softer, and it happens every time the compressor cycles The word that everyone who comes into my office asks is, "What on earth is that sound?"? The sound has also been described as noises like water running through the pipes in a The sound was VERY distracting and irritating, needless to say. In addition, the door cannot be reversed In my call to Haier, they said that the appliance was still under warranty and said I had to take it to a shop that was at least an hour Keep the product away from children.

Aliza Sparks - 02/08/2021
The box will probably arrive dented, but the device works fine (4/5)

In the case of this refrigerator, you are likely to receive a dented product as indicated in the review title. There have been MANY complaints about this, and all of them are justified. The dent on my fridge was only a small one and was on top. I didn't mind that it's kept under a counter since I'm not spending much time looking at it. Although the fridge has a dent, it still works just fine. By keeping the fridge at the recommended temperature of 3, I can keep the small freezer frozen and keep items in the small refrigerator cold (under 40 degrees). According to the specifications, it works The 2. is really an option for those considering it. The freezer compartment of a 7cf fridge is approximately 4" in length by 9" in width. This container is large enough to hold a few frozen meals. If there weren't a ding in the product, I would have given it a 5 star rating.

Sunny SCHOFIELD - 08/02/2021
I found this fridge to be garbage and not what it appears to be (1/5)

It was one of the mini-orders I placed I specifically chose the fridge because its door did not have all the built-ins that take up so much space and are used for specific items that I do not In reality, it was not as shown on the website. Angry, I decided it was not worth the hassle to return it and to work with it. That was my first big *br>The thermostat fluctuated from keeping the fridge very cold during the first two months of its use to being way too cold. In general it was a disappointment since there was never enough cold for ice. One could only use it for beverages that you want slightly colder than the ambient temperature. It would have been better to leave the food on the counter, as it would go bad in a day if left in the refrigerator. Before today, I didn't think that the fridge could be any more useless After I purchased it, it didn't last long The fridge door opened up slightly as I reached in to get a slightly less than warm beverage, only to be met with clammy damp heat from a fridge that had totally stopped working. I recommend passing on this fridge if you want to save money.

Justice Kerr - 20/06/2021
A very nice and quiet day (5/5)

It's a pretty quiet fridge that I put under my desk.

Walter HOPE - 12/02/2021
Mini-conferences are held while I found the refrigerator to be very loud, and it did cool properly (2/5)

Mini-conferences are held while I found the refrigerator to be very loud, and it did cool properly. As a result, I had to buy a new fridge (rather than try to diagnose the problem better) because I had to have it in a rushed timeframe. One of the refrigerators I bought was much quieter than the one I bought from another manufacturer. If the loudness is caused by an assembly defect or shipping damage, and is not a design weakness, then I can only hope it is attributable to a shipping or assembly defect. Previously, I have used a smaller Haier model with good results.

Taylor Warren - 20/02/2021
As described, item is not what it appears to be (2/5)

While it works well and is cool, I chose this refrigerator over many other, cheaper options specifically due to the picture of the inside, which I figured out would make it convenient to keep three bottles of milk in the fridge. It turns out that the screenshot is incorrect and that the fridge is the same as many others I missed (see my picture).

Chandler Lowery - 20/06/2021