GWH Industrial Wine Racks Review

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Easy to assemble 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Easy to install 4.5 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Comes with a double-tier shelf.
  • Can hold upto 6 stem glasses.
  • Screws are bit fragile.

GWH Industrial Wine Racks Product Description

Featuring reclaimed wood and industrial iron, the GWH wall-mounted wine rack can hold bottles up to 750 ml. The two-layer shelf features a multifunctional storage layer for books or decorative plants on the first layer. This rack also includes six stem glass holders so you can use it to store wine glasses or mugs. Owning a rack like this will please you if you like wine racks with good height and are not just flat. Amazon shopper, who selected the wine rack, reported that it is a classic, wall-mounted piece that takes her wine and coffee station to the next level. It looks good in her kitchen, and she likes the fact that it is sturdy. As well, the screws that came with the package were used to install it correctly on the wall.

  • Wood reclaimed from an industrial plant with industrial iron and baking varnish.
  • The length of the article is The dimensions are 6 x The depth of 2 x 7 is the height of the bottom. The length of the human hair is 87 inches. 0 is the thickness of the board. I am 78 inches tall.
  • Even though the instructions are clear, the product is heavy, so two people have to work together to build it.
  • There is plenty of space between the 2 layers of shelves with the 6 stem glass holders to store wine, wine glasses,
  • You can also give it as a gift to wine lovers as it makes a great gift for the kitchen or living room.

Questions & Answers

Despite having 8 wine glasses tucked up on the shelf and 4 talk flutes, I am not sure what regular size wine glasses are according to you.
Metal is used for the frame and solid wood is used for the shelves.
On the bottom of the shelf, they are welded.
A good one will last a long time. My guess would be about 40 lbs. The way in which it's hung depends on what you use. A pair of plastic mollys that made up a heavy weight I already owned worked well.

Selected User Reviews For GWH Industrial Wine Racks

Suitable for liquor and wine (5/5)

I bought this to add extra space for small bottles of liquor. I suppose the wine glass hangers are a little too close together for red wine glasses, but there's still enough room for the glasses When the hangers were returned to their proper spacing during assembly, they had to be bent back. The top shelf was mounted underneath the support bars to allow the support bars to act as edge guards to prevent bottles from sliding off the shelf. You will need to use the right screws for the job and to attach the shelf to your wall depending on what type of material you are using. Nevertheless, this unit seems to work well with any bottle that fits it with the right anchors. If you don't want anyone to climb up it, don't let them hang.

Karsyn Horne - 29/01/2021
Would I consider better shelves to be available? It is true (5/5)

My answer is yes. As a matter of fact, there are many shelves that handle the work of mounting better than this one. The next wall mounted shelf I notice will be a lot cheaper than this, but I'm sure the rest are also more expensive. In the past I have ordered similar shelf structures (all about $40 or less) and I have been disappointed/worried over the quality of the products. Most of the wood and metal components on cheaper shelves are thin or flimsy in nature. If you are going to stack heavy alcohol bottles on a cheap wall mounted shelf, you shouldn't do it. I have personally experienced the drastic outcomes of using cheaply priced shelving in the past, and while this shelf is pricey, I can fully justify the cost after personally experiencing the drastic outcomes of using a cheaply priced shelf. As you can see, in this case you get what you paid for and a little "a little bit more" I mean a bit more than the wine glasses, mugs, liquor, picture frames, potted plants, and fragile things that you might be concerned with when purchasing a cheap/poorly made wall shelf that.

Kelsey Merrill - 30/04/2021
A simple assembly is required (5/5)

I really like how it turned out. I am glad I found this to help me complete my goal of creating I think it's sturdy and has a great design. The inserts that came with the kit were used since I did not mount them to studs. It seems to be very well made and stuck to the.

Juliette ROBSON - 18/01/2021
This box is strong enough to carry a lot of weight and There are eight hanging slots in this product, but if you have some that are wider than standard, you will not be able to use all of them (5/5)

The hardware provided by the manufacturer I did not trust and so I used another method of mounting it to the wall. This is a sturdy product with a nice finish.

Mylah Fernandez - 16/07/2021
This is a great product (5/5)

This is a very sturdy and good quality item. Bronze is the color I got and I really like Wine bottles fit staggered on top of each other. Bulbous red wine glasses still fit in it. The wall mounts used were stronger than those that came with it. It is relatively easy to install.

Amanda Bright - 04/07/2021
This is a beautifully made and sturdy product (5/5)

It's awesome to have shelves like those! In the process of building a home bar, they will be the first piece. They look beautiful on the wall behind the bar area where we hung two of them. It was a little concerning to me about the hardware, but we used what was included and they do seem very solid. It was necessary to hang the screens into drywall (not studs) because they would not have been symmetrical otherwise. One of the back tabs was bent during shipping, but it could be bent.

Malcolm Terry - 01/06/2021
I had to go to Ace Hardware and spend $4 for 4x machine bolts I was missing (2/5)

The manufacturer did not count things properly, so I'm annoyed with them. Only four machine bolts were included in the kit, which meant I had to spend another $4 and my time fixing it. I haven't a clue how long it will hold up due to the frail weld points on this thing, but we'll see how it holds up. A lot of people complained about the price In my opinion, smaller units are selling for half as much.

Marcus Erickson - 07/06/2021
I'll help you (4/5)

This is not a bad deal This is a very fast and easy way to hang the banner.

Cara Goodwin - 22/06/2021