Guinness Embossed Gravity 2pk Pint Glass Review

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Value for money 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.7 
  • Heavy Ridge for durability.
  • Easy stacking.
  • Hand wash only.

Guinness Embossed Gravity 2pk Pint Glass Product Description

Many people refer to the Irish pint by its many names, including the Imperial pint and the Tulip pint. A similar glass is the Coca-Cola glass, which also has a few nice curves and has a wide rim at the top. In addition to serving Guinness, other Irish stouts and dark beers are available here. The Irish pint can also hold 20 ounces, just like the English pint. Additionally, a slight curve can trap flavor and aroma and help keep the foam in place. They are a trendy beer glass in Europe as they don’t allow you to warm your beer yet allow you an allowance to hold it without having to tilt it.

  • With a heavy ridge that allows for easy stacking, it is durable and long-lasting.
  • In each pack, two glasses are included.
  • The petals of the tulip are shaped like two leaves.
  • A variety of official Guinness merchandise is available.

Questions & Answers

Seams run along the sides of the pants. In my initial thoughts, I thought it would be a big deal. It would have been a killer for me, but I still ordered them. Even though I have noticed the seams less, I am still aware of them. To pour the perfect Half & Half, these glasses are highly recommended along with the Brutool Turtle It's a Half-and-Half.
The glasses in this set are similar to the ones in others.
It is true. A plain embossed harp had previously been seen on the previous glass. New models have an embossed harp with more letters embossed into it, and the letters "ESTD 1759" are also embossed.
It is safe to wash Guinness glasses in the dishwasher. As far as fading my emblem is concerned, I have no problems.

Selected User Reviews For Guinness Embossed Gravity 2pk Pint Glass

It's just like My dad will be happy with these glasses I bought him when I went to the Guinness Factory last year, but I was wary it wouldn't last on the plane (4/5)

In the end, I did get him a smaller Guinness glass, and he loves it so much that I was so glad to find the ones that I initially wanted -As far as the quality of the glasses, these are like any other pint glass you will find in a store, not too fragile but it's still a good idea It is so awesome to see how the harp sticks out from the glass like it normally does. It was they who taught me how to pour the perfect Guinness by where the beer was on the harp, so I'm glad I can now teach my dad the same thing! All of the items look like they did in the real I had hoped it would come in the packaging shown in the product image. Only one complaint I have is that I didn't receive it in the packaging shown in the product image. As it turned out, this was not true. Rather than being individually packaged, the two glasses were thrown into a box with bubble wrap and placed in an Amazon box. Although this was somewhat disappointing for me, as part of the fun was shaving the "authentic" box with it, but the box would eventually be discarded, so it really is a very It was a good experience for me in total.

Harry Ortiz - 08/01/2021
This is a rejection from Quality Control (1/5)

We reject these as part of Quality Control Four out of the four that I received were horribly wrong As you can see from the picture, it's shaped as a skull. There were more problems than simply a little bit I am amazed at the magnitude of error on these and they look terrible. It may be necessary to send them back for.

Mohammed Galvan - 14/07/2021
A set of authentic Guinness glasses (5/5)

Since I had never read reviews prior to my trip, I didn't know anyone was claiming fake glasses were being sold. As I waited for my order to be delivered, I became suspicious. I received tracking information and found out why it was delayed. Carroll's Gifts is an Irish gift retailer with shops in every major Irish city, which specializes in Irish gifts. br> If you have not heard of Carroll's Gifts, it sells Irish gifts in every major city. There was very good padding in my Guinness glasses, and there were stickers indicating authenticity on the bottom, so I know they are genuine goods. As a result, I am confident that my glasses are genuine and first-quality, and I am very glad to be able to enjoy a genuine Guinness pint glass. I was also satisfied that they arrived in good condition, considering how far the glasses had to travel to get.

Hudson MARSDEN - 09/07/2021
A quality that is below average (2/5)

In honor of Christmas, I bought this glassware set as a present to my husband and I who both enjoy Guinness stout. There was a VERY big disappointment. My standards for the first/acceptable quality of glass are only for one. There were visible seams on the other three glasses as well It was immediately apparent to touch two of them that had high ridges. When a level surface is used, one glass will rock back and forth. was under the impression they would be of high quality and authentic coming from an Irish company. In my opinion, the company mixes its "seconds" instead. The glasses are of inferior quality In order to reduce costs, we use standard quality. This is not a product I would purchase again or recommend to others.

Willie FIELD - 26/06/2021
It was a good deal, quite My initial expectation was that they would come from some Amazon warehouse via a 3rd Party manufacturer, but I was rather surprised to find out they came For Prime, I selected the slower shipping option so I would be eligible for a $1 off digital goods discount Could that have been the reason they actually came from Guinness? No matter what, it's nice to have them in a full pint size and their shape makes it easy to hold them (5/5)

Additionally, they have a decent amount of weight. A reviewer complained that there were a few imperfections in the distribution of glass at the bottom, and mine has that (though not to the same extent as others), so I will update my review should I break it in the future. They are otherwise great glasses, so this is a deal breaker for me.

Paxton Carlson - 11/06/2021
These large pint glasses have nice, 3D details on them and a professional-looking A knock-off printed on paper ), and it is sturdy enough to take a beating from As far as I'm concerned, these were purchased for my own use, but if you were thinking of giving them as a gift, I would have appreciated Some others have noted that there are visible seams lenght the sides, but I'm not sure they're "factory seconds" as one reviewer said, since I was at a pub near my house and discovered they were using these identical glasses to serve their Guinness (5/5)

The seams are all intact. In my hands, the seams on the glass do not bother me at all, so I am fine with them, but if you want a completely smooth glass, you probably would be better off.

Scarlett Bishop - 22/03/2021
Truly one of the best buys you can make (5/5)

You can't go wrong with this purchase! $9 for nine hours of work. The charge consists of 25 euros for two glasses, with shipping included (from Dublin, Ireland). It is true that these glasses were shipped via Carrolls Irish Gifts from Dublin. Quality and durability are good attributes of these glasses. The sides of the brushes have grooves to provide a firm Moreover, there are raised Guinness Harps integrated into the glass on one side, as well as a gold Harp Graphic on the opposite side. The word "Guinness" appears in white lettering on the glasses.

Baker Woodard - 29/05/2021
A very high quality glassware set (5/5)

There is no doubt that this item is authentic. As well, I purchased from a different vendor and received a scam item of absolutely poor quality. This picture illustrates how high quality the glass from this vendor is. Located to the right of the vendor is their glass. It is on the left side of the screen. Both items arrived in the same day from Amazon. IMPORTANT NOTE Plastic bubble wrap does a good job of protecting the glasses. Despite what the advertisement suggests, they don't come in Guinness containers. I just want to make people aware that they won't find a Guinness bottle in the packaging if they're going to gift them. This vendor would be a good choice for me.

Sean Carver - 10/04/2021