Great Northern Ice Crusher Review

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Easy to clean 4.6 
Easy to use 4.5 
Safety Features 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.5 
Durability 4.2 
  • High quality finish.
  • Durable construction.
  • Heavy duty motor.
  • Quick ice shaving.
  • Pricey.

Great Northern Ice Crusher Product Description

The Great Northern Popcorn Company has a great option for you if you are making snow cones in large quantities (and lots of them). In addition to their carnival food makers, they also manufacture this heavy-duty ice shaver, which can produce firm and soft ice. The 1/3 horsepower motor can produce 7 pounds of ice per minute, and it enables you to shave ice at six pounds per minute. A plastic exterior saves weight, but the blades in this razor are made of strong stainless steel, which can be replaced as needed when they are worn out.

  • With a brass and stainless steel construction on top of high impact ABS, this finish is truly premium
  • The premium quality of the motor is a commercial, heavy-duty motor (1/3 hp, 1725 rpm).
  • Blades are made of stainless steel and are fully adjustable (replaceable).
  • The device can shave 6 pounds per minute (more than 350 pounds.
  • A great northern popcorn 1 year warranty is included with this product.

Questions & Answers

Using this unit was a great decision for me because I have a shaved ice business. The equipment I have is more expensive, but this is just as good as it. It usually takes less than 20 minutes to make 100 cones with this unit, but 100 cones can be made with 12oz The movie lasts 25 minutes. Since I have a great deal of experience, I can whip out the letters very quickly, but when the traffic builds up, I have to step it up a notch. The average time I spent was about 4 minutes A minute and a half. When I set up my stand, people tend to come to my stand because of the super soft shaved ice and not the crunchy snow cone type of ice. That is what makes them stay away from other stands.
Getting in touch with them directly is your best option. Your seller will email you an invoice that contains a Paypal link, from which you can purchase your blade.
The plastic shield that came with my product is clear. If this machine weren't in place, I wouldn't want to even think about using it. There was an explosion in which a block cracked and sent chunks flying throughout the building.
More surface area of the ice that turns over the blade when running, the more volume you'll An ideal bucket size for an ice mold is between 7 and 8 inches in diameter. am able to make enough ice to serve two large drinks in about 30 seconds or less.

Selected User Reviews For Great Northern Ice Crusher

An excellent machine that can be used at home or in a light commercial setting (5/5)

Wow, this thing is awesome! It makes shaved ice in similar fashion to the machines costing five dollars or more The cost of this machine is 10 times that of this machine. When learning how to use the machine and make the ice properly, I have used the plastic safety guard twice to avoid being hit by a chunk of ice. I also recommend getting a foot switch so you can have your hands free and shut down the machine by just stepping backwards. This machine has some very sharp spikes and a very sharp blade. Hence, you must be careful when using it. Kids shouldn't be playing with this machine! It's easy to clean, just dry everything off with a towel (be very careful of the sharp blades It was more difficult than I had anticipated to make the ice, but I came up with a simple but effective process through some research and trial and error. A bucket made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) of around 3/4 to 1 gallon size is needed. The interior dimensions should measure no more than 7 to no more than 8 inches wide at the bottom and no more than 6 to 7 inches tall. In order to make the ice melt properly, you want it to melt from the sides and bottom, and then from the top. Tap water works well. Pour the water into the bucket to about one inch above the bottom. The top is within 1/2 inch of the edge. Cut 2 circular pieces of pink wall foam board just wide enough to fit inside the bucket's top. You will need to wrap these up in plastic wrap so that the foam does not come into contact with the water and place them on top of it. The bucket should be placed in the freezer for 24 hours This process takes between 36 and 48 hours, depending on how cold your freezer is. Having the freezer temperature below +10 degrees F didn't seem to matter in the end, although it did make things a little more complicated. The ice will be frozen solid once it is removed from the freezer. Carefully use an ice/chocolate chipper (6 prongs with a rubber handle for grip) to chip the top of the ice level and flat. You will have to brush the ice chips away from the ice and let it rest at room temp for 15 minutes or so until you can easily remove the ice. The smoothly textured side of the ice should be placed in the machine first. During the process of warming the brass plate, the ice may stick to it for a few minutes if it's still very cold. The ice needs to be evenly aligned with the spike plate when it is placed in the machine. If you do not center your ice in the machine, this will cause it to shake and wobble. Apply light pressure to the spikes to get them to bite into the ice. Be sure the blade is fully retracted when inserting or removing an ice block as well as when cleaning the machine. *Be sure the safety guard is When shaving ice, start the machine (I highly recommend getting a foot pedal) and then slowly adjust the blade until it is just shaving ice. The shallower the blade is inserted into the ice, the finer the ice. If you practice enough, you will be able to place it in the place you want it quickly. As a result, you must now compete with some of the best shave ice shops on the market. If I am making just a few, I use a container to catch my ice in, but if I am serving people at a party or get-together, I shave my ice directly into the cup. When I need to make 12 or more at once and run my production line with help, I get together with fellow workers. It will take one block of ice to make six cookies I would guess that you would be able to serve 10 cups depending on the size of your cups. My favorite syrups from Hawaiian Shaved Ice (Mary Mac's) are the coconut and chocolate. Using the pourers that provide an even pour and simply push into the bottle opens makes it much easier to control the syrup. I have found that melted vanilla ice cream adds a much better taste than sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk when it comes to a shaved ice serving. Here are some things to consider Here's the thing Pour a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bottom of the cup before adding the shaved ice, just before you add the syrup. After adding this, top it.

Flynn Weber - 25/03/2021
In addition to canned cherries, there are canned dark cherries, and plums, which I would like to try (5/5)

Just keep an eye on the amount of sugar, a lightweight syrup is sufficient to enhance the taste of shaved ice. Avoid I have tried half a dozen of them, but none of them taste good to me. There has been good quality Hawaiian Shaved Ice from Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It's either I haven't tried the sour versions yet, or I haven't tried the sweet ones yet.

Mya Rollins - 18/06/2021
There are just two or three small issues with this ice shaver, but otherwise it is a fantastic one for the money (4/5)

I researched these machines extensively and bought this one after reading The product I bought is exactly what I wanted, but there are a few things to keep in mind. The machine had a couple of minor problems that I found. However, I highly recommend this machine. Because it is unsafe for children to operate, this machine should not be used by them. Get this one if you want to have great shave ice and don't want to spend a fortune. When I made this video, I made about 150 shave ice cups. In the event of any issues down the road, I will update this. There are also some suggestions on what not to do, as well as links to where I purchased the additional items I needed. Whenever you have questions, please let me know and I will try to respond.

Brett Payne - 07/01/2021
It is not a good idea (1/5)

One star isn't even enough for me if I could give it. There is a cheap manufacturing process behind this machine. In over three weeks, I left voicemails and everything to try to get a hold of the manufacturer. I have not received a return call. I sent an email to finally get in touch. At the time I contacted them, I was five days over the warranty period and they told me there was nothing they could The gear always slips of track and drops the spikes down hard, even though I have only used it a few times. To me, this seems This is not something I would recommend.

Phoebe Griffin - 28/01/2021
A great price for an excellent machine Put a pedal on your foot as well! The company thought it would be a great idea to purchase a shave ice machine to test out the business, but I hesitated to make such a large investment (5/5)

However, this model (basically 1/10th of professional models) is a great deal for the price. My first attempts at getting snow were not as successful as I expected. For me, the trick was to let the ice spin without touching the blade, then to slowly rotate the blade to make contact with the ice. This gave me results similar to the kind of snow you could eat. Be sure to allow your ice to sweat (it should turn clear and not be cloudy after a couple of minutes). Metal parts move in a plastic machine that is mostly made of plastic and has metal parts. appreciate the idea of having two less expensive machines (in case one of them needs service in the future) which will prevent my business from being down time and also fall under a much smaller budget than two professional ones. This machine comes with the foot pedal recommended by the seller, and it is very useful.

Aurelia PRITCHARD - 06/03/2021