Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker Review

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Easy to use 4.4 
Value for money 4.4 
Giftable 4.4 
Flavor 4.2 
Easy to clean 4.0 
  • With accessories included.
  • Portable.
  • More expensive than other battery powered smokers.

Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker Product Description

The smoke infuser is designed to be the right size to help you smoke your dinner or drink indoors, adding a gourmet touch to your cooking. Durable and easy to clean aluminum & rugged professional-grade plastic make it a tough choice. The chamber is designed to hold just the right amount of wood chips to smoke.

  • You will need to buy wood chips separately with other handheld smokers. NOW INCLUDES WOOD CHIPS. Our bundle is designed to include all the accessories you'll need to smoke your favorite cocktail, charcuterie, or cheeseboard. The GKC portable smoker comes with a CLEANING BRUSH, WOOD CHIPS, and replacement parts that are exclusive to our product. You'll get it all with a black velvet STORAGE BAG to store all of your accessories.
  • With our handheld infuser, your gourmet kitchen skills will be transformed into the ultimate smoking device. It gives your food and drinks a cool indoor smoke that enhances your dishes and drinks. You don't know whether to smoke your rack of ribs in the cold weather? A tasty week-night meal is hard to prepare when you have little time? We provide you with a portable, handheld smoker that fixes this problem within a few In addition to preserving the texture of meat edges and adding smoke aroma to it, sous vide accessories will maintain your favorite sous vide features.
  • There are bonuses! A downloadable recipe guide filled with tips and recipes will be provided to you. This includes cooking sous vide meats, smoking cocktails or scotches, and making As well, we will be building a large library of gourmet recipes that will be available on the site.
  • THE CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE GKC strives to create complete customer satisfaction each and every time. Please reach out to us anytime, for any reason so that we can help you with any issues you may encounter. Customer service is more important to us No questions asked. If we cannot replace your order, we will fully refund your purchase price. Additionally, we are always happy to offer suggestions for recipes, address questions and be a resource as you use our products to make the best food possible. We would love to help you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!
  • Here at GKC, we love to cook and share it with our guests. All of our clients are provided with the exact same high quality products that we use and promote every day. In addition to our convenient devices for adding the perfect culinary touches to your prepared dishes and drinks, we also offer sterile cutting boards. AMBULANCES MADE FROM STRONGER, EASIER TO CLEAN & RUGGED QUALITY PLYWOOD - Our Portable Infusion Smoker is made of sturdy aluminum and tough The perfect amount of wood chips for smoking are disposed in a specially designed chamber.

Questions & Answers

As long as you get some sort of wood chips, not quite as fine as saw dust, you can proceed.
I'm John, and I'm here to tell you that you can smoke either before or after serving, but usually we The Aryz Kitchen Company is a subsidiary of the Gamercy Kitchen Company.
Your batteries will not fit, but I am not sure why. There's a tight squeeze for me, but the fit is good. Verify that the positions are correct. In the inside, there's a fan that makes a noise.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We'll get back to you shortly. We definitely are not aiming for this! The pump housing can be removed and replaced by removing and replacing the Should that not work, we'll get you a whole new unit at no cost to you and we won't ask for a return. For more information, you can contact us at The Aryz company of the Gramercy Kitchens.

Selected User Reviews For Gramercy Kitchen Company Cocktail Smoker

I am absolutely in love with In a nutshell, I am absolutely in love with My order came very quickly and after it sent, I received an email thanking me for my purchase and giving me a little more information about the company that was nice (5/5)

*br>I love the look of the case and the aluminum gives it a very professional With its modern design, it fits well with the rest of my After I got the machine, I simply had to hook up the hose and install a couple of double-A batteries. I lit the wood chips and turned on the fan as soon as I did, and the smoke immediately started billowing out from the fan. As soon as I was done with the pork chops smoked, I stepped away from the smoker, letting it sit for a while before putting it into a cupboard. *br>I truly appreciate the personalized touch that came with this device.

Josephine THORPE - 14/06/2021
You should be careful when installing batteries (4/5)

Edit the sentence. The incorrect battery instructions caused me to give the product a 1 star review. In response to my return request, the company issued a replacement and a refund for the inconvenience. It was easy to set up and works fine. Observe the battery installation instructions and be careful when you install the batteries. It should make sense because all 4 negative sides touch each other. There was a misunderstanding in the instructions. My experience with customer service was very good though, and overall I was happy with the entire transaction. A review of the original manuscript. In the case the batteries are installed in accordance with the instructions, the contacts will overheat should you do it that way. Devices like this have a high level of danger. My hand burned on the battery cover while I had the device off, and I will be returning it.

Aliyah Flynn - 23/03/2021
The little thing is pretty handy (5/5)

The smoked Old Fashioned is one of my favorite drinks. I bought this smoker mostly to smoke whiskey. It was so good for meat that I tried it on some and was really impressed My method was to get some mesquite wood chips, to put some raw steaks in an open container, to add some smoke, and than let the smoked meat sit for 20 minutes for it to soak up the flavor and then season the food. It tasted like it was grilled over an open fire even though it was baked.

Madilynn Torres - 13/07/2021
The best cocktail smoker in the world (5/5)

I consider this to be the best purchase I have made so far in 2016. Bourbon and rye are two of my favorite beverages, and this has opened the door for me to experience something very different. Using the website is easy Assembling the smoker was quick and easy with the help of basic common sense - we did not even have to read the instructions (what's important to know is to read the instructions before you use the product, otherwise it may become damaged if it's In summary 5/5

Value Compared to the larger smoker guns, this product is over $100 less expensive and provides amazing results, and even offers a finishing touch to I would give it 5/5 without any A durable product Since it is tricky, I gave it a 4 out of 5. of the camera is metal and appears very sturdy, but I cannot comment on the durability of the internal components given that it’s only designed to run for less than 60 seconds. While there is a cap on the run time, i lose a star because this is not a portable/travel smoker, but I find this quite adequate. I'm the only drinker in the house, so I only want to smoke one cocktail at a time. The result is a 4 out of 5. Monday, September 5. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase of this product. It meets all my needs and exceeds my expectations 100%! If you plan on using this first (based on your individual usage), then you should consider the larger ones after. Gramercy, you did an excellent job!.

Nash Daly - 25/04/2021
The price is very reasonable This is a really easy to use program The smoker smokes like a professional This is a compact and convenient device (5/5)

I got a really cool little smoker a few days ago! My experience with it was a breeze. In just a few seconds, I popped in 4 AA batteries. There was a small amount of applewood shavings added. It's amazing! I just lit it up and I am stunned! In a flash, the cool smoke emerged from the tube as I filled a glass bowl with the smoke to cover 4 Using this handy tool, I let them smoke for half an hour before grilling, and I enjoyed an excellent smoked flavor. This is a camping trip I'd like to have with my If I want smoked goodness, I can get it whenever I want. You get a black bag with it, making it a snap.

Juliana Daniel - 02/01/2021
I am very satisfied with my first purchase from this company (5/5)

I received one of these last year as a gift from my wife. I love to cook and I love finding products to enhance my kitchen experience. I am sure that this worked. I highly recommend this appetizer plate. The plate works great, is simple to use, and can easily turn an ordinary appetizer plate into a memorable one. I agree, but. I put my unit in a kitchen drawer after it died, then forgot about it until the other night when I remembered what they did for me. They also have an eye for exceptional customer service. To see if a replacement might be possible, I sent an email. I was alerted in two emails that the unit was on its way and that I might be able to pick it up Death cannot be returned, nothing could be done. Simple and straight forward excellent Customer Service. My advice is to try one and then check out their other products, as well. The Gramercy Kitchens team thanks you.

Meredith Delaney - 24/07/2021
I used far more than I expected and was surprised at how well it worked (4/5)

my favorite piece to use for making drinks and adding flavor to my propane grilled meals over the summer. Initially I purchased it so that I could add smoke to my mix drinks, but I found that it worked great on the grill too. Wood pellets provide a great taste and are a good source of protein and fiber for me to eat. I like this portable and hand held device for The system has been used over twenty times in my experience, and it continues to perform its function. have, however, been required to "tap" it on occasion in order for it to begin working, but I think that was when I had neglected to properly clean it. It is fairly common to see a variety of hand held cigarette makers out there, and the prices for each one vary. I purchased this item at an excellent price to rest my hand on the work of smoking something and it has turned into a vital tool for As cheap as it was, I was glad I chose this particular one over those in the competition. I wasn't going to spend the money on an expensive toy and then not like it or put it to use for the price I paid. In this case, we found the price to be affordable while providing an excellent return on investment.

Quinn HYDE - 14/04/2021
The first time you meet him, he might melt on you (4/5)

I have an update for you. A new replacement unit is being sent to me by Gramercy. It was a pleasure to work with their customer care, which was friendly, responsive, and quick to address my concerns. I was also not made to jump through hoops to receive assistance from them. As per the recommendation of the customer service representative, I'm going to use wood fuel that's similar to pet cage wood chips. I'll provide an update as soon as the unit arrives. A look back at an old review I think it was a one-time occurrence, because the device overheated the first time I used it. It was only a matter of smoking cheddar cheese for a minute or two. Based on the smell of burned plastic, it appears that the fan inside.

Wayne Spears - 24/01/2021