Godinger Tall Beverage Glasses Collins All Purpose Review

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Sturdiness 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Value for money 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.6 
  • It's design attracts the buyers.
  • Unique and sleek look.
  • Short-life.

Godinger Tall Beverage Glasses Collins All Purpose Product Description

As a manufacturer of handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless steel, and alternative metal giftware, Godinger was founded in 1973. You will find the best items in our collection for any special occasion, from wedding gifts to candlesticks, bakeware, tea sets, and frames. In the United States and Canada, Godinger products are sold at all major retailers. Glasses from the Dublin Crystal Collection, the tall drinking glass with a wide base.

  • These Dublin Crystal Tall Beverage All Purpose Glasses are available in four sizes.
  • The crystal is lead free. There are 4 glasses in this set.
  • With its extensive range of handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless, and alternative metal giftware, Godinger has served the industry since 1973. Whether it is for a wedding, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets, or frames, you will find a perfect item for any There are Godinger products available in all major retailers across the United States.

Questions & Answers

Twelve ounces can be held in these glasses. The height is about 7 inches and the width is about 8 inches. The diameter is about 5 inches, and the length is about 2 inches. The diameter of the circle is 5 inches. Let me know if this helps. I love these glasses and they are great! There are quite a few of the Dublin collection glasses that I own.
A majority of them are Since the center of the wheels has a slight dip, they won't slide down when you use them. In the dishwasher I haven't had any issues with water collecting method.
There is no lead crystal in the base of the vase. This is not a light or a heavy item.
The answer is yes, even though I didn't keep them. The glass was more like a vase than a vase and I returned it.

Selected User Reviews For Godinger Tall Beverage Glasses Collins All Purpose

I use these glasses in my home bar and they work great (5/5)

To serve cocktails in the bar at my home, I ordered these. Their appearance is great on the bar top, but when cocktails are filled with them, they are an even better sight. It is easy to tell when you have one in your hand. I use them a couple of times a week whenever a recipe requires It doesn't matter how often you wash them, they are durable. This is a very good pair of.

Ivan Pennington - 13/06/2021
It has an extremely heavy base, but it is slightly clunky (3/5)

Regardless, the base's weight and being heavy make this a good overall product, however the sides are much thicker and heavier than I would have preferred. They do seem durable, but that's about all they have going for In addition to looking cheap, the thick sides take away from the aesthetics. At first glance they appear fine, but when you pick them up, they look completely different. To sum them up, they are a good pair of glasses, they are good size and they feel nice in your hand. I just don't find them as attractive as I had hoped.

Malaya Hunter - 01/08/2021
Collins glasses aren't really collins glasses (4/5)

It makes for beautiful vases, however. It was very easy to make these "glasses" look lovely and keep them in good condition. Although their scale is not as accurate as Collins glasses, they can still be considered. As a result of the width of the rim ( 1/4 inch) and the thickness of the bottom base (1/2 inch), these glasses appear quite clunky and heavy in terms of appearance. I wouldn't mind it so much if the rim were thinner, but the glass is quite Since they are so flexible, I couldn't wear them as spectacles. In the future, I plan to use them for delivering flowers to people. But so far, these bud vases make very nice vases for bud arrangements.

Jared Peterson - 13/05/2021
You'll be glad you did! There is something quite appealing about the thin and sturdy appearance of these glasses, as well as the elegant appearance and class (5/5)

I plan on purchasing more cocktail glasses from this manufacturer in the future. It is an inexpensive alternative to regular water glasses, as the price for four glasses is the same as the price for four regular water glasses, which likely have inferior quality.

Brycen Walsh - 30/04/2021
This set of glasses adds a touch of quality and style to my bar cart (5/5)

I am delighted with them. The walls of these structures are reasonably thick, and the cut-throughs are quite deep A glass-type material I really like the effect of the mold. would like to note that they feel somewhat larger than regular Tom Collins glasses, but not in a way that makes them difficult to hold (although my hands are quite large). 'Can't wait until my next dinner party so I can serve my friends from these nice looking glasses'.

Oliver Lynn - 11/06/2021
This is a lovely painting, but it is My husband and I both like the glasses and are thinking of ordering a few This is a big plus for me it's level (BIG PLUS) which I never thought I would have to consider when choosing This is a sparkling, clear drink (4/5)

There is only one complaint I have about these journal's thickness and weight. I was previously using a pair of glasses that was extremely thin and light, and it has been a challenge to adjust. They are my favorite thing, despite the weight.

Hayden SCHOFIELD - 03/03/2021
What I wanted just the way I wanted it (5/5)

The weight of these is pretty high, but it's fine. These ice bucket glasses are beautiful and they are a great price. But they are just the size I was looking for to serve my winter white Cosmos. My next step will be to find the matching mixing pitcher. I love them so much.

Tyler Jimenez - 05/06/2021
The glass must be washed by hand (1/5)

Despite the product description's importance, there are many gaps in the information. A lack of dimension is apparent in the glasses - Those dishes are too tall to fit in the top rack of a In the product description, it should be stated that the glasses should be hand In the last 50 years, we have not hand washed any dinnerware. Amazon has been written to twice, at the same time as being contacted by telephone about returning the glasses, but still no UPS return label has been sent.

Grant Orozco - 10/01/2021