Godinger Glass Nesting Bowls Set, Dish Bowl Set Review

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Sturdiness 4.7 
Giftable 4.2 
  • Salad, soup, fruit, and a variety of other items can be served in this set of three glass bowls.
  • This exquisite glass bowl set will make a wonderful holiday or housewarming gift.
  • Crystalline is a lead-free material.
  • A little small.

Godinger Glass Nesting Bowls Set, Dish Bowl Set Product Description

This punch bowl is great for your wedding reception shower rehearsal because of its classy style. If your party punch bowl is made of glass, your guests will think it’s made from premium quality plastic. Featuring a sturdy and durable construction for use for all your party occasions and an e-book including our favorite fruit punch recipes, each punch bowl comes with a ladle and a free punch bowl ladle. You can transport your plastic punch bowl anywhere you like, including to Christmas parties, holiday parties, baby showers, and other parties. This glass vessel holds 12 quarts or 3 gallons and measures 14 inches in diameter and 8.75 inches high, perfect for pouring sangria or eggnog or adding rum punch to that special recipe you have been wanting to try.

  • The set of 3 glass bowls may be used for serving salads, soups, fruits, and other fare.
  • Perfect for the holidays and housewarmings, this set of elegant glass bowls is the perfect gift.
  • Lead free crystalline is used in the manufacture.
  • The set comes with three bowls a 6" bowl, a 5" bowl, and a 3" bowl. This bowl is 75 inches in diameter.

Questions & Answers

I don't know how many ounces were It was a gift I gave to them. I thought they would be bigger, but they turned out to be smaller.
Among the three, the smallest one (and it is tiny) holds 6 ounces, the middle one 12 ounces, and the largest 16 ounces. There are only three, but I found the largest one to work well for what I needed (a small trifle to feed three people who had small appetites).
The dimensions of these goods are not known to me.

Selected User Reviews For Godinger Glass Nesting Bowls Set, Dish Bowl Set

It is small (3/5)

Small as a grain of rice. I originally thought the mixing bowls were bigger because they were labeled so. Nonetheless, I may be able to make use of You can substitute candy dishes for those.

Maeve HODGSON - 10/04/2021
The set itself is beautiful, but it is small (4/5)

The set is very beautiful, but the pieces are small. I like how tiny they are, especially the third one, and how cute they are. I would definitely recommend this product.

Fabian Richards - 04/07/2021
It's bonito (3/5)

The size of the business is small. The size of a pin.

Alayah Solis - 27/03/2021
I thought it would be bigger (3/5)

I expected a lot more, but it wasn't quite as big.

Annabella Chambers - 15/04/2021
The price is great, and none of the items were damaged! I'm glad none of them were broken and the prica went well (5/5)

The next time I buy, I will definitely do that.

Cash Meadows - 30/04/2021
It is a very beautiful bowl set (4/5)

Bowl sets like this are beautiful to look at. There's a lot of quality in it and it's Due to its very small size, it was deducted one star. A closer look at the description and reviews would have revealed that the set is smaller than I anticipated. Even if it's different from what I was planning to do, I still love it.

Amaris Benton - 21/03/2021