Godinger Dublin Crystal Champagne Flutes Review

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  • Decorative and suitable for parties.
  • Great grip.
  • Attractive look.
  • Not suitable for a dish-wash.

Selected User Reviews For Godinger Dublin Crystal Champagne Flutes

Make sure you're buying from a reliable supplier

Irish Crystal is not made in Ireland, but in Despite their name, these glasses are made in China even though they are sold as part of Dublin Collection glasses! There should be a disclosure about that somewhere in the description, as it's just confusing. Despite my disappointment, I kept my cool. We wanted Irish crystal glasses for my husband, but the inside of the glass reads "made in China. " Instead, we received the glasses with Chinese labels inside! Also, it is not a beautiful delicate crystal glass, but a heavy, thick, and heavy Despite what I thought, I was unimpressed. I replied back to you.

Miley Huffman - 18/07/2021
A thick piece of glass is very thin

It was a great price, and the items resembled Irish crystal, but they were not Irish nor crystal as such. I am unable to get them to ring like regular crystal because they are made of thick glass and the mold lines are quite visible. My initial assessment of the price was that it was too good to be true, and I was correct.

Indie McGrath - 21/03/2021
I just love it

This is a lovely glass I can drink from during any celebration. As there are four packages to the package, so I need four more packages to make a gift for a young couple just getting started, and I'm thinking that the cost per package should be lower than this.

Sky Young - 14/05/2021
It's a very pretty pair of glasses, and a great deal at this price! Unless you're expecting Waterford, these are not your cup of tea

The towels are thicker, and the seam is visible, which is to be expected at *HAVE IN MIND I thought they were very pretty, and were great for our purpose, namely the occasional glass of wine enjoyed at home with family when the holidays are here. It is a good match with the other pieces we have.

Layne Jordan - 08/07/2021
I am very happy with my purchase! You did a great job! We were going to host a celebration party and I needed more champagne glasses

My expectations have been exceeded with these glasses! The glasses were presented in a beautiful box with tissue wrapping separate from each other. A beautiful piece of furniture that is strong and sturdy. It won't be my last time ordering from you.

Scout Callahan - 12/02/2021
These are awesome

Can't wait to see them. Having the Dubliner line of crystal is a requirement, and I was thrilled to find that I could have replacements shipped to me from Amazon when ones I got damaged/broken at a party! I received my order quickly. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you are in good hands!.

Alejandra SLATER - 13/05/2021
The design is great and the material is thick and durable

I gave it 4 stars since one piece does not have a flat bottom, which makes it wobble a little bit, which is a problem when using it with drinks since you have to.

Connor Snow - 21/07/2021
These Champagne Flutes are beautiful! These champagne flutes are beautiful! I have other pieces by Godinger that match perfectly with these

The quality is very good for the price and my guests have expressed how much they appreciate them as well. Just to be on the safe side, I wash these glasses by hand.

Princeton Young - 01/07/2021