Godinger Cigar Bourbon Glass Review

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  • Lead-free crystal build up.
  • Multi-purpose Glass.
  • Eccentric in terms of design.
  • Limited ice-cubes can be added.

Selected User Reviews For Godinger Cigar Bourbon Glass

This glass is awesome! It was bought as a gift for my brother-in-law (5/5)

I am sure he enjoyed it a lot! The quality of this is excellent! I now want to give one to my husband and father. The perfect gift for anyone who loves cigars. If you want to play with your friends and family, make sure you buy enough.

Aubrie Krause - 24/01/2021
My uncle got a gift from me (5/5)

This was a big hit with him! Having an uncle who turns 60 and some good friends around makes it easy to relax over a cigar and some whiskey. For his 60th, that is what we did! His favorite part of it was the music. It is definitely a good gift for someone who enjoys cigarettes from time to time. We discovered that the indent was just right for the kind of occasion he likes.

Amayah PARRY - 24/01/2021
On the rim are chips (1/5)

It had chips in the rim when we received it. I was told that I had to order through Godinger by Amazon. My first step was to use their contact portal on their website. I have been waiting for Godinger's response for a week. The glass is nice, but customer service is terrible. I'd love a damaged one, but so far they don't have any.

Lacey Hart - 06/04/2021
It's a great conversation piece! The program is my favorite! I utilize it several times each I'd like to say thanks to my friends & family It caught the eye of neighboring homes, and they've now purchased their own! (5/5)


Brixton Kent - 23/03/2021
This is a nice The gift I got for my husband is a big hit with him (5/5)


Eric Branch - 26/03/2021
Getting a little smokin' and sippin' (5/5)

The perfect gift for those who smoke cigars.

Sylvia Hunt - 23/02/2021
As a gift (5/5)

They loved it! It was a gift that they loved!.

Paisleigh McKenzie - 28/02/2021
The picture above is what you get when you translate it (1/5)

This originally was a gift and I adore it. We broke one and tried to replace it, just to make it worse, they put the wrong glass twice and failed to try to understand their error.

Amelie Orozco - 03/08/2021