Gmark Store Plastic Round Top Swizzle Sticks Review

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Easy to clean 5.0 
Durability 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.8 
Value for money 4.8 
  • Disposable BPA plastic material.
  • Affordable.
  • Non-biodegradable.

Gmark Store Plastic Round Top Swizzle Sticks Product Description

A 100-piece set of plastic stirrers comes with this set. It is perfect for cocktails such as Gin Tonic and Singapore Sling since the ball head stirrer measures 6 inches. It makes the perfect drink for ice lemon tea when used with fresh lemon slices, and the ball head stirrer can also be used to squeeze the lemon for added taste. Plastic stirrers feature a stylish design that is both simple and contemporary. These are made of high-quality plastic.

  • 6" in size.
  • A total of 100 pieces are packaged.
  • With a 6-inch ball head stirrer for cocktails like Gin Tonics and Singapore Slings, the stirrer is perfect for a stir of your cocktail long drinks.
  • A second great drink to enjoy with the ball head stirrer is ice lemon tea with fresh lemon slices. You can also squeeze the lemon using the ball head stirrer to add flavor.
  • Featuring a simple, popular, and contemporary design, this is made of high quality plastic.

Questions & Answers

They are round on the ends. There is no bend in the stick.
Besides being highly durable, it is also lightweight. This is a rigid material that cannot be bent.
There are no hollow spots on them. Solid plastic is the type of material used for them.

Selected User Reviews For Gmark Store Plastic Round Top Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle stick of good quality (5/5)

I bought these to use as replacement stands for 28mm miniatures. Even though these sticks are square, they do a good job supporting my miniatures after shaving them and cutting them to size. As well as being a swizzle stick, they are perfect for cocktails.

Aydin BURROWS - 09/05/2021
The fruit skewer is used for fruit salads (5/5)

This was for a kid's party when we used this as fruit skewers. The chairs were the perfect size for children and adults. We could fit three chairs in each chair. On each of them are four pieces of fruit. I am glad they were such a success!.

Jaxson McPherson - 06/01/2021
The drinks I make are for me (5/5)

I am not trying to offend you. As a pro at mixing drinks, they are excellent.

Ayan Adkins - 24/05/2021
They are perfect in every way (4/5)

They are crisp, round, and square in just the right place. I have not tried them with hard stuff yet since they swizzle quite well with Coca-Cola and some ice. Still, I think that everyone'll be fine in the end.

Ayaan Andrade - 03/03/2021
Was looking for sturdy beverage sticks in which to hold a variety of garnish items for a Bloody Mary (5/5)

I've used them before and they're great.

Kathryn Christian - 31/03/2021
Cake balls go perfectly with this (5/5)

Cake balls were the perfect size for these. Using these worked out well, because I wanted something more pretty than the classic white lollipop sticks!.

Miriam Wang - 15/06/2021
I love it! These are what I use to combine the oils and colors for my This is a great tool, and you can wash it off and reuse it for a second time (5/5)

I have saved a significant amount of money with this program.

Royce Shannon - 11/03/2021
Those are what we got to mix the formula in the baby bottles (4/5)

These are the ones we use to mix formula into baby bottles. Their description matches the actual product. My only regret is that I should have measured prior to buying them since 6" for our purposes is a bit short. If you are mixing a deep glass, you might need a little longer one.

Garrett Duncan - 19/01/2021