Glencairn Whisky Glass Review

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Easy to hold 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Giftable 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.5 
  • Lead free.
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Glencairn Whisky Glass Product Description

With good reason, the Glencairn Whisky Glass is the product of choice for many whisky enthusiasts. This whiskey tumbler and tulip glass combine the heavy base of a whiskey tumbler with the transparent, curvy body of tulip glass, thus making a perfect marriage of form and function. As close as one can get to an official whisky glass, this is one of the best whisky or Scotch glasses possible. Packed in bubble wrap, (four glasses) are pieced out of wholesale boxes of 6 pieces. The retail package of a 4 piece box is not recommended if you are looking for retail packaging. It has been two times that I’ve ordered these and both times they came in an open box packed into a 6 piece box with bubble wrap to fill in the empty spaces.

  • The crystal is transparent and lustrous.
  • Recipient of the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2006.
  • This short, elegant base is ideal for any room.
  • A lead-free product.
  • Awarded the title of 'The Official Whiskey Glass'.

Questions & Answers

We do not ship these in a retail box containing four pieces. Each of these is pieced out of wholesale 6 piece You can purchase the retail package of a 4 piece box by clicking here Order this item at your own risk. Two of the orders I placed had open boxes of these items packed into one 6-person box with bubble wrap to fill in the blank spaces.
Certainly dishwasher safe because the material is so strong, but I prefer to hand wash them because they are very fragile. If the mouth is not properly and carefully loaded into the dishwasher, it may break.
This glass has a capacity of 2 ounces, if you are intending to use it as a whiskey tasting glass. The whiskey will have more room to breathe, providing a better tasting experience. Approximately 7 ounces of liquid would fill the rim of the cup. They did a good job tasting whiskey for us. Those are the ones I would recommend if you intend to use them.
The ones I had were knockoffs from China. The bottom does not have a brand name etched on it, the packaging is plain cardboard, and the bubble wrap is only once applied before being shipped. Despite the high pressure inside, it didn't crack in transit. However, it is German-only Glencairn crystal is an original, made by Glencairn. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Selected User Reviews For Glencairn Whisky Glass

A stylish Scotch/Whiskey glass is the best on the market right now (5/5)

A stylish Scotch/Whiskey glass is the best on the market right now. This glass is superior to the more expensive Ridel VINUM glass which is meant for Single malt (and other Whiskys) but the shape of it makes it effortless to hold - I always leave the glass in my mouth until I finish it. As a result, the aromas in a fine Scotch are concentrated in an optimal manner, and the enjoyment of fine whiskies can predominantly be found This glass is designed so that you won't have to hold the part of it that holds the liquor in your mouth when you call it up, which keeps your fine scotch from getting warm. Attached is a photograph of the appropriate way to hold the stem of the glass. There is no better way to understand Single Malts, Blended Whiskies, and other Whiskeys than to use this glass. This glass was designed in such a way for the purpose of properly experiencing them.

Rhett Cruz - 20/03/2021
Take your Whiskey experience to a whole new level (5/5)

I have just started drinking bourbon over the past two months. The glasses I've been using these months are just the standard Target tumbler glasses. As I became more and more proficient at drinking whiskey, I found that the glass it is served in is one of the most important factors in its taste. Many images and videos of people using this glass to enjoy whiskey have come to my attention. The opening of the glass initially skewed my judgment, since I didn't think it would make a big Still, I decided that I'd give it a try just to see what happens. I promise you that from now on, I will ALWAYS drink whiskey out of a Glencairn glass. When I tasted it, I was amazed at how much the difference made. While bringing the glass up to my nose, I found that the smell of the bourbon was more intense than It was almost as if I could smell vanilla, cinnamon, and oak at once! My next move was to tip the glass so that the bourbon could be tasted. It was very gentle for the bourbon to flow from the glass to my lips. I was able to keep on smelling the full aroma as the bourbon hit my lips because of the curvature of the glass. I felt this way as soon as I saw it I'm in awe. The richness of the bourbon comes through in this glass. I was able to enhance my whiskey experience both in terms of its smell and taste. Do you ever bite down on something delicious while you plug your nose? I think the concept is the same except you have the funnel from the glass so that the aroma comes into your nose when Due to the overwhelming taste, some may not be able to handle it. My usual remedy is to add a splash of water whenever this happens to me. My overall experience of tasting whiskey has been totally different after using this product. I am very pleased with the quality of this product. Anyone who is interested in this should definitely check it out. A new dimension will be added to your tasting experience.

Nova Velasquez - 26/03/2021
They're real if you know how to recognize them (5/5)

Several of you seem to be receiving fake photographs, so I added multiple ones. My set of four arrived exactly as I wanted. They were in boxes that look like "the Glencairn glass. " They were divided into four sections as well. Glencairn glass will always have etching at the bottom that indicates this, so that when you turn it over to look at the bottom, you will see the lettering backwards and when you turn the glass upright, you can read it All of this is shown in the attached photos. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you found it.

Nathaniel Kaufman - 25/06/2021
EDITED TO ADD The product was delivered intact and on time (5/5)

This seems to be the case for these delicate-looking plants It turns out that the glasses are a lot more durable than I thought they would be. A moment of reflection during a moment of euphoria Getting clumsy in the morning, I knocked one off the counter and Even after being beaten up for months, this thing is still quite intact. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. It wouldn't be a good idea for me to intentionally try this again. However, I wanted to share what I found. It's amazing how much a good single malt can enhance the enjoyment of a scotch tasting. I have used these glasses at several Scotch events and they are really good. They arrived intact, on time, and with no damage. It was packaged in a genuine Glencairn box this time. There is an etching on the bottom of each of the four glasses that says, "The Glencairn Glass". In accordance with the description. You are a real-life-evolution guru if. . . These glasses will definitely enhance the experience of every blue Scotch drinker who really enjoys exploring single malt whiskeys (and fine whiskeys in general) across the globe. You don't have to bother with the glasses if you're only planning to drink a $20 bottle of "Scotch. " Alternatively, you can use a basic shot glass or tumbler. You can treat yourself to the glasses below if you're willing to spend at least $70 on booze (if not more) and you haven't used them for your favorite dram yet. It is important to get every drop of flavor and aroma out of it. With these glasses, you will be able to do that.

Nikolas Macias - 05/01/2021