Glassique Cadeau Cognac and Brandy Snifter Review

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Easy to hold 3.4 
Giftable 3.3 
  • Versatile in nature.
  • Have the capacity of 22 oz.
  • Packed in a giftable box.
  • Perfect for dish-wash.
  • Thin plated glass.

Glassique Cadeau Cognac and Brandy Snifter Product Description

Taking a sip of it is a pleasant surprise. The bulbous bowl allows the complex aroma to gather, so each sip is a delightful surprise. A hand-blown brandy glass is seamless; this allows the brandy or other liquor inside to stand out. They are also made by skilled craftspeople, refining their quality. A set of four brandy snifters made of stainless steel, packed in an attractive box, is perfect for giving as a gift to any brandy or whiskey enthusiast. Among Amazon shoppers, one shared that her husband loved the gift she bought for him for Christmas. Her comments were high on the product’s quality and personalization, saying she would definitely buy another one. she bought these glasses for her parents as they wanted a personalized cognac glass. Despite not having high expectations, she was pleasantly surprised as they were not too expensive. Besides being well applied and very meticulous, the brandy glass itself was in good shape.

  • COMPLEX FLAVORS - shaped with extreme change in radius from glass base to rim, our generously sized 21 allows you to enjoy a variety of complex flavors. A 2 oz. brandy or cognac snifter allows the aromas of all wonderful whiskey to build, expand, and bloom before they are delivered to the nose to be experienced to the fullest. Make sure you indulge all of your senses by savoring your favorite brandy, cognac, and other aromatic spirits.
  • SNEAKER GLASSES ARE THE PERFECT SIZE - meant to be filled up all the way to the widest part, these big smart glass stand 5 inches tall. It stands at 5 inches tall and measures just over 3 inches across the top rim, while the bowl is designed to fit snugly on either a man or woman's hand, allowing the brandy to absorb a great deal of natural body heat.
  • EXQUISITE CLARITY - If it's the taste of your drink that makes a glass just that much more superb, ours is crafted from the finest crystal glass and developed with the assistance of glass masters who have won awards for their work. They include features that make them not only aesthetically pleasing but practical as well, including a seamless graceful construction and dishwasher-friendly features.
  • This elegant gift is perfect for any occasion - birthday, housewarming, wedding, engagement, anniversary, retirement, Father's Day, or even just to treat In which each set of 4 brandy sniffer glasses is neatly packaged in an exceptional gift On the back, the snifter cloth with a silky glass shape shares some tips for choosing, serving, and tasting brandy, while the back shares a few recommendations for adding flavor to champagne.
  • HANDBLOWN - our brandy snifter glasses are all made by experienced craftsmen in their own hands. Some of our beautiful balloon glasses may have tiny needlehead sized bubbles due to the artisan nature of the glass making. This does not compromise the quality or durability of our beautiful.

Questions & Answers

Greetings, There may be a slight difference in volume between each glass because they are all hand blown, but it will not affect the quality of your glass. Twenty milliliters.
I would like to let you know that all of our sniffers are blown by one of the most skilled and experienced glass masters in Asia in Shandong. The company has been making glasses for well known American and European brands for many years (and still does so today), so their quality standards must be and are as high as they can be. As a result, we are also very happy to provide our customers with the high quality glassware without being subjected to a massive price increase just because the identical glassware would have originated from another.

Selected User Reviews For Glassique Cadeau Cognac and Brandy Snifter

Despite my two attempts to order these glasses, they have arrived broken each time (1/5)

I have tried to order them twice and each time they have arrived in In both the UPS box and the box they come in they appear to be in good condition. It is however immediately noticeable that glass is rolling all over inside the box the moment you pick it up. While I love the look of them, I am giving up on trying to get them to show up intact.

Paige Daly - 02/07/2021
I just received the product and I love it! I just received the product and I love it! (5/5)


Journee Velez - 21/05/2021
A tie down would have prevented the breakage of the glasses when they were delivered (2/5)

While the box is a very nice design, there is no padding on the top or bottom and the glasses aren't tied down, which means that in transit they bounce around. Your money will not be wasted! I did not buy the glasses for this seller's competitor's bar set, I just bought the brandy glasses for my own.

Kaleb HOWARTH - 22/04/2021
A nice pair of glasses (1/5)

I found the quality to be poor. This item came in a lovely box. It was really easy to hold, but was very As I was cleaning one, I broke For longer wear, it would have been nice if the glasses were thicker.

Reginald Ibarra - 27/04/2021
A very elegant and impressive plate (5/5)

Has an impressive appearance, and it tastes good whatever it is inside. The guests with whom I have shared a cordial have given me nothing but rave reviews. The gift box presents the product beautifully. After usage, it makes a perfect storage place for them and keeps them protected. For those who enjoy an after dinner cordial or want to give an impressive gift, this is a must-buy item. I found the price very reasonable.

Kai BEVAN - 20/01/2021
A nice piece of My friend is a whiskey drinker, so I bought these as a gift for him (4/5)

The love he felt for them was overwhelming. This is a big company. This isn't what you're looking for if you're looking for smaller ones.

Samuel Grant - 29/05/2021
There is no question that the box is the most expensive component (1/5)

A misleading statement. There's more value in the box than in It looks as if the box has a lot of style, so one would assume it contains decent glasses. That's not the case! As they are paper thin, they are likely to break if they are washed in the sink with other glasses. There is a lot of misinformation in the box. It would not have occurred to me to purchase them had I known how cheaply made they were. As an emergency precaution, I keep them in a box because, if they accidentally come in contact with other glasses, they will break!.

June Roberson - 14/02/2021
This is a very delicate issue (5/5)

You should handle this carefully. The light is too bright. The size is too There was a mistake on my part. 8 ounces were the weight I thought they were. There is at least one 12-year-old among them. These are the ingredients I use for dessert.

Alma Flowers - 04/07/2021