Glass Cup Washer With Double Bristle Brush for Bar Kitchen Sink Review

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Score By Feature Based on 36 ratings

Easy to use 4.4 
Value for money 4.1 
Suction power 3.7 
  • Perfect for highbball glasses.
  • Length helps clean up shotglasses way easier than basic dishwahers.
  • Length not applicable to tall glasses.

Glass Cup Washer With Double Bristle Brush for Bar Kitchen Sink Product Description

The storage and use of these products is easy. With this tool, you can clean both the inside and outside of the glass. It cleans the bristles thoroughly and makes cleanup easy. A perfect amount of glue sticks to the sink’s bottom. You can use two brushes to clean them quickly by unscrewing them. Glasses can be washed with ease without scratching them with this sink attachment.

  • This cleaning brush has dual brushes so that you can easily and quickly clean your glass cups.
  • The sunction cup follows a lot of force on the sink and is very firmly attached.
  • Easily disassembled and installed without the use of tools thanks to a detachable brush.
  • This brush was well made, with PVC as the body material and PP as the bristle material. There is no BPA or toxic plastic in this brush.
  • Quality that is second to none.

Selected User Reviews For Glass Cup Washer With Double Bristle Brush for Bar Kitchen Sink

It's better to buy a sink with a deep bowl than not to (3/5)

As soon as I saw this, I was excited to use it. My attempt to stick it on the sink side failed when I opened the backpack and tried to stick it. A normal kitchen sink would be too big for the design. In two of the three suctions, the suture sticks in the third, it doesn't. I will try to use it.

Grayson Gilbert - 21/02/2021
Buying this was a great decision (5/5)

This was a present for my daughter - It's very difficult for her to wash glasses because she doesn't want them to break. It has become an indispensable part of her dish washing process and she was very happy with it.

Tru Cabrera - 09/01/2021
The shorts are too short and they are poorly This scoop won't reach the bottom of a pint glass or a regular shaker bottle because it's so cheaply made (1/5)

When I used it for the first time, it fell apart. To prepare for the holiday season, I bought this There was no such thing as a fruit shaker cup or smoothie glass. It is not a product I would recommend.

Aria Sawyer - 28/02/2021
Excellent (4/5)

However, the side scrubber broke off the moment I took it out of its packaging. Besides, I wanted it to clean the insides of Mason jars and unique coffee cups anyways, so it serves its purpose and does an excellent job.

Avianna Cabrera - 10/05/2021
It's better to clean a cup than a child (4/5)

Thanks! It works like a charm! I can use it on all my different cups and it does a better job eliminating grime Although the suction power is good, it might not always be strong enough In the event of it being on the side of the sink, it will move. Put the best tip on the bottom of the sink if you have two basins.

Roselyn Guthrie - 20/01/2021
I'm in love with After injury to one of your hands or during a disability, this is ideal for one hand use (5/5)


Edison Stein - 07/03/2021
The program works well, but it is very large! It holds a lot of suction power, and works like a champ (4/5)

I do not have to use a sponge, which is useful for cleaning out cups and jars. This is the only thing I dislike about it it is big! While my cups fit just fine, the suction base is so large that the only spot I can place it is at As I had planned, I would have placed it to the side. But whatever. It would definitely be a purchase that I would make.

Nola Clayton - 05/02/2021
It is necessary to patch up the hole that you drilled (1/5)

It doesn't stick very well to the bottom of the sync, so there is no suction power, but the brushes work very well. The only reason why I gave it one star is because it's very difficult to use.

Tori Gordon - 06/01/2021