GLASKEY Whiskey Glasses Review

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Easy to hold 4.8 
Value for money 4.8 
Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.5 
  • Premium lead-free crystal glasses are used.
  • It has a thick base and thick walls.
  • Tolerance to heat and cold.
  • The design could have been more appealing.

GLASKEY Whiskey Glasses Product Description

Tumblers like these – which have heavy bases – are made from expensive crystal to ensure lustrous transparency, durability and wear resistance. The bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe, as well as quick freezing and hot heating. High-quality dinnerware is not easy to break, so it can be used for a very long time. Detailed descriptions include cocktail mixer, rocks, whisky stones, and 2.5 inch ice balls for each glass ware. Each glass ware contains a large 11 oz (320ml) size that allows surplus a double shot of spirits. Both women and men will find it easy to grip thanks to its round shape. With 360 grams of weight, you can feel the quality in hand and a gift box is included with cup. Gift to Men or Women this Christmas, for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, for the House Warming Event, for the Wedding Anniversary, for the Christening, or for any other occasion.

  • Taking the lead out of your drinking, these can be used to serve water, juice, and liquors such as whiskey, brandy, gin, vodka, cocktails, and tonic water. They're also great decor for home, bar, restaurant, wedding banquet and date night.
  • This heavy base tumbler is made of high-end crystal to ensure the most lustrous transparency while maintaining a high level of durability and wear resistance. The bowl is dishwasher safe and microwaveable, and it can also be heated hot. It is rare to find premium dinner ware that is easily broken over the years.
  • glassware has a large 11oz (320ml) volume that yields enough room for an additional double shot of spirits, as well as cocktail mixers, rocks, whisky stones, and two glasses. Ice balls measuring 5 inches in diameter. Women and men both feel at ease operating this product due to its round design. It weighs 360 grams.
  • This product is packaged as a gift. It is a nice gift set to give to Men or Women on Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Housewarmings, Wedding Anniversaries, Christenings Among many models available to you, there is one to meet your needs. See their eyes light up when they lift the lid off of the box and see the sparkling glasses inside. Give this gift set to someone and make their special day even more special.
  • We guarantee a safe delivery with no risk to you. During transportation, we offer a free replacement for any parts that are damaged. We offer a free replacement policy if anything goes wrong, just contact us and we will send you a new one. Click Add to Cart now and you can try it risk-free!

Questions & Answers

It is not possible to nest/stack them.
In the bottom edge, there is a flat surface. A beveled indent can be seen in the middle of the bottom.
The Chinese mainland.
A lot of care was taken to pack them. As a gift box, I wouldn't call it that.

Selected User Reviews For GLASKEY Whiskey Glasses

I hate it (2/5)

These were my first attempts to like them. The only thing that would prevent me from giving these 5 stars is if they didn't have what feels like seams. Can you see how the lips on both of them are angled? A number of those angles are cut or molded in such a way that on the outside, you can see a ridge rising up. You've got a sharp eye for detail Cutting is not like that There is a sharp edge to you, but not a smooth one. The sound of them as if they were totally solid and to be so, but when you hold them it feels like there are imperfections. Glasses everywhere are covered with it. The other aspects of these shoes are that they are heavy enough so they're not tippy they're like a medium weight, bottom shoe A heavy load. This is going to bug me for the rest of my life. The price is $4/each, but I can't complain. I don't know. Although I would not give these as gifts, I would probably spend more than $16 if I were giving someone a pair of rock glasses Update )*br>*br> These are things that I really tried to like. As I touched the glass, I noticed that it was very slippery. I cannot get used to the feel of those seams in my hands. A matte-finish Take a look. Although I know I won't receive crystal here. A little bit of deadness just seems to be there. It is hard for me to accept them as satisfactory. Please note My first observation was that the product has changed completely since I bought these, and the design is much different than what was available for sale two weeks ago. It depends.

Niklaus Robbins - 28/05/2021
The price is great, and the feel is great in the hand (5/5)

Just got back from Waterford, Ireland, and saw so many As soon as I got home, I purchased these. A device that, even if it were to fail, would not keep me awake at night. It is hard to believe that these glasses are so Despite their rough surface, they are beautiful with no imperfections, are surprisingly heavy in the hand, and their decorative shape does require a firm grip to prevent them from falling. The quality of the product is excellent. Despite the high price, the value is unbeatable.

Loretta Oneal - 10/04/2021
A fancy pair of rocks glasses puts the icing on the cake (5/5)

These rocks glasses I bought were at a great price. I think they're really pretty, and they have that typical crystal-like look I like your style of looking. It is not super heavy in the bottom, but it is A smooth circle is on the inside, and the beveling and design on the outside creates two small flat surfaces for drinking. Whether you are a rock fan or not, the globes/round cubes fit well and look great. If you care about that, 2 inch square cubes will fit but won't sit at the bottom until poured over (if you want them to). This pair of glasses has been very good to me so far, and I recommend it. I was impressed with how nicely packaged and how fast they arrived!.

Rex Morse - 23/04/2021
You have very good taste! In the last few months, I have begun taking my Scotch drinking more seriously and decided to purchase were among the results I found during my search and I thought the price was fairly My first impression of the packaging was that it was solid enough to ensure the glasses were delivered safely (5/5)

As far as the product itself is concerned, it is well-made. This is a highly recommended book!.

Randy Rush - 31/05/2021
I am disappointed (4/5)

I ordered these because the description listed them as 11. They are lovely, but I ordered them because they list them Glasses that contain 345 ml (5 ounces). In their shipping package, the weight is listed as 10 ounces, but the volume is listed as 300 mL. There does not appear to be a large size dishwasher available- Drink from a cocktail glass that is safe to use. Other than that, I only found rock glasses holding about 8 ounces of liquid. Then I suppose I should keep them.

Muhammad Santana - 12/07/2021
The average rating is Costs too much for the quality of the product (3/5)

The trim of the glasses is thick and heavy. It is clear at all times An image of a graying gradient is shown in the image. You could pick up a locally available product for half the price that is similar in size and quality. Easy to hold since the dimples in the glass are at a comfortable height and are a comfortable size. The goal of a shipping date is to be certain it will arrive by an identified date, but if it arrives earlier, then what's the point? My shipping date was set on Saturday since that was the time I wanted to receive No, Friday is not the weekend.

Will Wood - 23/02/2021
Glasses of excellent quality (5/5)

I am so in love with these The weight is very solid, and the quality is very good. My husband and I love them, and we plan to buy more in the future. If you place them on a well-set table or in a pub, they make a great visual statement. Juice and water glasses are what I use them for. They are the drink of choice for my husband.

Layton Hardin - 18/05/2021
Amazing product (5/5)

Beautiful glasses, looks exactly like crystal, but I don't think it is real crystal which explains the price, because they are super cheap for a good product, they are durable, easy to drink from, and they feel so good to hold. I would recommend these to anyone. Furthermore, Theodore is offering a 100% guarantee against shipping damage so if you receive them broken (which I doubt due to great packing), they will replace or refund your money.

Scarlet Contreras - 28/04/2021