Glacier Milano Collection Martini Glass Review

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Excelente inversión 4.7 
Fácil de sostener 4.7 
Robustez 4.4 
Ideal para regalar 4.0 
  • Classic elegant design.
  • Large capacity.
  • Too fragile.

Glacier Milano Collection Martini Glass Product Description

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the founder of Glacier Glassware created it because of his love of the outdoors. An explorer, environmentalist, and photographer of breathtaking scenes, he has explored and photographed the most remote parts of Earth’s poles for his entire life. In an effort to recreate the frozen marvels’ majesty and purity using Martini’s glassware, he took his passion for the product to the industry.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Martini Milano Glasses (6 oz) in Premium Quality (Set of 4) - A great gift for any Martini fan.
  • Stylish design - With durable and stylish features, these stylish Martini glasses will add style and elegance to your next cocktail.
  • We use a special package that can withstand even the more intense drops, so you can be sure the product will arrive in perfect condition.
  • It is a great gift for any occasion Martini sets are a perfect gift for any occasion. Ships in a lovely box that is the perfect gift to give at Christmas, for a birthday, or for a wedding.
  • No question asked, 100% quality guaranteed - If you are not satisfied with our products, we will replace them immediately and free of charge.

Selected User Reviews For Glacier Milano Collection Martini Glass

Those are some nice glasses

In the wake of hearing about Sean Connery's passing, I immediately placed my order. On the day that friends were passing by, I had them ready for next day. A toast was raised to Sean and we watched a 007 movie. Though I must admit we are now watching Highlander instead of The Western. A new movie starring Sean Connery.

Eliza Combs - 08/01/2021
But the product doesn't match up

I was not happy with the delivery service. Although the product itself is great, one of the glass cups unfortunately shattered (the remaining ones were fortunate to remain intact). You should always be aware when ordering glassware online that there is a risk involved. It is very disappointing when you find out that your purchase has been damaged and mishandled. I am disappointed and saddened. In my opinion, there was nothing wrong with the delivery box (and I feel like that is quite frustrating), as there was no 'handle with care' label, something you'd expect.

Aurora NORTH - 03/01/2021
The Martini glass is nice and basic

The organization I was looking for did not have a website It's too much- The Martini glasses are fantastic for a good price. I highly recommend them. This is a good product good weight, good size, and good price. The glasses do not come from sapphire crystal and the glass is not flawless, but that is not a concern to me. It is also great dealing with the seller. After the sale, they handled the customer service issue quickly and efficiently - I am very satisfied with their service. This is a highly recommended book.

Lane Edwards - 03/07/2021
This is a beautifully made and sturdy product

They have a beautiful shape and are of a really good quality. I do not prefer thin glass at all since I am not a fan of it. An edge that is smooth. The best part was the customer service when I had a problem. The problem was quickly resolved. This product is packaged in a way that's perfect for gift giving. It is a company I would recommend and if I were to have more money, I would consider buying other pieces from them.

Madalyn Craig - 16/07/2021
Items that are broken and Amazon does not replace them

We unfortunately received a broken one out of the three martini glasses we ordered. Amazon has been unable to replace one of the glasses for me, so I tried to get it sorted out with them. Sadly, it was a gift I gave to a friend who lives far away and I have to send the whole thing back. Having the broken item, I have the three functional glasses, while she has the one broken. Due to this, I am unable to return the full item for a replacement since the order is split. It is frustrating to be forced to replace just one glass and to be unwilling to replace even two. At the end of the day, I have to purchase another set probably from another retailer.

Persephone Faulkner - 23/07/2021
These martini glasses are great

Despite the fact that they are shorter than most of the martini glasses I have used (my iPhone 11 Pro Max is a little higher than these), I am actually finding that they are quite comfortable I am very pleased with how sturdy they are and how well they match.

Louise Guerrero - 15/02/2021
Those glasses are great for martinis

Glasses with an eye-catching design, a sturdy construction, and a lovely shape I made it. My purchase of these two glasses were just what I needed for martinis on the rocks and I am extremely pleased.

Brynleigh Raymond - 30/05/2021
It's a pretty good job

A very small bump is visible on the rim of one of the glasses which came fast, packed well. The quality of these items is also very good.

Rylie Paul - 20/05/2021