Gift Boutique Gold Polka Dots Beverage Napkins Review

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Score By Feature Based on 64 ratings

Value for money 4.7 
Durability 4.6 
Absorbency 4.4 
  • Design wise.
  • Cheap price.
  • Can be easily torn.

Selected User Reviews For Gift Boutique Gold Polka Dots Beverage Napkins

I like the way you look (5/5)

A wedding picnic was the purpose for which we bought these. have a nice feel to them. The dots are darker than metallic, but still pretty close to brown. The foil dots on the napkins seemed like they might affect the napkins' absorbency, so we decided against it.

Melody Henson - 09/02/2021
This is an adorable and sturdy toy (5/5)

Considering the large number of guests at an upcoming party, I was hesitant to order plastic ware. However, the thought of washing plates all night was unnecessary due to the large guest count. A box that contained two boxes arrived inside an even bigger box. There were no damage to any of the items. It's obvious there's a party going on at Com takes great pride in their product. Their plates, cups, and forks are sturdy and super cute, in addition to being high quality. There is nothing cheap about this product and that is greatly appreciated. With my party now in full swing, I can enjoy it fully.

Aleena Farrell - 12/03/2021
Is it red? In and of themselves, the napkins seem to be quite There was a problem with the color for my wife (3/5)

Her excitement about the find was heightened by the fact that the gold color seemed to fit the theme for this fun shower and appetizer wine tasting. In actuality, the color of the gold in the sales photograph was several shades lighter than what they received when they arrived. I think we'll do more or a week each yellow and beige. Hey time is up so I will have to use them. Thanks for checking your photo. Please make sure it is correct.

Carl BIBI - 20/03/2021
It is not worth the trouble (3/5)

These were very cute, although I didn't think they were too expensive, but when I received them, I was a bit surprised at how small they were. I thought they would be sturdy like the ones at party city, but they were not so sturdy.

Zelda Rosales - 13/07/2021
Great value for the price (5/5)

The gold poka dot beverage napkins were a huge hit. We were very pleased with the price and the quality was awesome! The plates were a great size and very durable they arrived very quickly and made a great impression for our 40th birthday party! There were lots of compliments and we were very happy. Thanks for your kind words!.

Juan Phelps - 06/05/2021
It's cute, and it's a I was very impressed with these (5/5)


Ishaan Schmidt - 19/01/2021
The napkins are great for parties (5/5)

It was a birthday party and I bought these napkins. chose them because they were a good match with our birthday cake decorations Despite being made of thin fabric, the napkins are This is definitely a product I'd.

Yara PARRY - 19/03/2021
An excellent design that can be used for any occasion (5/5)

It is a good Cocktail napkin of top quality, great design that is both simple and elegant. It is very nice to have gold dots of that color. It appears to cost much more than the purchase price. A good value.

Ayleen Stanley - 29/01/2021