GBESTWOOW Martini Glasses Review

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  • Durable.
  • Classic design.
  • Small capacity.

GBESTWOOW Martini Glasses Product Description

They come in a heavy and stable base with a unique design, which lights up under a lamp to bring out the celebration in every modern or classic cocktail. A drink in one of these crystal glasses will be enhanced by its color and mood.

  • THE BASE IS COLORED, AND THE CENTER IS SEALED, SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE COLORING LEAKING OFF. The best martini glasses, This set of drinking cups will elegantly display your glassware and leave your guests impressed.
  • This Margarita glass is made with crystal and features a heavy, stable base, as well as a unique design, under lights to enhance both the celebration of the modern and old-fashioned cocktail. Drinks served in these crystal glasses are enhanced by their color and mood.
  • A GREAT COMPANION TO FINE APPETIZERS AND DESSERT Perfect for dining at home, and for parties, cocktail parties, and formal dinners, as well as for Adding a pop of style to any event with these stylish yet traditional bar glasses.
  • The best way to give a gift that will be put to good use stylish colorful base. Perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Secret Santas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Housewarming Parties, and much This book is perfect for anyone who likes wine, appreciates beauty, or wants to learn how to be a bartender.
  • A glassware made of 100% crystal glass, lead-free that can only be washed by hand. Please contact customer support if one or more were damaged during transfer. We will resolve the issue with you as soon as possible.

Questions & Answers

This is a very nice set of glasses.
Neither the color nor the dye will There was already an answer to the problem.
It's the best place to drink with friends, I've ordered some with my friends.
Due to an unfortunate accident, this is the only stemmed glass I have, so I can't answer your question since I purchased it for cocktails that don't have fire. I broke all of my stemmed glasses so these are perfect for what I needed. There have not been any accidents so far.

Selected User Reviews For GBESTWOOW Martini Glasses

This barware would be a perfect addition to any home bar (5/5)

In a nutshell, A girls night is held every few weeks, and we each host for a while. Barware and other essentials are needed to accommodate these events, and my glasses were out of date and unmatched. They looked awesome to me when I first saw them, so I bought In person, they are even more beautiful, as they arrived in perfect condition without a single imperfection. You can tell who's glass it is at a glance by the color of the bubble at the bottom. There are two glasses per set, each holding 6 ounces, which is a great size for a cocktail. I have had a lot of compliments about these! They are easy to clean, easy to hold, and everyone loves them!.

Niklaus Pena - 01/06/2021
I'm not convinced that the quality control is up to par with the looks (3/5)

This is a beautiful pair of martini glasses that I found when searching for a martini-looking cocktail A style glass without a long stem and a Traditional styles are spill-prone due to their heavy nature, so I ordered a set of four. Good to see them - When I opened them, the first thing I checked was that they were all intact and packaged. When I looked closely, I noticed a few tiny, abrasive spots on two of the four sides, but decided it wasn't something I should return, so I hand-washed them and tucked After a few days of using them for martinis, we noticed that the green one had just a little wobble, and that was when we realized there was a defect. There is a green streak down the middle of the bottom (as you can see in the photos) that consists of a raised bump in the glass and a small hollow, or divot, but only enough of an irregularity to keep the glass from standing straight. It is not a huge issue, and not visible as it might seem to be in everyday use, but it is noticeable due to the wobbly glass. It is disappointing, and I am not sure if I would have returned the set for it or not, and since I had thrown away the packaging by that point, the issue is moot. There's no way that I could pack them as securely as the custom box in which they arrived, so you can bet that they would not survive a *br>*br>We ended up with 3 beautiful and usable glasses, but one of them we'll only use when we really need it, because the wobble really spoils the look, and you have to wonder if quality control is very thorough at the supplier.

Paul Williamson - 10/05/2021
There is something beautiful about color dots because of their shape and It is just impossible to describe how happy I am with It's harder to tell from the pictures, but they look better than they did on the website (5/5)

Perfectly shaped and a range of vibrant beautiful colors make up the colored dots. You have done a great job on You can turn any drink into a good-looking one. I love how elegant it is. It is best that I hand wash these to prevent them from being scratched up or damaged in any way. These are the kind of things I would like to have for a very long time. They would also make a really good gift for someone who.

Layne O’NEILL - 09/07/2021
A new review has been published (5/5)

With the heavy base, these do not tip easily on the floor as many other models do. The glass seal on one of the pieces fell off and the color leaked out, but the seller read my review and sent me a brand new, completely sealed 4 piece set. I love it. It's one of my favorites.

Brayan Singh - 29/04/2021
The real thing is even better than the picture! It's so much fun to watch them grow up (5/5)

The packages all arrived in one piece and very well packed. It couldn't be more perfect to toast the holidays this early! In addition to using them for martinis, I'll use them for other cocktails as well. Having a new favorite martini glass that I don't have to worry about tipping over will be nice. As my friends and family asked for them as gifts, I'd highly recommend them for gifts or yourself.

Jesus Ruiz - 23/06/2021
I love it (5/5)

I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this. I also have less room in my cupboard to store stemmed glasses with these.

Gabriela Sanchez - 25/01/2021
I would recommend him as an honest and conscientious seller (5/5)

It is nice to own a simple, but beautiful set of glasses like this. Several times we used one of them and it developed a problem. The seller offered to replace the whole set after we contacted them. I think this is a wonderful service and I am very happy with it.

Maurice Roth - 23/07/2021
I like it (5/5)

I find it very attractive. A dessert bowl that can be used as a serving dish.

Asa Graham - 01/03/2021