Galrose Dezigns Cocktail Set Review

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Giftable 4.1 
Easy to clean 3.9 
Durability 3.6 
Quality of material 3.5 
  • The shaker included is double-walled.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Limited tools included.

Galrose Dezigns Cocktail Set Product Description

Its combination of rose gold and galvanized iron lends a chic look to the 7-piece bar set. All the tools you need for creating the perfect drink are included in the package, including a wooden stand. Thanks to extra-strong magnets, all the tools stay in place while you work.

  • Introducing THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION a NEW Martini Shaker Cocktail Set that is essential for your Home Bar. Bartenders are going to appreciate the Shakers Bartending Equipment to mix their favorite alcohol drink at home whether they are professionals or amateurs alike.
  • This complete starter kit for bartenders comes with 18 bartending accessories. It includes a 5 oz double wall steel lined drink shaker, a 2 sided jigger, a Hawthorne cocktail strainer, a bottle opener, tongs with galvanized iron handles, and a magnetic timber organizer stand.
  • Crafted in India from galvanized iron with high-grade stainless steel and adorned with rose gold, this Rustic Cocktail Set is a gorgeous gift idea for Father's Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Housewarmings.
  • The Industrial Chic Mixing Kit is made with quality materials and good weight, meaning that it will last for a long time. Its patented design will prevent condensation and will keep drinks chilled for a longer period of time without being too cool to handle.
  • We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all of our customers. If you're not satisfied with the bartender mixing utensils you received, return the tools for a full refund, or you can get a replacement.

Questions & Answers

AStainless steel double walled cocktail shaker, hand made by hand, consists of stainless steel and is 100% hand made. The temperature is not so high that it is unmanageable This is not the case with mass produced items.
We handcraft all of our Galrose Dezigns products.

Selected User Reviews For Galrose Dezigns Cocktail Set

The gift was great and the customer service was excellent (5/5)

My son gave me this as a Christmas gift and it goes perfectly with the industrial look of my problem is the cocktail shaker did not open properly because it was stuck shut. Due to my love for this set, I reached out to Galrose Designs to inquire if there was anything I could do and they responded promptly! have gone above and beyond to not only send me a new cocktail shaker (that works), but have also provided me with a free ice bucket as a gesture of appreciation! Honestly, I'm so in love with this set that I can't express my happiness enough. I'm not normally one to leave reviews, but when someone takes the time to make sure their customers are satisfied, and the product you offer is as beautiful as this one I have no choice but to do so! Thanks, Garrose Digis )!.

Camilo Hinton - 19/05/2021
I guess that kind of stinks (2/5)

This set is absolutely stunning and elegant. In my case, it clearly looks It appears that the shaker has become stuck at the top. To get it to come loose, I have tried every method in the book three times. I don't know. That is a bummer, I was looking forward to using my shaker cup to its fullest capacity. Using a bottle opener isn't as convenient as just grabbing it and going. I would not recommend this, even as a gift, despite it being a nice eye piece.

Gregory Lopez - 15/07/2021
There is a layer of copper/rose gold flaking Even though the set is beautiful, I was very sad to realize that the rose gold color was cracking and peeling as soon as I opened the first piece (2/5)

I didn't realize it was so delicate until I actually received it. I realized it couldn't really be washed and couldn't be exposed to citrus for too long. In terms of purely display sets, I think this is very pretty, but it's not that functional.

Maximilian Simon - 14/05/2021
It was a big hit with my husband, who is a bartender! I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband he can use it at home (4/5)

This was just what he was looking for! Our only concern was that the magnetic chips were not properly adhered to the storage strip, so we had to fix that ourselves. Overall, though, the product is of good quality and looks very nice. So far, the pieces appear to be of good quality and have held up well.

Nathanael Alvarez - 12/07/2021
I really liked this product (4/5)

Once again, all parts and pieces are present and fine. The finish isn't on par with expectations but overall, it's a great product. damage was to the interior of the jigger's nut but it still functions. Unfortunately, after every wash (and use), some "paint" ran off (from shaker) and some green staining appeared on the inside, so I am not sure if it was mine or if it was something that happened during the finishing process.

Alex Gonzales - 23/05/2021
It is beautiful, but the consistency is lacking (2/5)

The first was beautiful, and my husband broke it in less than 24 hours (do not keep the lid on, put upside down in the shaker, and hit with a hammer)I had to order a second one to replace it (we ordered it for our anniversary). It seems as if the stave is uneven, and it doesn't sit squarely on the counter. Both the double jigger and spoon have been dented, which is visible in the photo. If we hadn't seen the first one and expected more, my husband and I would have been happy with the second shipment.

Thomas Peters - 04/02/2021
A tarnished and leaking object (1/5)

I like the look of the set to start, but it turns out to be very disappointing after actual use. I have been using the shaker for less than a month, and I found the bottom is leaking and the jigger tarnished. "Floaters" that are actually pieces of the jigger have been found in drinks. This set was used to make ten different types of drinks during the month of use. The quality of this item is embarrassing as I purchased it as a gift. Despite its appearance, this set isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Maleah Barton - 30/05/2021
I am very pleased with the quality and look of this product! I got it for my boss as a gift (5/5)

It had a big impact on him! His review was that it was exactly what he needed and the quality was outstanding!.

Jaxon Lester - 05/07/2021