Gabriel Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glass Review

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Flavor 4.4 
Giftable 4.3 
Value for money 3.5 
Durability 3.5 
  • Durable.
  • Elegant.
  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • They are pricey.

Gabriel Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glass Product Description

The Austrian company Gabriel-Glas offers mouth-blown crystal stemware that is, dishwasher safe for those just having fun. According to the company, the glasses’ broad base and narrow opening allow wine to express even the most delicate flavors to the palate. The glasses are very elegant and light, and also not very large considering the category they belong to.

  • Crystal made with mouth-blown (Gold Edition) Austrian glass.
  • A glass is a great choice for wine enthusiasts - one glass takes up less space, it is elegant, impressive, and it showcases the wine in a beautiful way.
  • It's a good solution for restaurants - having a durable, elegant wine glass with which to serve all wines can simplify things, and sommeliers agree that wine tastes better in the glass.
  • The glass is an essential element of winemaking for the same reason.
  • Glass gift set with six pieces.

Questions & Answers

Gold is a hand-blown glass that has a luxurious feel and a high price tag. The standard is manufactured by machine. Even though the machine feels heavy and heavy, if one feels that the shape becomes the basis for its efficacy, then perhaps it is more efficient than any of the previous machines. It is not possible to taste two wines simultaneously With the gold stem, your results will be 3x better. It is only two inches in length, but the gold stem is Hold and drink from it with 3x more awe and fascination.
Thank you for your patience and apologies. Our suppliers are located in Europe, so we import directly from them. There must have been a switch of glasses somewhere along the line. The FlyWithWine Customer Care Center is closed today, but we will send you replacement glasses on Monday as well as recall the ones you have.
The size of one cup is 16 ounces.
It is an absolute delight to look at the Gold Edition The stems of the stemware were blown. Stemware from StandArt is made of machine-molded plastic. Using the Gold Edition, you can enjoy your wine even more. The thinner, lighter, and more expressive glass optimizes your enjoyment of it.

Selected User Reviews For Gabriel Glas Austrian Crystal Wine Glass

Superior to Stand art wine glasses in terms of quality (5/5)

I received a Gabriel Glas Wine glass in the Gold Edition a couple of days ago. A few hours ago, I received a pack of two of this same glass in Stand Art edition. It is here that I found it. While I have been buying higher end wines for a few years now, I never knew about higher end wine glasses until I watched a video earlier this week that was by a Sommelier blind tasting wine and blind tasting wine glasses to see which brought out the best quality in It is unlikely that the Gabriel Glas Gold Edition was one of the glasses he liked so much. So I carefully took the Gold edition out of the box when it arrived. Take the 70 dollar, hand blown wine glass out of it's packaging and see if you want to break it. What are my first impressions? I am stunned. I love how delicate and lightweight this wine glass is. Further experience led me to discover that I had held a piece of art. It felt so wonderful in my hand. It is a stunning piece of clear glass with the most delicate and thin drinking stem you could imagine. I expected this glass to be everything I hoped. That was the case. This glass hasn't had any wine poured into it yet, so I cannot give you any details about the taste of the wine. I honestly don't care about any of this. Clearly, this is one of the best wine glasses you will find. These glasses have been shared by others and I know they will allow you to taste the wine beautifully. Next, let's take a look at the Stand Art version of this *br>*br>An hour ago, I received a pair of Gabriel Gas Stand Art wine glasses which are half the price of the Gold Editions. The glass in this set is machine made rather than hand blown, but I was wondering In addition to being excellent, this glass will probably match the quality of the Gold edition quite closely. That assumption turned out to be incorrect. I found what I was looking for As far as the first impression is concerned, it wasn't anything special. I was surprised at how thick the stem was compared to the Gold Edition, and how heavy the Glass was compared to my expectations. It is also 2 oz heavier than the Gold edition, but not only does it feel heavier, it also feels somewhat clunky. Unlike the Stand Art glass, the Stand Art glass lacked nuance and soul. In my opinion, the glass did not feel special at all in the hand and I was surprised by this since 32 dollars is still a lot of money for a As it turned out, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. In addition to the color, a second surprise awaited. It has a slight grey tint to it, whereas the Gold edition is clear. In comparison, Stand Art Glass has a slight grey tint. As a result, if you are looking at the color of a wine, the slightly grey color of the Stand Art glass is going to give the wine a less clear color if that is important What it means to me is significant. I would like to leave with the following In summary, I wouldn't buy any more Stand Art editions and choose to spend the extra money for the Gold edition instead. It is very expensive, but it is worth the price if you will be offering a high-end wine experience to your friends. Use the Gold Edition and say a silent prayer before each meal, hoping your glasses won't break. I can't agree with you more when it comes to handwashing after a long meal, especially if I'm exhausted. The stem should be held in a bowl at the top when washing. When you wash the stem, you can break it if you hold it in the middle. There is a great deal of delicateness in this piece. However, it is precisely that which makes this glass so remarkable. Be careful just in case. You should wash them in the morning when both of your hands can focus and be aware of delicately hand-washing such beautiful and delicate works of art. This glass is something special. You may be the only one to grasp its beauty. That being said, you could also buy a single glass, then put out the three-piece wine glasses from Target for all of Thanks a lot!.

Josue Fischer - 21/03/2021
Even though they break easily, these wine glasses are still the best Within a month of buying them, one of these came apart while I was hand-washing I would advise staying away from this if you are sensitive to that (3/5)

On one of the stems, no apparent reason was given for the break, and only a moderate amount of pressure was Drinking wine much of the time, I have found these glasses to be the most delicate and decadent I've ever sipped from, so after purchasing one pair for my boyfriend's birthday, I bought another one. The company told me not to hand wash the machine after the breakage, so I will try that this time around. When I contacted them about the breakage within one month, they said that I should use the top rack of the dishwasher rather than hand wash it. There is no warranty of any kind, even if you break while hand-washing within the first month (eye-glasses, etc. ), so caution is advised.

Cyrus Dominguez - 27/06/2021
The bag is beautiful, light, and rugged (5/5)

Glasses that are ideal for drinking wine. I think these are the most gorgeous wine glasses I've ever seen. Exceptionally lightweight, airy, and surprisingly durable, these garments are a treat to wear. When guests come over, they take a hold of the glasses and say "whoa" because they are It doesn't matter if they're thin or thick The quality of the products is surprising. My first tip has already been overturned. The cup bounced off the counter and remained intact as a result of its quick fall. I would definitely buy from them.

Hana Khan - 01/03/2021
Labels were mislabeled (1/5)

It was in March 2020 that I received my glasses. In the Gold Edition packaging, they were StandArt edition glasses. This is the difference between (*25 and *71). A replacement was ordered after the items were returned. The glasses were again Gold editions packaged in StandArt edition packaging. Having ordered directly from the manufacturer, I got the correct glasses the first time around. *br>*br>If you are not sure which glasses you should have received There are 90g of gold in each of the Gold Edition glasses. Despite having a similar appearance and weighing 150g each, StandArts are entirely different. I cannot recommend receiving these glasses from this listing, even though they are incredible glasses. The gold edition glasses are excellent as well. At their price, they are a great choice, but at the price of the StandArts, they are a better choice.

Kamilah Bruce - 05/04/2021
The problem is that it is too fragile (1/5)

Don't forget to be Once the product has been used for one month. (We were told the wine event sales rep that it was dishwasher safe and extremely durable) After running it through the dishwasher, it broke. "If it breaks after use, then there is no defective coverage. Sorry for any inconvenience. " seller responses as "If it is broken after use, then it isn't covered as a defect.

Loretta Horn - 06/05/2021
A Universal Wine Glass that is easily the best out there (5/5)

Do not be put off by the fact that I gave this product 3 stars on durability and thickness. It's crazy and awesome how delicate they are. As a result, you create a stem that you can drink any wine out of because it's so light and balanced. The taste of these is pure bliss.

Aubrielle Reid - 29/03/2021
The quality of this product is very high (5/5)

The glasses I wear most often currently are my favorite. It was difficult at first to believe these glasses work but now I'm a believer. They are pretty much indispensable to us. This glass is so light that it is astonishing. You can easily slide the glass of wine from your mouth My pour is a little lighter than usual when I pour wine into a regular wine glass. When a heavy pour is used, the size is not conducive to good swirling.

Clare Blake - 06/04/2021
Take your wine experience to the next level! The first time we tasted this glassware was at Schweiger Winery its shape and light weight (5/5)

To begin with, we purchased two of the standard glasses. They are great, but we needed the mouth-wash bottle. We compared them to the Schweiger glasses (which we realized were the ones we had) to see if they really were worth the extra money. Yes, they Having wine from these delicate mouths is an experience that is more luxurious than other methods My first pair of glasses blew out, so I bought two These are the bottles in which we drink champagne, white wine, and red wine. Try these new wine drinking tips if you want to enhance your wine drinking experience.

Adelaide Murphy - 04/06/2021