Frigidaire EFIC452 Ice Maker Review

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  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • Self cleaning mechanism.
  • More expensive than other choices.

Frigidaire EFIC452 Ice Maker Product Description

With a reservoir of 2.3 liters beneath the ice basket, you can make up to 40 pounds of ice per hour. You should have about one day’s supply of clear squared ice cubes. You can make 24 perfect square ice cubes in less than 15 minutes with this machine, and you can store up to two at a time. A little more than 4 pounds. In addition to having an electric ice maker that does double duty, this electric ice maker features silent cooling technology and runs on 120 watts. Your ice cubes will be ready in no time with user-friendly electronic controls.

  • 2 X LARGE CAPACITY - It is extra large. This ice maker produces up to 40 pounds of ice from a 3-liter reservoir below the ice basket. Each day, you will receive ice cubes that are square.
  • Easy to use - Make 24 perfectly squared ice cubes in 15 minutes or less and store up to two cubes at a time. The weight is 4 pounds.
  • QUIET & ENERGIOUS - A 120 watt electric ice maker with a silent cooling system that runs on 120 watts is designed to be quiet.
  • UNIQUE, PERSONALIZED CONTROLS Easy-to-use electronic controls assist in making ice cubes in no time at all.
  • With a large glass window that lets you watch as the ice is being made, you can appreciate its modern design at any time of day.

Questions & Answers

Two hundred twenty Whatever it takes, I will do it.
As per the instructions, use distilled water not distilled.
The approximate dimensions of the piece are 12 x 12 x 14 inches.
A little over 14 inches tall and about 12 inches long.

Selected User Reviews For Frigidaire EFIC452 Ice Maker

This machine is much better than bullet ice (4/5)

I recently replaced a bullet ice maker that had failed after about a year of steady usage with this one, and I am quite happy with the results. The pros are A new type of ice has many advantages over the previous bullet ice, including being more clear, lasting longer, and being capable of holding Icemaking is a quick process, and you can adjust the time in 1 minute increments, either longer (to make thicker ice) or shorter (to make The value I have set for mine is The cubes are perfectly square and have slight indentations after 2 minutes. It is much easier to scoop out the ice this way rather than with bullet ice. The wide opening that is on the top of the machine when you lift the lid makes scooping easy, and the separate water reservoir makes filling much easier than in the old bullet machine. Despite its positives, there is one notable negative with the device. The shutoff mechanism for detecting when the bucket is full of ice does not always function, meaning that a thick slab of ice can get It is necessary to manually activate the tray heating/release to remove this ice (hold the on/off button down for 5 seconds). If it is too thick, it may even have to be pry out of I still like the machine, but sometimes the ice maker does not detect a full bucket of ice (a couple of times a week with continuous use). The old bullet icemaker used a photodiode to detect full buckets, which worked This machine uses a mechanical system with ice falling from the tray onto a little paddle switch in front of it, depressing it, and staying there (which can happen if the bucket is full and the ice cannot The system can, however, malfunction if ice gets stuck under the paddle - the system just keeps trying to make ice - causing the machine to stop working. Engineering is not the best. It has been a quiet experience for me, but some of the reviews mention noise. NOTE Accessories included When the shutoff does not work, the ice generally comes out of the tray connected, so it is recommended to get a heavier scoop to break it up (which is especially helpful in the case of thick slabs that form when the shutoff is damaged). Initially, a plastic tray is included with the machine, but in the future, you might be preferred to a better one. This one I got was pretty good to me. This Lianyu Ice Scoop is a Stainless Steel Ice Scooper, which can handle various types of food, candy and popcorn, and is constructed to last for years. A summary of the contents of 8 Oz. A quick summary is that there is a lot of ice, good capacity, fast, but poor detection of ice-full. The reliability and cleaning of the system will be discussed after I have used it for a while.

Phoenix Hester - 09/06/2021
The breakthrough in clean ice at home! That's right, no more filters or distilled water necessary! Flow in the end is all that matters! It is better to have clear ice than melted ice (5/5)

It does not melt nearly as fast. We are all too used to cloudy, boring stuff, but it provides a host of sensations that are far superior to that. The power supply does not make cubes of ice that are full, solid, and six-sided. Clearly one of the six sides of the package will be It is a bit less so if the cube is heavier. By holding the On Button for 5 seconds while holding the On Button down for 3 minutes per cycle, the ice maker will make heavier cubes While the machine is being turned on, wait for no more than 10 seconds. After it has chilled you water for a bit, it starts delivering crystal goodness about a tumbler full at a time. I had enough to throw out the stale cloudy ice in the kitchen fridge's ice maker and fill it with the crystal goodness! Two more gallons of chicken broth are now in the freezer in big ziplock bags. When you take out and freeze ice from this type of machine, you will get shiny, wet ice which will tend to stick together. If you intend to use the ice maker in your refrigerator, you may want to freeze the moisture off first in a bag and then break it apart by hitting the bag hard with something hard. Because this machine makes clear solid ice, it melts It is the same principle as a cycle in that once it is full, it cycles much less frequently. I hear much fewer falling ice noises in the middle of the night, and when it does fall, it is just one sound. I don't see cloudy bullets dropping one Unlike many other portable products, the one in my hands seems quite well built. The stainless steel appears to have a magnetic surface to it. The building is well I like the solid feel of the Compared to old fashion ice bullet makers, this unit operates at a low noise level. There is 1 used in it. There is a 6 amp draw during freezing, and a 2 amp draw during defrosting. For the much shorter heating cycle, 6 amps are needed to allow a slab of cubes to fall into a The ice tray is filled with too much ice when this pump stops pumping water over it, and we just have to wait for enough ice to melt or be used to restart it. As your machine is making ice, make sure that the water is flowing evenly across the whole metal ice tray part. You can (carefully) adjust the sprayer tube in its silicone fitting (above and to the right of the metal ice tray) if necessary to achieve this. As soon as I opened it, everything worked as expected. This product has been rated 5 stars.

Jasmine Henson - 20/03/2021
We have had a great experience thus far! Buying this for my family as a gift was essential since we cannot seem to have enough ice (5/5)

The setup was completed by the end of Christmas afternoon thanks to my husband. I loved how it was set up The product is very simple to use as long as you know what you are getting before you start. This machine does not STOCK ice (for long), meaning it makes it but it does not STORE it. When full, the cabinet provides insulation but does not cool, so once the ice is full, you need to remove it to the freezer or it will melt. That is fine though, because this machine has a neat recycling feature Whenever the ice is melted away from the bin, the water gets cycled back into the reservoir to be made into ice. In the event that the well-being of all is maintained- As long as the bin cover is closed tightly, the ice and water will remain absolutely This machine has run almost continuously for a couple of weeks without any issues, even in the dead of winter when everyone likes cold tea. We even had a guest over for the holidays, so we drank iced tea nearly constantly. Ice tastes great, the bin is fantastic, the ice is solid, and the bin is super cute I like how the maker keeps going along happily doing its thing while I empty and replace it. There is a slight humming sound when ice drops into the bin when it is at its empty state. From today on, I would not hesitate to purchase this item once In the event that changes, I will update, but I'm grateful for the choice I made.

Julius Walls - 05/01/2021
This is used (1/5)

This is a wrong description from the start. A 48 pound a day ice machine is not what it is. A 40 pound a day machine is what it is. On the box it is clearly stated. The second point. 189 dollars. Here it is, the brand new ice maker I just bought. The use of. This unit is missing the date of production, the packaging is off, brown residue is in the returns, the feet are scuffed, and there is an issue with the box. It is a real disappointment.

Addyson Carpenter - 01/07/2021