Fred Doomed Crystal Skull Unique Shot Glasse Review

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Peso ligero 4.8 
Ideal para regalar 4.5 
Artesanía 4.5 
Robustez 3.4 
Durabilidad 3.0 
Fácil de limpiar 2.7 
  • This item is made of borosilicate glass.
  • Comes in a brightly coloured package.
  • Glass that is brittle.

Fred Doomed Crystal Skull Unique Shot Glasse Product Description

Fred shot glasses pay homage to the Skull of Doom, claimed by Mayan legends to have the power of life and death, as well as the ability to heal or smite and create miracles. But the glass does not claim these characteristics, just looks good. You can also keep 2 ounces of your favorite liquor inside of it. Then you should take a shot at this shot glass if intrigue is on your mind. Interested in gory conversation starters? If so, then the tagline “are you man enough?” will make a great starting point. This glass makes the perfect drink serving container whether you’re celebrating Halloween or not.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The hold 2 votes. A pound and a half.
  • The glass is borosilicate crystal clear and hand blown.
  • Each gift comes in an individual gift box with colorful graphics.
  • An easy-to-use game that is fun and easy to play.
  • An excellent game that is fun and easy to play.

Selected User Reviews For Fred Doomed Crystal Skull Unique Shot Glasse

Reviewers who make stupid comments should be avoided

In the beginning, I would like to say that I always read other buyers' reviews. The point is that there are always idiots who want to give 1 star for things that are not important (my favorite for this item was the guy who gave it 1 star for dropping it and breaking it)*br>*br>I have given This product is useful for the purpose it is designed for. To be considered a single shot, it actually contains quite a bit of alcohol. The pictures show the product looks just as good as it does in person. While I had originally worried that they had altered the product image, it looks just as nice (especially when you put a drink in it)*br>It is much more sturdy than most reviews claim. Glass, that's for sure. It is made of thin You don't want to be an idiot and slam it on the table after you've fired. This type of item is not designed to last. You'd be better off getting actual shot glasses or a steel tankard if you want to do that. *br>Overall, I am happy.

Lauren Johns - 26/01/2021
This is excellent

The quality of the product is excellent. The item was purchased for a dirty Santa gift and I believe it will be effective in accomplishing its purpose. The glass package of Fred came in a package some of our customers were curious about what the glass is made of and how many there are. You will find a 2 oz. bottle. What it is made of and what it is made of is as follows Presented here is something called Fred which is a very specialized glass known as borosilicate glass containing special For lab use, it contains approximately 80% silica, 13% boric oxide, 4% sodium oxide, and approximately 3% aluminum oxide. You may recognize Pyrex as one of its famous brand names. There is a certain lightness to this specimen, and the content is evidently different from Pyrex. They say on their website that it has been hand blown. The box says it is made in China. Glass made of borosilicates is very resistant to shattering, and breaks in large segments or cracks when it is struck by an object. It is also resistant to chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures, which is why it is used in both laboratory work and In 1898, a German glassmaker named Otto Schott invented borosilicate glass. The company Pyrex developed the brand Pyrex for its famous line of kitchen glassware around 1915. He was regarded as a prominent inventor in the 19th century, perfecting his invention in 1883 with the Duran brand. However all this technical data is, you will find that when you imbibe in your 2 oz, Fred will look straight in your eyes. That's it. All this information will be revealed on its own to you very shortly afterward oblivious to your current condition. Here you go! Here you go!.

Nola Cervantes - 09/06/2021
I think this is not Other reviewers have noted, however, that it is not glass at all

The glass seems to be made of borosilicate Although it looks somewhat like glass, there is one thing to be aware of. As convenient as it is, it's not flexible like cheap plastic and you can tell it's not real glass when you tap it or pick it up. However, it's the closest thing to real glass you can find outside of using glass. It seems very likely that real glass would shatter on something as thin and intricate as this. Even though the picture makes it difficult to tell, the cup is not solid in every shape and corner With the skull suspended and the bottom open, you can set the piece down and it will rest on the rim when you set it down. My glass has a slight bubble on the top rim which is very noticeable. As a result, I was disappointed as I had hoped that making it of plastic would at least eliminate such a There is a bubble in the glass, but it's not too big and it's smooth so it shouldn't pose any hazards to someone drinking from it. Other users have indicated that this is really more of a novelty item and not something to be used for all The skull is not pretty enough to be a presentation piece and is not sturdy enough to move around, so it's the kind of thing you use a couple times because it's neat to see the liquid fill it up, and then keep it on a shelf.

Kaden Wilkinson - 18/07/2021
This is a fun and functional game! I like the look of this, and the price is good! The gimmicks are a good gift and a lot of fun to use

This is a very functional shot and has great entertainment value for doing it. The pros are Please note *br> The shape of the skull looks just as cool, if not even better in person *br>- The pouch is light and easy to fill - This is great for a fun moment, or to indicate that a "special" drink is being sipped*br> This awesome drinkware is perfect for fans of skull designs and collectors of unique drinkware*- For what you get, this is a great price! While I am listing this as a CON, I think this is MINOR/TRIVIAL and coming from being a very picky person Please note *br> As a result, they are delicate and made of thin glass. Take care to handle*(Handle with care and you'll be fine) Because they are hollow, the underside of them fills up with water when placed in a dishwasher. It is not necessary to wash them and wipe them before putting in cabinets (just rinse them well and wipe them). For the simple reason that The item can be used for a variety of purposes, is inexpensive, collectible, celebratory, and cool.

Evangeline Flynn - 19/06/2021
SHOTglass is a good one

No major negatives should be written for this item, so picture(s) and description should very well describe it. As a matter of fact, it is actually 2 times the size of a bourbon glass. There are 5 ounces of liquid in a shot, making it a bit larger than a standard shot of one The shooter needs to use a dosage of 1/2oz (there is no such thing as a "normal" shot). This glass (it is not plastic at all) is thin just as the picture shows, but it isn't If I dropped it on a bar, would it slam? I would not worry about bringing it up again, but I would put it down as saying, "gimme another. ". All in all, it looks great whether it's set out as a serving piece or just sitting there on the floor. When purchasing more than one glass, you will be receiving individual packages (the glass will be wrapped in bubble wrap and it will come in boxes). You can get cheap copies of these Fred glasses too, but the quality is very poor. Spend your time and money on these and don't waste it on the rest.

Marilyn McCullough - 27/04/2021
We added one collection to our collection

We purchased the shotglass for our daughter, as her bedroom is decorated entirely in skull décor. Glasses like this go well with wine decanters and wine glasses in her collection, so she loves this one, too. I appreciate you offering such a high quality product at such an affordable price.

Javier SLATER - 06/07/2021