Forum Novelties Bottle Opener Ring Review

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Durability 4.1 
Sturdiness 3.3 
Giftable 3.2 
Easy to use 3.0 
  • Cool and trendy design.
  • Best bottle opener at a low price.
  • Super-portable.
  • Thin-material is used.

Forum Novelties Bottle Opener Ring Product Description

When you want both a beer bottle opener and a wearable, this beer bottle opener ring is a clever and slick way to impress your friends, family, and coworkers at the office or on the dance floor.

  • Open a bottle with the bottle opener ring.
  • This is the opener ring.
  • An opener for opening bottles.

Questions & Answers

Ten minutes is all it will take Hong Kong shippers need 20 business days to complete the shipping process.
Five of them were just mailed to me. Exactly 15 had been the size of all of mine. On Amazon, you can also find sizes 8, 10, and 12 that you can choose from. The item is described as having four sizes to choose from and is made from black stainless steel. In order for my thumb to fit, I need size 12.
The delivery of a package can be delayed for a number of reasons. You might need to check the weather, customs, or your address.
There is no details given.

Selected User Reviews For Forum Novelties Bottle Opener Ring

I just think it's super mean, what a great feature to be able to open a beer bottle with a ring! My first reaction was to think that this would be stupid, then when I used it, I realized that it was quite simple and certainly convenient Every single person I have used it with also believed it to be a good idea, since there is no more wandering around looking for The comments now are "John has the cool ring bottle opener!" (5/5)


Deborah Robinson - 30/05/2021
I received a defective item that arrived late, was thin, and was too big (1/5)

The metal on this item is not the same as what is shown in the picture, and it took over two months to arrive. It looked substantially different and thinner than the bottle opener ring in the picture. I had one previously that looked like the one in the picture before. Even though I am 5'10", of average size, this ring doesn't fit on my thumb, let alone my middle finger. I want it to fit on my middle finger. . . but it is so huge it will not stay on my finger. According to the product description, the item dimensions are 7 x W x H. A factor of three adds up to 87. A 94 x 1 is equivalent to 194 x A patent and objective lie is that the width of 18 inches. If you're interested in this product, I recommend that you look for one in a kitchen or novelty store that you can try on before buying.

Mariam POWER - 07/05/2021
You wouldn't want to do that! There's no better way to get a great idea in a cheaper way (1/5)

A far cry from the one Spencer's Gifts supplied me with awhile back, plus this one is much bigger than it claims, and is thinner and not finished well, including rough unsealed weld spots, not shaped well, and has large flat spots all over. ring if you want a high quality ring that you can wear and use because this one does not deserve your attention.

Rylee Cervantes - 28/06/2021
You should be the one to turn to! He is a gadget lover, he loves gadgets! As one of his stocking stuffers years ago, I bought this for him, figuring it would be forgotten in a drawer (4/5)

He wanted it, so I got it for him. Once in a while, however, I'm shown the error of my ways and this was one of them. In addition to wearing it everywhere, he also wore it For everyone who needed a bottle opened, he said his specialty was being the "go to man. ". As he remarked, it would have been perfect if it had been like the Batman My husband is a gadget man, and this would be a great gift for anyone with a gadget lover.

Scout Livingston - 21/06/2021
You don't know how fancy beer bottle openers are until you see one (5/5)

Whenever I buy this bottle opener, my friends like it and I gift them one. It is really cool and fancy, and I like paying for it in advance.

Ellis Dickson - 05/02/2021
Easy to use (5/5)

Bottle openers that are more traditional hold on better than this one, but why would they want that? The piece is useful, functional, and a great conversation starter for a low price. Is there anything more you could ask for? In comparison to a couple other rings, I'd say the ring I bought is a size 12 or so. Women tend to wear thumb rings more often, so the size 5 will suit them. There is no way to tell if it will rust. A stainless steel item is not a non-stainless item This type of metal is ferrous. Magnesium is well suited to this product. While I'm writing this, I realize the price has dropped even further (to almost a buck) since when I ordered my first one. I may just order a few for gifts and one.

Cody Knapp - 08/03/2021
This is a great item for a small price tag (4/5)

I wear a size 12 There is no way it is the size of a 15 mentioned in another review since I tried it on past second knuckles but was unable to get it on. Rather than a 10-year-old, it probably belongs to a 10-year-old There is no pattern to their sizing, and I suspect they are large and larger randomly. In any case, even just half way up my finger, the product worked as expected, and for its price, it was probably worth the money. It would have been nice if I had bought one of the ones that had an actual size listed.

Reece Foster - 20/04/2021
That's so sweet (5/5)

As I type, I hear bottles popping open all around me. I'd write a review. . . except I'm busy with the bottles I've been opening for everyone! Those days are over - click, clang! - when you hunted through the kitchen for a bottle opener, lit a Bic lighter, or - grinch, grinch - used your teeth! I click and clang to make the deed happen. Drinking a glass of wine is a great way to start the day Now that I own a bottle opener ring, I can open bottled beverages much more easily! They should put a sandwich making ring on that.

Flora Perez - 08/05/2021