FOOING Countertop Ice Maker Review

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  • Large amount of ice produce.
  • Sturdy and durable built.
  • Hard to clean.

FOOING Countertop Ice Maker Product Description

Having just seven minutes to churn out ice, this tool makes its first batch of ice in just This is possible due to its high-power cooling process that can produce up to 26 lbs./12 kg of ice in 24 hours. The device is equipped with a water reservoir that is 2 liters (68 ounces). This ice is perfect for chilling drinks such as cocktails or blended drinks since it provides the perfect combination of crunch and chews. The FOOING ice machine is capable of producing two different sizes of ice (small and large), to suit all of your cocktails.

  • The countertop of this ice maker has an automatic cleaning feature. When the ON/OFF button has been held for more than 5 seconds, the automatic cleaning function will activate. (Clean your ice machine regularly with lemonade and soda).
  • It can produce its first batch of ice in just seven minutes with FOOING ice machine. By using a powerful cooling process, it is capable of producing up to 26 pounds of power. During a 24-hour period you can store 12 kg of ice. This water bottle has a capacity of 2 liters or 68 ounces. If you serve it with any cocktail or blended drink, the crunchy, chewy nugget ice makes for an excellent ice cube.
  • Fooing's ice machines can produce ice of different sizes (small and large) to make sure you have fresh ice on hand for all your cocktail As the ice maker indicator shows, the cubes need to be removed when the basket is full.
  • This ice maker has an easy-to-use control panel and a clear window that allows you to monitor the ice making process. A high-performance, low-noise compressor ensures that the machine is running at a speed for fast ice making, fast cooling, and low consumption with copper aluminum fin condensers of high quality.
  • For Ice Maker Machines They come with a food-grade removable ice basket, an ice scoop, so you can easily transfer the ice cubes from the machine. Ice Makers purchased directly from authorized resellers are covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Questions & Answers

The answer is no, according to me. Water is the ONLY substance that should be used as per the instructions. It would be nice to have some caffeinated ice cubes as well.
If you press the ON/OFF button for more than 5 seconds, the automatic cleaning feature will appear. 1.. 2. The indicator light will flash back and forth between the S light and the L light whenever the automatic cleaning function of the cleaning feature is engaged. Lastly, 3. During the cleaning process, you should wait for the S and L lights to stop flashing for 30 minutes. (Clean your ice machine regularly with lemonade and soda).
A 220 volt version is not available for the ice maker I purchased because it is 110 volts only.
There is a solution that you can purchase. Bottled water is the only water we use.

Selected User Reviews For FOOING Countertop Ice Maker

The results were quick and effective (5/5)

A great little ice maker. It started kicking out ice shortly after I cleaned the interior to remove the all the factory sludge from it. It looks like the ice cubes are pretty cool. The ice maker has been running for a half day but it keeps throwing out ice until the bin fills up, at which point it stops working. This heater does not keep ice cubes waiting like the refrigerator does, so it doesn't produce any nasty cubes. So far, it seems like we are enjoying it a lot. After I tried the small cubes for a while, they didn't come out as fast as the large ones, and were pretty pointless as well. Every night, my wife burns through an entire tray of ice at a time. It takes about three to four hours to refill her tray, and we leave the fan running constantly. The kids have reported the fan's creepy sound Haha, so there's a plus there as well.

Wesson McDaniel - 24/04/2021
It would not be a purchase I would make Despite the ice maker's ability to generate ice very quickly, I would not buy it again because it requires constant monitoring (3/5)

Many times, the ice does not slide all the way down and tricks the machine into thinking the ice is full when it isn't. The ice melts slightly if you don't use it right away, and then it freezes together with the other ice. I would probably return and buy another machine if I needed this long term, but since I will most likely keep it, I will probably keep this.

Lance Mann - 30/05/2021
There's no doubt in my mind that I would recommend it to anyone (5/5)

Because we do not have an ice maker in our refrigerator, I was looking for other options. It took six minutes to make perfect ice cubes from this after I unpacked it and let it sit for an hour. It took me an hour to fill up a bowl. There is nothing I dislike about this product. It makes perfect ice cubes and works flawlessly. Round bullets that cause no problems when dissolved in a glass of water. The quality of this product cannot be overstated it is definitely worth trying out!.

Jonathan Velasquez - 28/06/2021
I really like it! This ice maker is so easy to use and makes ice quickly that I got tired of making my own ice (5/5)

We like the large cubes a little better than the large ones, and the ice maker isn't too loud it sounds like white noise. The ice maker is really great! My jaw dropped when I saw your presentation.

Dillon Marsh - 04/01/2021
I would recommend it to anyone (5/5)

The best appliance in my house! You can get great value for money with ice instead of hospital ice.

Loretta Lambert - 25/07/2021
The instructions could be a bit better written, but the device is easy to use (5/5)

Despite being a bit slow, it works just fine. Among the small cubes, only cocktails can be made from them If you wish to serve water or soft drinks, place the cube setting on the large size. There's no learning curve, it's easy to use, and it can be used almost anywhere We keep ours in our basement man cave (on the floor). The best results can be achieved with bottled water In our case, we clean them every two weeks There are 3 days left.

Brock Whitehead - 15/02/2021
I urge you not to purchase this product! A couple days after it started, it stopped (1/5)

Wet ice forms a solid and sticks together. Ignore this junk! I love it! I used it for two days before it suddenly ceased to work. My next step will be to load this 20 pound piece of junk into the UPS truck. A lot of ice is wet, and it always clumps up together. I paid a ridiculous amount for a terrible product. The product you are about to buy should not be purchased. Please be careful when purchasing. I HAD HIGH HOPES, BUT UNFORTUNATELY My hopes did not come true.

Maia SMART - 12/04/2021
A lot of people believe that ICE isn't real (2/5)

My favorite part of the concept is Seeing as our ice maker was named Vanilla, we thought it was appropriate. The box would have been returned to me if I had not accidentally used it when packing. There is a partial freezing of the ice. The cubes freeze better on Small than Large, but they are melted from the start, and the ice bin doesn't keep the ice cold enough to get a bucket of ice from it - the top of it is icy and the bottom is melted rock. Seven minutes is all it takes to make nine cubes. I love it! But I'd rather wait another minute or two and I'll have real ice. I have followed the instructions precisely, used distilled water at the right temperature, babyed the machine, and it still didn't work. As of now, I am keeping it because it's better than nothing (my hand disability prevents me from emptying ice trays) and I cannot afford to get a new one at this time. Aside from that, there is no space to hang the ice scooper, so that's another unfortunate thing.

Presley Salazar - 04/05/2021