Fletcher’s Mill Maple Muddler Review

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Comfort 5.0 
Easy to use 4.7 
Value for money 4.0 
Sturdiness 4.0 
  • Made of solid handcrafted American hardwood.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle.
  • Feels sturdy and not slippery.
  • May feel bulky at first.

Fletcher’s Mill Maple Muddler Product Description

A perfect piece of handmade American hardwood, Fletcher’s muddler is made from 100% solid wood. When it comes to mixing drinks, it is an ideal bar tool to use to mash and muddle fruits, herbs, and spices. A further benefit of the muddler is that it is 11 inches long, long enough to reach even the tiniest corners of the glass. Aside from that, the ergonomic design of the muddler makes using it very comfortable.

  • Its long enough to reach all fruits and herbs, even those in tall glasses or pitchers. Most are only 8-10". We use our 11-inch Muddler so you will not bruise your hands.
  • AMERICA'S TOP HAND CRAFTED Made from solid American hardwood and handcrafted.
  • Innovative, ergonomically shaped handle to provide improved force distribution and reduce the amount of strain on your hands and arms.
  • EKO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT The product was created using sustainable wood and resources.
  • The Fletchers' Mill company is a family owned business and their products are made in the United States.

Questions & Answers

The reason peoples buy it, is because of fermentation.
Neither a finish nor a varnish is present. There is no finish on it it is natural.
The base of the pyramid measures about 1,5 inches in width. This should be of some assistance.
Unlike most furniture, it is purely made out of wood and has no lacquer or finish. That is why I wouldn't wash it in a In the long run, it will lose its elasticity and eventually dry out, discolor, and split.

Selected User Reviews For Fletcher’s Mill Maple Muddler

Within a few hours, there was a crack (1/5)

The muddler I purchased from you hardly worked for me after I used it the first time. It developed serious splits within about 2 hours of usage. I returned it and ordered another one and received the same reaction. When they split, though, that's one serious flaw, since you can't wash them. Both muddlers arrived in excellent shape and feel good, but when they split like that, that's a major oversight. Having returned them was no problem to me, but I wanted to warn customers and the manufacturer on the issue. This is replaced with the large black plastic muddler from the top shelf, which is also quite nice but costs twice as much. The instructions should also state to put a little oil on it or better yet, the muddler should already come with some. There is oil. There was no pre-registration for me Because mine was brand new and the instructions did not say to oil it before use, I did not oil it. So far, as it stands, a muddler with cracks and that can't be sanitized is destined to get contaminated.

Brycen Hayden - 27/05/2021
The muddler is nice and solid (5/5)

Almost every day since receiving the muddler on 6/1/21, I've used it several times. Mineral oil is the necessary step, according to me. As far as making a drink is concerned, it's simply a quick rinse before embarking on the business. You can also use a bar towel to clean the end. The split does not appear to be happening. As you can see in the attached photo, it still looks exactly as it did before. This is a great buy as long as you are willing to do a bit of preparation before using it. The OP. It appears that this muddler is solid and well constructed. In place of the muddler that came with the kit, which had a lacquer finish and felt cheap, I used a new muddler. There was nothing I wanted in my cocktail that was chipped off from its finish. In addition to having a smooth even cut and texture, this new muddler feels good in your hand. As it is unfinished wood, you would need to apply mineral oil to it as you would to a finished product Wooden handles with a grain pattern, or any wood that has a "naked" appearance. Then, I filled a shaker pint with food grade mineral oil, sealed the shaker, and soaked the muddler for a couple/few hours, then flipped it over to soak the other exposed surface In this case, finding that taller glass would have been a better way to get it all at once (part of the muddler stuck out). This is after removing the oil and wiping the excess away. You can see in my photo how it looks right after. Throughout the day, I will let it acclimate, then wipe it off with a soft cloth if there is any extra oil on it before I store it in the drawer or It’s a little early to see if it will help resolve the splitting issue other reviewers have encountered, but I think it will. As you can see from their photos, their muddler has splits and is pale as a ghostly ghost. As a reasonable expectation, you won't have to use any oil on this product once received, but I wouldn't knock the quality of You get used to it after a while. The oil took to my skin well and the color when it was rubbed on turned into a nice golden honey. Basically, once the wood and oil have acclimated, it should be well sealed for endless cocktail celebrations without having mineral oil going into your drink isn't a concern due to its hydrophobic nature, as is butcher block or a.

Ambrose Vaughn - 27/04/2021
The simplicity is the key to its I purchased the muddler after I read a recommendation from Wirecutter and did some research, ultimately deciding to There are many reasons why it was selected, and I completely concur (5/5)

You won't lose your grip even when wet because it feels ergonomically designed and isn't very slippery. Even though the size makes it seem bulky at first glance, if you use it with a taller glass or cocktail shaker it becomes convenient to have the longer muddler available. To date, I haven't noticed any smells coming through and it appears to be holding up well so far. I would recommend it.

Alessandra Clayton - 27/05/2021
The best one I've ever heard, better than metal ones You can seal it once it has been sealed! I had a split on mine as well, but I oiled it with vegetable oil and it closed right up and hasn't yet reopened I opened it (5/5)

A product called (salad bowl finish) will seal it, and it will eventually last a lifetime because you will only have to seal it over vegetable oil once the oil is fully dry.

Amari Randolph - 19/01/2021
We're going to make basil lime gimlets! The wire cutter was recommended by a friend, and we are very happy with it (5/5)

You can feel how sturdy and smooth it is The cocktails he has created so far have been excellent. After using the toilet, we immediately wash our hands.

Zoya Duran - 22/03/2021
The size is too large (4/5)

It seems to be a pretty good product, even though we haven't really used it that much yet. Generally, it has a large amount of muddle in it, and it can be a little clumsy to use because of its.

Cali Moses - 05/06/2021
Mashing is what you do best (5/5)

My car needs a muffler like this. In my case, it has been re-purposed for packing Amish butter into French butter holders. Though the head should be wider, it would be nice if it were.

Raya Sellers - 22/01/2021
You're a great muzzler! A tall slim muddler would be perfect for me (5/5)

In my previous version, I scraped my knuckles when using it in a A good fit in a Tom Collins glass and tall enough to allow a good grip in most any shaker or glass make this a great cocktail companion.

Odin Berry - 26/06/2021