Flauno Electric Wine Opener Review

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Score By Feature Based on 98 ratings

Easy to use 4.4 
Giftable 4.4 
Value for money 4.2 
Battery life 4.1 
  • Offers great durability.
  • Multiple accessories are available.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Slip from the cap sometimes.

Flauno Electric Wine Opener Product Description

Wine accessories are an indispensable part of any restaurant or hotel. Customers can enjoy a better dining experience with this restaurant. The Flaunt foil cutter with razor-sharp blades requires only a gentle squeeze or twist, and the top of the wine will be removed. When you select this gift for someone who loves wine, you will not be disappointed. By using this method, you avoid hurting yourself when you open the foil on your wine bottle. Aeration pourers infuse the wine with air by leveraging the Bernoulli effect, while pourers prevent spills and waste, while a vacuum stopper keeps the wine fresh by removing air from the bottle before filling it.

  • Because this powerful automatic wine cork opener is easy to use you can remove the cork in just 6 seconds without damaging it by pressing the Down and Up buttons simultaneously. For anyone who loves wine, this is an ideal accessory. It is compatible with most sizes of wine bottles.
  • A Flauno wine opener set is equipped with 4 AA batteries (included), and can open up to 120 bottles on a single charge, making it both powerful and rechargeable. A low noise and low power consumption motor is also built into the advanced motor of the internal system. Strongly improved the opening time of the bottle of wine.
  • 5 in 1 Wine Gift Set - This exquisite gift box contains an electric wine bottle opener with charger, 1 foil cutter, 1 wine aerator pourer, and a vacuum stopper. With this wine aerator, there is an air chamber, which infuses air into the white wine while the pourer spout eliminates drips and waste. The vacuum stopper is designed to pump out the air from the bottle and keep the wine fresh for several hours.
  • Elegant Package Design - The beautiful and elegant package design makes it a great gift for anyone, especially for those celebrating any of the major festivals of the year. Also for parties, dates, birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, restaurants, bars, and other celebrations.
  • Flauno cordless electric wine corkscrew's metal housing is made of strong aluminum alloy, while the high-quality ABS plastic means it won't die easily. For durability, the hook is coated with Teflon. Suitable for use with food, the wine aerator pourer and vacuum stopper are made of food-grade materials. In case of problems, our tech support team will be happy to help.

Questions & Answers

By looking at the transparent part, you can see the cork pulling out of the hole.
The unit is powered by a battery. That one is nice because it doesn't charge.
The answer is yes. Four AA batteries are used to power the machine, which can open up to 120 bottles in 6 seconds.

Selected User Reviews For Flauno Electric Wine Opener

Arthritis sufferers will love this product (5/5)

This box kit would be a great gift! There have been a few days since I got this thing. My test of this thing has certainly put it through its My first usage was to charge it before use as the instructions state and I have opened around 12 bottles with this gadget so far. I don't want you to The four of us work from home together while I take care of the kids. I am sure you would also drink! As well as the opener, the kit comes with an aerator and foil cutter, which I had a hard time finding a foil cutter for and have been roughing around with a steak knife. The opener is a nice neutral grey color and comes There's a chance I will also get one for my parents for Christmas. It would be so much easier for them to open with their arthritis if this were available.

Amiyah Park - 04/03/2021
It's a gift that works well and is a great wine opener (5/5)

In a nutshell, However, I bought this to replace our old opener that stopped working. Although I had bought it as a gift, I think it'd make a good gift for someone. It comes with a foil cutter, a vacuum pump to keep air out, and a foil cutter for cutting out foil. Based on my video, it works great. This wine box is lined with a velvet-like material, giving it a classy appearance. There is also an aerator to help improve the taste of the wine. Describe what you think of this review and let me know if it was helpful. You should take care of yourself. Jake, your grandpa.

Aspyn Livingston - 16/01/2021
You'll be able to pop that cork in no time! In a nutshell, In my kitchen, I have been using a traditional wine key for many years to save space (5/5)

It is okay with me not to mess with the cork and try to push it out of the bottle on occasion. When I prepare food and drink wine at the same time, this device is especially useful. (Wet hands are not your friend when trying to open a bottle of wine!) By pressing the down button, all that needs to be done is for it to do its thing. When it is extracted, the corkscrew inserts itself into the cork and exits. The cork must be removed from the opener by pressing the up button and waiting for it to come The idea should have occurred to me years ago.

Kinley McMahon - 13/04/2021
I'm so happy to receive this gift for my birthday! Recently, I had been debating if I should get a wine holder since I had just discovered a wine I enjoyed (5/5)

The two cork screws in my household broke within the span of two weeks. When it arrived on my birthday, it was a great way to open my birthday wine. My only wish is that it would have come a little more charged because I had to play with it a little to fully remove my cork. Don't wait until you get it to charge.

Lana Bennet - 23/03/2021
You need only one box to fulfill all your needs! The setup and operation of the software are very straightforward (5/5)

In a nutshell, I have a really easy one for you - This wine opener is a simple and convenient device to use. When you open the package, the battery is installed, so you can use the product immediately. The device also includes a charging cable, so you can charge it as well. There is also a vacuum stopper, as well as a wine pourer, foil cutter, and a vacuum stopper. All you need to enjoy the wine is contained in this single box.

Abraham Travis - 08/03/2021
A great opener (5/5)

Thanks for sharing. This was the one I got after getting tired of twisting a manual The reason why I waited is beyond me! I like this opener very much. I was able to test it out, and it works just fine. It is simply a matter of aligning the worm in the middle of the cork and pressing the button until it stops moving. I find it easy to go in and slow to come out. If it seems like it is running out of power for a moment when it is starting up, that is only for a short time. If you press the top of the button, the screw will unscrew once it has been pushed all the way out.

Alana Schmitt - 02/02/2021
Gifts for babies are the best (5/5)

I really like the packaging, and the best part of the set is that it makes the perfect gift and looks amazing.

Raya Becker - 06/05/2021
I'm in love with If you know someone who enjoys wine, then this is the perfect gift for a housewarming or just as a gift (5/5)

This is a really easy to operate opener and the aerator works great despite being on the small side. It is definitely worth purchasing.

Serena McKinney - 24/02/2021