Flathead Bent Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws Review

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Leak proof 4.9 
Durability 4.8 
Value for money 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Flavor 4.6 
  • BPA free silicone material.
  • Comes in fancy colors.
  • Expensive than other choices.
  • Can be easily damaged.

Flathead Bent Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws Product Description

All of these straws are made from food-grade silicone that is BPA free. With these environmentally friendly straws, you don’t have to worry about harming your teeth like with other materials, and they are also kid-friendly. You can easily wash these silicone straws in a dishwasher. in warm soapy water before first use, using the included brush or running them through the dishwasher first.

  • Silicone of the highest quality - every item is made from food grade silicone that is BPA free. With our environmentally friendly straws, you won't have to worry about the worry that comes with other materials and your children will enjoy them as well.
  • Suitable for use with Tumblers - Our straws are compatible with RTIC, tervis, and YETI 30-40oz Whether you are drinking hot or cold drinks, you can use them.
  • Easy to Clean - Our silicone straws can be placed in the dishwasher. Whenever possible, the cleaning brush provided with the straws should be used to clean them before the first time that they are used, or you can run them through a dishwasher before the first time they are used.
  • A beautiful color palette of blue, teal, purple, and pink reusable straws. Includes 20 straws + a cleaning brush + a carry bag. During your travels, you can keep your straws clean and protected in the convenient carrying bag.

Questions & Answers

People always ask where these straws come from, and the answer is "silicon". As a result, I'm going to assume these are Chinese.
Yes, I am sure they can, but the cloth carrier should be fine. Their flexibility bothers me when it comes to my iced coffee.
The answer is yes.
When I have hot coffee, I use them.

Selected User Reviews For Flathead Bent Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws

Friendly to those suffering from tremors (5/5)

For my mother, who has Essential Tremor, which causes a tremor in her hands and head, much like Parkinson's, I bought these. Obtaining reusable straws isn't environmentally friendly, nor are they readily available. She must use a straw to drink. is not a good option, as she can get injured. They are amazing, I tell you! These soft and flexible fabrics are made of cotton and rayon. It should be free of jabbings or clankings. It is easy to clean, and it is small and portable so it fits nicely in her purse, so she can easily access it.

Marceline Howard - 17/04/2021
Amazing (5/5)

I'm seriously blown away. My first reaction was to be shocked at the great quality of the straws. In addition to the straw cleaner, they come in a neat little baggie that you can store them in! It's not an everyday occurrence for me to leave a review on products (even if I really like them), but they donate 100% of the proceeds of your order to Oceana if you leave a review. Therefore, not only do I like the product, I am able to let everyone know it's great through this review AND my payment goes to donate to Oceana. The effort you put into that is really appreciated. The product is ten out of ten!.

Makayla MIAH - 14/02/2021
There is a chemical odor (2/5)

Just received these, just about to use one when I realized I didn't like the smell of the product. I really don't like it. It smells just as bad after I washed it with dish soap. My mouth was filled with water when I brought the straw up to my lips, and the straw reeked of chloroform. The chemical smell of silicone is quite disappointing to me, since I think silicone shouldn't have such a strong It does not make any sense to me.

Monroe Koch - 29/05/2021
It's a wobbly straw (4/5)

I can't complain since they work like straws and are easy to clean. the straws came with what looks like pieces of leaves in them? Although it was only a little gross, I washed it off. As soon as the bag is purchased, it starts fraying and coming apart. Oh, and beware they wobble when in a fountain drink cup, so be aware if you want to look cute. Despite the fact that they work and save the planet, things are fine.

Evelyn Jarvis - 14/04/2021
A chemical taste is left in the The trip had to be cut short (1/5)

Since the company claims I got an authentic product, I am unable to post my last review. I have no doubts about the authenticity of my product In my experience, it did leave a silicone taste in my water, which was the reason I returned it. The original review has been deleted a number of times and I will make this review once again in 8 months if it is deleted again.

Trinity McKay - 01/01/2021
I would buy it again 8 times out of 10 (4/5)

It has been on my wishlist for a long time to get reusable straws, and I think these ones are really good. It's strange to use them because they are so flexible but they are a little more versatile than I was expecting. I'm not too crazy about the fact that they have been bent near the top but it's more of a personal preference after using them. I believe they're a pretty worthwhile purchase all in all. As an added bonus, they come with decent quality bags and brushes to clean them (the brush mine barely fits inside the straws, so it is a little difficult to use it conveniently), which are both decent quality. While using them normally, there is no taste, but under circumstances where I may have sipped on the same drink for a few hours, I have noticed a slight taste under those circumstances, which.

Brooke Dawson - 13/05/2021
This is a soft and pretty word (5/5)

My kids love the straws, and the diameter is the perfect size for them. Their width is on the narrower side, making them much smaller than the larger smoothie The containers are perfect for drinks such as iced tea, ice coffee, juice, and water. Their reusable nature is what I like most about them. This is a soft texture. I am always concerned my children will get a cut on the outside edge of regular plastic straws. Despite their soft edges, these straws feel great in the mouth. I like the colors very much and they're very bright, too. Making them fun to drink out of. It would be a sin not to use these straws!.

Abby Wilson - 29/07/2021
I had a great experience with this purchase! My first impression is that I love these! I've only had them a couple days but they're excellent! There was a strange scent emanating from them when they first arrived (5/5)

They smelled a bit sour after I soaked them in hot soapy water to get rid of it, but I managed to wash them. I have not been able to find it after using a few times. Because it comes with a carrying case, I can easily pack it Furthermore, the straw cleaner does a good job of cleaning the straws and feels.

Fox Braun - 22/03/2021