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Easy to clean 4.7 
Easy to drink from 4.6 
Value for money 4.1 
  • Comes with a bottle-opener.
  • Little cap of glass.
  • Provides cost-free BPA construction.
  • Screwing creates problems.


We see another great set of stainless steel koozies from Flank. This model has a very traditional look due to its lining of neoprene. In contrast, a shot glass cap will allow you to sip on your cold beer while spending some time enjoying a little chaser. At just under $15, these are a steal with a bottle opener and construction free from toxic BPA. Additionally, you have a good insulation system for it, as well as a way to open a lot of beers when you’re done with the first.

  • HOT OR COLD DRINKS STAY HOT OR COLD ALL DAY LONG The double-wall, vacuum-insulated design means you can keep your hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours, and your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. You will no longer be able to drink warm water or cold coffee!
  • CLEAN & FILL A wide-mouth opening makes it easy to fit ice cubes or even fruit for a refreshing drink, and it is also easier to clean.
  • FEEL FREE Our shirts don't sweat, so you won't have to worry about spills in your gym bag, backpack, or workstation. of the flask uses a rugged Powder Coating to protect it from scratches and also to provide a nonslip A stainless steel finish (except for the stainless steel finish, which is not powder coated) is not powder coated.
  • CLEAN & FILL A wide-mouth opening makes it easy to fit ice cubes or even fruit for a refreshing drink, and it is also easier to clean.
  • This is a lifetime bottle that won't crack or corrode, unlike an aluminum or plastic bottle. A product that is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and free of BPA and phthalates. We promise that your Smart Flask will not have any unwanted odor or taste. We also back our bottles with a 30 DAY satisfaction guarantee and offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY against manufacturer's defects. Upon returning the product if you are unhappy with it for any reason within 30 days, we will refund your money and pay for the return shipping.

Questions & Answers

BPA-free. This cap is made of natural rubber. Polypropylene is the material used for the interior top, which is bpa-free.
It's true, I have one. I bought it on Amazon.
I believe the warranty for the Smart Flask is for the lifetime of the product if you follow the care instructions. As opposed to many others, I have not even had the chance to use the flask yet, let alone experience a problem with it, but the folks at Vision Products delivered exceptional customer service. The company sent detailed care instructions and helpful tips for use via email and are serious about the purchaser being satisfied and aware of how to care for the product. I also received an email advising me to use that link to contact them if there should ever be a problem, and provided a link. To my mind, they have already gone above and beyond, and when they say that I am fully believing and taking them at their word. It is impressive to see how they reach out, follow up and care for their customers these days. A great way to start your day! Customers feel valued when they receive excellent customer service, and they do a terrific job of doing that here!
I'm sorry, but I'm not sure. This can keep things cool over a long period of time in extreme heat if it holds a lot of fluid.


Purchased this book and found it to be delightful! It's a nice surprise to get TWO caps with the 32oz water bottle (5/5)

Here's what it looks like Waterproof right down to the bottom, "sippy" on the side that is easy to access, not waterproof, but easy to get at. With the ability to keep liquids hot or cold, it's a fantastic container, and the black fabric cover is stunning. Provides an easy way to carry the water bottle Another person who left numerous bottles of water behind has to be commended Being attached to you makes it much less likely that it will be stolen or lost! I love how fast it arrived, that it was reasonably priced, packed well, and came with lots of information about how to take care of it The construction industry. You will be able to enjoy this for many years to come. The vendor and the product can be highly recommended.

August Brock - 14/02/2021
Best purchase ever! True to its word (5/5)

In the past, I have purchased others with the same claim that they would keep your drinks cool, however, they had not lived up to their claims. I cannot say enough about how well the stainless steel Smart Flask works! As a Sickle Cell Disease patient, I know how easily we dehydrate, so it's important to drink plenty of water every day. When it comes to warm water, I can't take it so the Smart Flask gives me the freedom I need. The bottle is so convenient to carry thanks to the carry pouch. There is no weight to this thing, so I can take it pretty much anywhere. 32 oz is a good amount of water, so you can easily get in your daily intake. YES! I love it!.

Carter Levine - 26/06/2021
This is a fantastic flask (5/5)

Taking the carrying pouch on a hike is ideal. This is a fantastic flask. You can carry the carrying pouch on hikes or haul your gear. My kids are going to summer camp so I bought them two. There was one flask that came with a pouch covering the neck, and one that had a carrying strap without padded shoulder support. Having a pouch that reaches just below the contour of the top flask, this one comes with a carrying strap that has padded shoulder straps. It was very easy to remove the shorter pouch. A 8-year-old would find hiking at summer camp to be a little bit easy. The seller responded right away when I contacted her. Buyers have indicated that they found it hard to remove the taller pouch. There is no such thing as a free lunch. I've seen some water bottle sleeves that require lube in order to take them on and off, but these work like a charm. A finger is all you need to remove the shorter ones. It takes two hands to remove the taller ones, but they slide off right away. As it is, I originally wanted the shorter pouch, but I am willing to swap it straws), a brush for cleaning straws, and a strap with padded shoulder piece, which I hadn't complained about at all. The padded strap really helped, because both of my kids have incredibly bony shoulders, and my daughter was thrilled to have one. In 80 degree weather, my kids have carried these all over the woods and they keep their water cold for hours. Besides the fact that they are easy to carry, the color is vibrant and the design is appealing to them. The good news is that they're easy to clean and wash, and they're reasonably Initially I was happy with them, but then I was wowed by the beautiful packaging and the amazing customer service. I already have a cabinet full of bottle, but I will be getting rid of the rest and using these instead. The taller pouches have made me a customer for life, and I will continue to purchase these to give as gifts for my family as long as they are available. The pouch style was one of the things I suggested, along with the color, so hopefully they do add that as an option as well.

Matthew Oliver - 15/05/2021
The product is definitely recommended and I would buy it One of the ones that I use primarily at work has been with me for a year (5/5)

Ice is put in it &amp I drink from it Don't forget to add water at the end. The water is still cold after I drink it, and I have a bunch of ice to fill it up again with whenever it gets hot. When I brought it home, my husband marveled at how great the water bottle was for keeping water on the headboard in the middle of the night to take his medication. My brother got one for him, so I got one too. *br>My son is thinking of getting one now that summer is just around the corner. I have not experienced any washing difficulties with my water or ice dispenser because we only use them for drinking water and ice. The extra lids and straws I purchased in the supermarket were fine to put in the dishwasher. It's rare we get to use the pouches since we're rarely taking out the bottles. Originally, I thought this water bottle could be adapted so that it could fit into a car's cup holder, but I have yet to try it. Seeing that these are made by a smaller company is appealing to me.

Avi Suarez - 29/01/2021
The product is great, but there isn't an This is a worthwhile experience (5/5)

The tumbler is a replacement for the one we usually have when we travel. This is an excellent product, and I ordered an extra lid. The temperature was well over 100 in Belize and it was a pleasure to have that option of just having it across your chest! We hiked ancient ruins and always had water with us. Unlike most tourists, we didn't have to carry containers, and were able to struggle for control. Our water was still cold, which was an added bonus. I spend all day outside even on days at the beach. In the mornings before 8am, we only received ice to fill with water when needed, and by 10am, we had ice available again At 11 PM, there is still a small amount of ice.

Caleb Snider - 25/03/2021
The bottle is fantastic (5/5)

Water bottles are inexpensive and of excellent quality. I do like the large mouth and great size. The double-wall construction makes it a good choice for me. Although it had a fee for hot and cold drinks, which I was not even aiming for, it was cheaper than a single-serve Xanax comes in a walled bottle. My experience with the product is that it helps with colds. My old stainless steel bottle had a plastic lid that I had to get replaced twice, and then it broke a third time. I got tired of dealing with it, and got this one that has a steel lid that should last for much longer. As well as being nice on the outside, it's also quite thick. I haven't seen any leaks in the bottle. The carrying case is a nice touch. All in all, a great purchase.

Olivia Berry - 03/03/2021
The cup I finally found is the one to keep! As a result, I've used so many cups! I won't drink from plastic and I love the metal cups but because of my tendon issues, it is difficult for me to carry them around (5/5)

My cup is perfect for me because I can just put the strap over my shoulder and go from place to place with it! In the lid with the hole, I simply put a straw, so I don't have to open it to drink! Throughout the entire night, there is always ice in the cup! My favorite product! *Update- I love this water bottle as much as I used to. However, the bottom of the carrier came apart at the seams, so I found a Coozy and hooked it through the strap. So far, it's You can see my pic here.

Valentina SMART - 11/06/2021