FineDine Glass Beverage Dispenser Review

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Easy to dispense 4.6 
Easy to assemble 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.5 
Leak proof 4.2 
Sturdiness 4.2 
Value for money 4.2 
  • Ultra durable glass built.
  • Affordable.
  • Small capacity.

FineDine Glass Beverage Dispenser Product Description

It will be secure and balanced to be used indoors or outdoors because the dispenser is built from premium-grade ultradurable glass. In addition to the wide mouth authentic mason jar design and the clear walls, you’ll have a clear view of the goodness inside. Keep your drinks chilled and drinkable for hours on end outdoors, without melting water diluting them. Using the cylinder allows for keeping liquid cold without affecting the taste, texture, or appearance of the beverage.

  • This dispenser is made out of premium-grade ultradurable glass, which is secure and able to operate in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Stunning walls of crystal-clear glass enable you to see the goodness inside, and the mason jar lid features an authentic wide-mouth design that adds a touch of royalty.
  • An 18/8-stainless spigot is affixed to the dispenser for a steady flow of cold beverages. Designed to prevent spills, the spigot is mess-free and protected. Despite its leak-proof and drip-free nature, the spigot is completely impervious to water. With a tin metal lid, bugs and debris are kept out of your beverages, allowing you to drink lemonade, iced tea, infused water, or punch in a pleasant, tidy way.
  • Ice Cylinder allows you to enjoy cooling drinks for hours outdoors without losing them to melting water. Keeping liquid chilled without affecting texture, appearance, flavor, or taste, the cylinder goes directly into the liquid.
  • With its specially designed wide mouth, the dispenser makes it easy to add fruits or berries to drinks and is easy to clean handwashing these dispensers.
  • Packaged securely and packaged to make a stunning gift, the dispenser arrives in a sturdy box. Do not put the dispenser through the dishwasher it must be hand-washed. Keeping hot beverages in the fridge is not recommended. 10' H 7' W. Measurements 11' H 7,0" W.

Questions & Answers

How do you operate the spigot? The following is the state of the pieces after disassembly Put one rubber gasket on the threaded part of the spigot (valve), and place two other rubber gaskets on the threads. 3. Thread the segment through the hole on the bottom of the jar, and then push it through the glass. 2. Place the other rubber gasket on the spigot inside the jar. 3. The threaded nut must be placed on the threaded part of the spigot and must be tightened hand tight only (no tools needed). A nice and tight fit. Fill the jar with water. Fill it up with water and tighten it a little more until it does not leak.
The documentation for my order has nothing stating it is starting its lead - No charge. Assuming it isn't safe is not something I would do.
You asked a great question. Thank you. China is the manufacturer of this product. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] com for more information if you have any more questions or would like more details about this item.
With a cloth napkin draped over the box or basket, there is a touch of elegance. There are no drips, and it is of very high quality.

Selected User Reviews For FineDine Glass Beverage Dispenser

It's a piece of junk (1/5)

The jar I used for this batch of Kombucha was used ONE time. I watched the leak happen as if the spout were turned on, but the head was completely closed. It looked like it was cracked, but the water was still coming out. Then, when I tried to keep the plastic spout this jar originally came with so I could install the oak leaf spigot (a separate purchase), I had to wash the jar by hand In warm water, we ran our hands in the sink as we washed the jar by hand. When we were finished, This jar would be much stronger if it were made from eggshells. A leak occurs from the spout and the glass. I DO NOT recommend purchasing.

Angela FRASER - 08/05/2021
When I used it for the first time, it broke (1/5)

As soon as the glass was used, it cracked along the sides and shattering along the bottom. In his effort to place it in the refrigerator for me, my husband picked it up, and when he did, the bottom shattered and ice tea spilled all around The only bad review I've ever given is a star rating. Having a product that is completely defective upset me a lot this time.

Iker Ford - 26/06/2021
Here's the warning Weighing less than 2 oz (1/5)

and breaking easily! There are places where the glass is remarkably thin. The opening of the box resulted in a broken window. Attached are a few photos, which depict just how thin glass is. A quarter was held next to the thin part of glass to illustrate. It is much thinner than a dime, as you can see!.

Yehuda Stone - 19/01/2021
There is a crack in the mine (1/5)

I washed mine after using it for a second time, and it cracked. I'm unsure if the heat was the reason. It is after the return period as well.

Frances Hale - 18/05/2021
Do you sell merchandise second-hand? On a flat surface, the first container is not positioned flat (1/5)

A great time was had by all. To get a replacement container, I sent it back to Amazon. In addition to not sitting flat, it also was not flat on top of the material. It's likely that the glass mold, supplying the beverage container in China, has a defect on or in its surface, causing the low point of the container to be out of alignment with the top. Each container has the name YORKSHIRE embossed on it. It seems that FineDine marketed the second container. I seem to remember that the first container was marketed by someone else.

Alayna Monroe - 04/02/2021
Keep your system clean and free of leaks and clogs (5/5)

It is excellent that there is a metal spout. For laundry room use, I use this dispenser to dispense fabric softener and detergent. There is no leakage or clogging in the spout because it is heavy duty. Instead of using plastic dispensers, I tried to use glass ones and those leaked too.

Nathalie Pearson - 07/06/2021
This is the best beverage dispenser on the market (5/5)

is a very pretty container. In addition to looking great (it has a cute mason jar aesthetic) and being well made, it is highly functional as well. If the spigot is installed correctly, it won't leak because it's completely sealed. I was afraid of it getting leaky because this seems to be a concern with a lot of beverage dispensers. This is what I have in my room so it works great in the evenings so I can drink water without having to go downstairs.

Emanuel Whitehead - 12/07/2021
There is a leaky spout on this faucet (3/5)

We've used this for lemonade at two events this November. It looks exactly as it does in the pictures. As a result, there was a mess from the spout dripping. The holiday and our having ordered it online meant, however, it had to be used nevertheless and we had to have a small dish under the spout to catch any.

Darian Skinner - 03/08/2021