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Absorbency 5.0 
Giftable 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.9 
Value for money 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.8 
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • Design wise
  • Expensive than other choices

FIFTEEN PROJECTS Bar Mat Product Description

Made with durable materials, this bar mat from FIFTEEN PROJECTS helps to prevent excessive spills and glass damage. Dishwashers and glasses stay comfortably in place on the non-slip material, keeping bars and tables free of dishes.

  • We offer a wide variety of bar mats at reasonable prices. These are perfect for wedding gifts, house warming presents, graduation presents, retirement gifts, man cave decorations, college dorm decorations, Christmas gifts for fathers day, groomsmen gifts, or to simply gift to a friend.
  • With this non-slip rubber mat, you can prevent spills and damage to glasses. The 12 x 18 inch mat is made to last. Dishware and glasses stay in place and don't slide off, helping to keep both bars and tables clean. At home, this is a perfect size to entertain guests.
  • MARTINIS, MARTINS, MARARITAS, WHISKY SOURS, AND MORE CAN BE MADE AT HOME This app allows professional bartenders and aspiring mixologists to prepare cocktails at home.
  • Gifts for husband from wife These are hugely popular as father's day gifts, husband's day gifts, college gift ideas for men, and even Father in law's Day Especially great as a gift for men who have recently retired.
  • This clever and funny housewarming gift would be the perfect choice for the host or hostess who has This was a mat that came from the coffee maker. If you are making a double espresso or a double martini, this spillage proof mat will keep you happy twice as much!

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Selected User Reviews For FIFTEEN PROJECTS Bar Mat

It's time to buy a new bar mat! Unlike most bar mats, we absolutely love this one (5/5)

It looks great, is easy to clean, doesn't slip, and is made from high quality materials. I would recommend it.

Princess Adams - 03/01/2021
This would be great for my room! Drinks and mixers would usually be laid out on a regular mat since we entertain frequently (5/5)

A bar mat while shopping for bar wares caught my eye and I thought it was perfect! It looks really classy, no slip, solid, and will hold a lot This is definitely a product I'll recommend and would purchase more as gifts in the future.

Sky Page - 19/07/2021
The brass top bar looks super cute with it! Those bar mats are super cute! When I at first stumbled upon it, I didn't realize I needed it until I did a search for Our brass top bar was just the right thing to use this item for (5/5)

We really liked the quality of this, it is very thick, the size is huge, and it's quite nice. It is a hit with everyone! I think this would be great as a gift item as well!.

Amelie McIntyre - 22/06/2021
It's lovely! I like it a lot! Our bar is a great addition with this item! It is very good quality and covers a good amount of space, so you can make drinks and wipe up spills with ease (5/5)


Arjun Sheppard - 12/07/2021
The bar mat is of great quality (5/5)

A brilliant accent to this small mini-storage box, this product is great quality and stylish There should be enough space in the bar. I just finished a homemade bar, and it fits perfectly - thanks! A man who meets all of your needs You feel it in the cave.

Abdullah Mann - 20/05/2021
Adding fun to the bar has been a total success (5/5)

Adding this to our bar was such a fun idea! A quality and thickness that is excellent. We received the package within a day. If you want to add to your personal bar or gift it as a thank you, this would be perfect.

Marina Spencer - 26/07/2021
I am surprised at how impressed I am! Arriving at my doorstep, I was definitely pleased with the bar mat (5/5)

For my little mini bar, this will add a great look, and will be simple to clean up. My husband and I entertain a lot, and this will help. The reviews were fantastic, which is what I always look for, and the game is not disappointing. The price was good, the rubber was thick (not flimsy), and it worked well in the dishwasher. This is a wonderful product that I would highly recommend.

Brantley NORTH - 15/03/2021
The material is very good and it has great quality (5/5)

I have used it a lot and I can say that it lasts a long time. Although I have washed it many times, it still appears to be brand The bar is a great addition to the house, and it looks very nice too.

Katelyn NORTH - 14/06/2021