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  • Trendy Designing.
  • Easy to use.
  • Zips break easily.


The products at Men’s Gear are never boring and plain. They are anything but boring with these FestyFun beer bottle koozie holders. It’s enough to cover a full 6 pack of covers, so we think that’s a pretty good deal. To get away with using such a device, you do have to be a special kind of person. Those who can handle its loudness will find that the insulators are made from the same 3mm neoprene that is standard. One of the reasons they are excellent in that the side zippers make it easy to put them on and take them off. Our wish list is sure to include another item in the near future. The bottle cooler is stitched in Neoprene and is available at Amazon.

  • A stylish design! Use these insulated beer bottle coozies to keep your drinks cold and your hands dry while making a fashion statement.
  • It is important to keep it as cold as possible! Using the extra thick 3 mm neoprene material can help give your cold one a longer shelf life.
  • I DEFINITELY recommend it for parties! Whenever you have a gathering, these funky beer bottle coolers will be a great hit. You can use them for weddings, birthdays, beach parties, pool parties and any other time when you want to gather Gift them to your guest as a small token of your hospitality.
  • Easy to turn on, easy to turn off! The side zipper helps to make it easy for you to put your trendy bottle coolers on and off. It will no longer be necessary to struggle with your favorite koozie while trying to fit your bottle in it.
  • THESE SIX ARE IN A SET! It is the perfect size to fit your favorite 6-pack and makes a fantastic gift for your beach buddy or host of your next party.

Questions & Answers

We are unable to use them due to their size.


No way to fit a regular beer bottle in this (2/5)

It is too small for any bud light or beer bottle, no matter what its size. The zipper broke the first time I tried it. A second one that I tried left me having to pull the side together to zip it up, and it did not even zip all the way. The bottle is too tall for me to fit in it. It is truly a tragedy. It is unlikely that these will last for more than Only the fun designs prompted me to give them 2 stars. It was a big letdown!.

Aubree Fisher - 14/05/2021
There's a party going on (5/5)

to provide to my guests as a thank you for coming to my cookout. Each beer is unique, vibrant, and the colors are fun, so there is no confusion about which beer belongs to which. In addition to holding sodas and water bottles, they stretch and give so they are less likely to break. Parties will be a blast with these! I love them so much.

Mariah Carney - 23/05/2021
Buying this is not a good idea! There's no way to fit them in The colors are awesome, but the packaging does not fit the bottles exactly, and the clasps do not close completely (1/5)

Not happy at all.

Jacqueline Hayes - 08/02/2021
It is a grandparent's dream to have grandchildren! The camp lunches I purchased for my grandchildren are at summer camp (5/5)

There is a great deal of affection between Their unique water bottles are what makes them stand out. The product was great. I'll buy it It is definitely worth the money!.

Haisley Nichols - 07/07/2021
Colors that are bright and vibrant (5/5)

The koozies are easy to use, come in bright colors, and are soft to the touch. They do their job well, so you might as well buy them.

Jolene Werner - 28/07/2021
This is a great way to keep your bottles chilled! I find them to be much more durable than those found in other stores (4/5)

All edges of the bags are stitched. They often have a rubber bottom that is prone to slipping or a top that is unstitched and Additional choices in patterns is the only thing that could make them better.

Jackson Freeman - 20/05/2021
The boys kept our hands warm and our beers cold while they did I was about to host our Superbowl party when they arrived (5/5)

I got a lot of questions about where I got them! While keeping the beers cold and our hands warm, they looked great too! I appreciate the work you put into the product,.

Kobe HERBERT - 05/04/2021
The bottle will not fit a water bottle (4/5)

Once the order was placed, the product arrived in a short time. I intended to get something that could hold a water bottle, but these don't fit for my purposes. I found the top to be too small and the zipper didn't work. I really like the colors and quality of these shirts and my husband drinks beer, so these won't go to waste.

Aden Herman - 03/08/2021