Farberware EdgeKeeper Paring Knife Review

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Fácil de sostener 4.4 
Egonómico 4.3 
Versatilidad 4.1 
Durabilidad 4.1 
Ideal para regalar 4.1 
Maniobrabilidad 3.7 
  • Sheath included that sharpens the blade.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Short handle.

Farberware EdgeKeeper Paring Knife Product Description

Whenever this knife is inserted or removed from the sheath, the sheath automatically sharpens the blade to maintain its sharpness. Perfect for bars that have little extra gear, it’s also dishwasher safe. It allows you to take the knife anywhere without worrying about damaging the blade or stabbing yourself by accident if you reach into a drawer. It makes it ideal for picnics or taking lunch to work, and you can easily store the knife anywhere without fear of nicking it.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Edgekeeper Knives feature a sheath that is equipped with innovative technology that automatically sharpens the blades every time they are used. Make sure your blade is not dull before you use it.
  • Blades are self-sharpening in EdgeKeeper protective sheaths, which have a built-in mechanism that does so before and after each use, ensuring a Self-sharpening technology ensures that each blade remains sharp for the entire life of the product.
  • BLADE MADE FROM HIGH-CARBON STEEL The blade is made from high-carbon steel, an extremely strong and durable metal which will resist rust.
  • THE HANDLE OF THIS KNIFE IS ERGONOMIC Designed for exceptional comfort and durability with the handle. Do not be concerned about discomfort if you use it.
  • WASHING Hand wash in warm water and a mild detergent rinse, drain, and dry immediately wipe protective, self sharpening sheath with a damp cloth as necessary.

Selected User Reviews For Farberware EdgeKeeper Paring Knife

In fact, you cannot insert the knife into the It is fine, but it will not fit into the sheath (1/5)

I wanted it to fit into our travel cooking kit, but it will not fit inside the sheath. The Farberware live chat is a joke as well. The first thing I was told was basically, "This is not Farberware's problem, here is the address for the company that manufactured it, contact them. ". A bunch of baloney. A new knife will be sent to me in exchange for this one. In the event of the knife having the same problem as the new knife, we will request a.

Frank Rush - 20/04/2021
Looks like it could be a weapon and has a dull blade (1/5)

In the picture you can see the sheath is still pointy, because it was designed for both types of blades, but the knife is actually a santoku blade, so it didn't look too assuming at work. I don't feel comfortable using this as a weapon at work, as it looks like a scary weapon. As fast as I found it, it was so low-priced that I won't bother returning it. When you pull out the blade, you have to wipe off metal dust before using it, since it is so dull. It says it is self sharpening, but it doesn't work, and removing the blade leaves you with a butter knife blade instead.

Vincent Stout - 03/02/2021
The story has gotten boring (2/5)

Her favourite knife has been sharpened to the highest degree in the kitchen so she enjoys using it. It's a powerful knife that makes cutting chicken a breeze, and its size makes it ideal for cutting anything. ****Edit for style Despite the sharpener's built in functionality, the blade has already grown dull and will not sharpen on its own. To sharpen it, I prefer to use one that is actually effective.

Ezra Simon - 04/01/2021
Everything seems to be going well so far (4/5)

The knives come in fives (0 to 12 months). Below are the bare essentials The knives that I have used from EdgeKeeper have never caused me any big issues. Since I bought my 6" chef knife a year ago, it has been with me. It rusted because I was careless with it the first time since then, I've learned to handle knives with greater care. They will probably last me for at least five years. Maybe I will update this review in that time. Is it possible that it'll go from 4 stars to 5? 1) Easy to Along with the 6 ", I have also used an 8" chef knife for a few months. I recently purchased a deba and two santoku knives. (I chose one Farber black handle and one Sabatier steel handle because I liked the colors and wanted to compare the blades I prefer to chop rather than slice with the black-sided knives. The black is flatter like the deba, so it makes sense to slice with those only. ) There is no obvious difference in the performance of the sheaths. Whenever I need a sharpening sheath, my oldest does it, but when I don't need it, it goes back to being dull Instead of sliding it along the edge, after it's sharpened I just slide it along the spine. It may take a bit of experimentation to find your ideal "sheathing angle. ". Keep the sheath intact and do not cut through it. There is no comparison between steel and Personally, I like the comfort of the chef's knives over the santoku knives, because of the larger handles. This is my only slight quibble with respect to comfort, because my grip on the smaller handle ends up only slightly different. They also run slightly larger handles on their smaller knives, which I very much appreciate. *br> *br> Gifts? If you desire a more attractive knife than these plain polymer handles, you can find them more easily. They all do the job, but Farber's rivet or steel handle variants will be more elegant in a padded box without A Sabatier knife or a Farber knife riveted to a slab of steel makes the loudest sound. In the Misc I find it strange that Amazon's current review interface applies a review I write to all the styles of knives in this series when I write a small review for one of them. I feel no reason to lie, since I have purchased several of these books. The knives should be available in at least two more models by the end of the year, assuming none of my mistakes are severe.

Ruth Benton - 04/06/2021
it would be a good purchase, but it didn't turn out to be (1/5)

it would be a good purchase, but it didn't turn out to be. In addition to its shoddy sheath, the knife, when the sheath is used, always feels dull and when the sheath is used with different sharpeners, it just doesn't do well, but this is because the sheath is of poor This is NOT the knife to buy if you want a good, sharp one.

Brendan Sheppard - 27/03/2021
A great knife that is both affordable and sharp (4/5)

The knife is nicely crafted and has a sharpener inside its In terms of downsides I'm mainly concerned about the sharpener and how it's secured in place in the sheath. Although I didn't break it, I had to be cautious to pop it off because it's small and can easily be lost depending on your As for the next and last issue the blade is very sharp, it can ship easily, within reason of course, and is TBH not a major issue just a minor one that can be fixed with a It's a good knife given that it's the price for the quality, but overall it's an alright knife. I assume that it is not one of the most expensive kitchen knives, but it is a good one nonetheless. I suggest buying two as one backup knife, as kitchen knives are inexpensive, meaning there are readily interchangeable and inexpensive.

Blair Hatfield - 20/05/2021
Ideal for little hands, travelers cooking on the road, and adults that want to keep their hands busy (4/5)

I have also included some suggestions. Because of my small hands and having The clotting factor in one's blood) so safety and ease are of primary importance to ME patients. Additionally, if you are always traveling and cooking on the road, such a knife set with its storage stand would take up a disproportionate amount of space, it would not be as safe and secured, and it simply would not be necessary. A graphical representation of the This product is easy and safe to store, aka easy and safe to remove for cooking. This product is strong, not Contains a built-in sharpener*emphasis on the built-in*emphasis on the fact that it makes a small amount of noise when inserting and removing the knife, which I like for extra safety when traveling. Cooking on the road is my job. These are some of the knife's benefits It is an ideal size for children and young adults with small This knife cuts well without being a super razor sharp knife. The tool was able to cut off the braided hook attachment of the back seat cover for my wagon super easily and quickly, and I can still use it to chop up veggies (after a good wash). *br>*br>A few suggestions In this case, a stainless steel handle would be better, as there is nothing wrong with stainless steel. Handle covers that are made of silicone can be worn easily, they can be washed, and they will have a wide range of colors to choose between. They will allow for better gripping and better handling on the knife handle. For different cutting decisions, blade covers should be available in different colors -- like green, blue and yellow My Dog with Medical Alert Service eats the same vegetables I do, we eat the same vegetables that I eat, meat, other uses for meat, even a vegetable Getting rid of straps that are no longer needed or wanted.

Bridget Chavez - 28/07/2021