Facmogu Heavy Duty Bar Mat Review

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Easy to clean 4.7 
Durability 4.3 
  • Eco friendly grade PVC material
  • Affordable
  • No holes to easily drain water

Facmogu Heavy Duty Bar Mat Product Description

They are made of ECO-friendly food-safe PVC, making them completely safe to handle food or objects that come into contact with food, like knives. This bar cleaner is ideal for high-volume bars to prevent sticky spills and stains. You can place them in a commercial dishwasher without worrying that they will warp, curl, crack, or bubble.

  • The safety of food is ensured by the use of environmentally friendly PVC, meaning that they can be used to garnish food or jig items that will come into contact with food.
  • STAINLESS Designed to prevent sticky spillages and stains on the bar, perfect for high-volume bars. The stainless steel plates will not warp, curl, crack, or bubble and can be washed in a commercial dishwasher.
  • NO-SLIP Rubber nubs firmly hold glassware and allow air flow underneath wet glasses for quick and effective drying. Furthermore, it provides an optimal drainage and friction surface, and it provides a non-slip surface.
  • WASHING IS EASY All you have to do is place the mat over a sink and let liquid drain. Put the toothbrush in warm water and rinse. The best way to keep this mat in pristine condition is to hand wash it.
  • This cabinet boasts the strength and durability to handle the busiest bar, but is also durable and flexible enough for use at home. A great mat for the bar or as a dish drying tray for the kitchen, it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Selected User Reviews For Facmogu Heavy Duty Bar Mat

In accordance with the description (5/5)

The best bar mat ever.

Brecken Roth - 15/07/2021
It is difficult to find large sizes, especially if you are tall (4/5)

In our cafeteria, we use the mat as a table mat.

Alvaro Hill - 24/06/2021
It came with a filleting mat that I purchased for filleting fish (5/5)

Having received the mat, laid it out, enjoyed looking at it, touching it, and giving it a review, here is my impression. Because I am not fishing right now, I have not used the mat for filleting yet. However, the mat looks great, and I thought it was It is possible to purchase filleting mats on Amazon for much more than they cost. The mat I have just purchased is half the price of the other mats, so I can't see any difference. As a result, I bought it. I recommend you consider my 5 review along with that explanation if you are wanting to use this mat for My best wishes go out to you.

Raina Wilkinson - 26/03/2021
I highly recommend this book (5/5)

This is awesomeness! In addition to my husband's thermos, I use it for mine It's so cool to drink coffee from cups!.

Eliana Collins - 02/05/2021