Exttlliy Stainless Cocktail Drink Stirrers Review

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Easy to clean 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.7 
  • Great gift idea.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Quite expensive.

Exttlliy Stainless Cocktail Drink Stirrers Product Description

The product is made with stainless steel and resin that meets the requirements of food safety testing. The sticks are designed with a cartoon mouse and donut shape, are brightly colored and are highly heat resistant. Stirrers like these are great for stirring wine, juice, coffee, milk, etc., and can be used anywhere, whether it is at home, in dormitories, restaurants, bars, or even hotels.

  • Food safety standards ensure that stainless steel and resin used for this product are of top quality.
  • The design features a cartoon mouse and donut, bright colors and a high degree.
  • This whisk is widely used to stir wine, juice, coffee, milk, etc..
  • You can use the microphone at home, in your dorm, at a restaurant, or at a bar.
  • The size of a cartoon mouse is 19 inches. Two times five. The width of the 5 cm/7 is 5 cm/7 inches. A 68x0 matrix. The diameter is 98 inches the number of donut holes is The size of the paper is 3 x 2 There are 79 inches in this film.

Questions & Answers

This table is made of resin material, and it is recommended that you wash it.

Selected User Reviews For Exttlliy Stainless Cocktail Drink Stirrers

The product was great (5/5)

I'll buy it It's good to have stirring sticks since I have silver and glass ones, but it's nice to be able to use these that aren't susceptible to breaking and bending. My Xmas gifts were a hit when I put some on top of them. I'll definitely buy some more.

Andi Day - 09/04/2021
I like it (3/5)

This is an adorable ring, but I got a broken one, which is why I only gave it a few stars since it's cute and I love it, but one broken ring is such a bummer.

Zola Ho - 31/05/2021
I like it (5/5)

These are adorable, they make me smile.

Ricky Andersen - 25/04/2021
The cutest thing ever (5/5)

I love them and they work great.

Poppy Myers - 06/04/2021
I am in love with A cop friend of mine who loves Disney purchased these for him (5/5)

It's safe to say the coffee bar she has set up looks great with these!.

Dakota Doyle - 02/03/2021
It is sturdy (5/5)

It's cute and sturdy at the same time.

Banks Sharp - 16/03/2021
I am in love with Awwww! I love it so much! You actually nailed it with these! (5/5)


Gianna McClain - 06/01/2021
Great job, I love Great job, I love (5/5)


Ayla Thornton - 29/07/2021