Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker B07W48P1HK Review

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  • Produce long lasting ice.
  • designed for limited spaces.
  • Stainless construction.
  • Quite heavy.
  • High price.

Selected User Reviews For Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker B07W48P1HK

A wonderful company to work with (5/5)

They make ice exceptionally well, and there was a lot of it when it's A few seconds later, it just stopped. As a result, I wrote an email to the manufacturer, and they promptly offered to send me another ice maker without my even requesting it. I was disappointed, as this was the best ice maker I had ever owned in terms of quantity and quality of ice. Earlier today, I received the new part. Nevertheless, I expect the new machine to last longer than the original one did, because I'm extremely confident it will perform flawlessly when it is working. Any further issues I encounter in the future will be updated in this Let's hope all goes well. Thank you for providing such excellent customer service, EUHOMY.

Iyla Goldberg - 11/07/2021
It works very well! Since I have had my Euhomy ice machine for 6 months, I am thoroughly satisfied with As part of my home bar, this machine has replaced a previous ice maker that I already had the water supply for and the drain installed (5/5)

A Lowe's adapter and stainless braided hose were added to the Euhomy's included water supply line after I found it to be cheap and flimsy. There will be a need for The machine generates ice fairly quickly, but the storage bin, since it does not contain a freezer, melts over time (speed will vary depending on the The melting of the ice in your bin will turn it into a swimming pool if it doesn't have a drain. **If I run the machine continuously, it will shut itself off when it fills with ice (new batch every ten minutes The time has been set for 15 minutes. It will then turn itself back on as needed to replace any melting ice and maintain its perfect quality. Even if I normally need ice for a few days, if I turn off the machine manually (the machine is located inside my home and the air conditioning is set to 75 degrees), I will not run out of ice within about 12 hours. In some reviews, reviewers have complained that the ice is too melty or wet, and that it melts too fast. The front panel has a simple menu screen adjustment that lets you specify how hard you want the ice cubes to be (read the instructions before making the adjustment because the hardness settings system wasn't When I use my juice maker on the hardest setting, ice melts faster than ice from my freezer even on the hardest setting. However, for me, it is not an issue. There is no way to keep the ice very cold after it has been dropped into the bin, and this is not a freezer. There are some reviews that complain that the cubes do not break apart when dropped but rather stay together in sheets after dropping. There is one thing I can say about mine It came in a protective white plastic wrap that I had to peel off to reveal the stainless steel. We put a magnetic hook on the front of the ice shovel so that it would be easy to attach. I'm not a scientist, but it is my understanding that magnets will not stick to stainless steel, so I'm not certain if it is actually stainless steel, but it IS metal and it looks to be I hardly notice it anymore, and it is right in the middle of my living room, just feet from the bar. It does make a little noise, and some may complain, but I don't. After it has filled up, it turns on about a half dozen times throughout the day for about 10 minutes at a time. The program I used worked very well for me in general. After paying $399 with free shipping and receiving it within a few days, I was very pleased. I was very happy with how well the products were packed and how smoothly they ran. After powering down and then on again, I did not encounter any more problems (though I did get an error code once). It must be cleaned every now and then just like any other In my opinion, all homes would benefit from this ice machine as long as they are aware of the fact that the ice bin is not a freezer (better My research has shown that when my freezer is set to freeze "hard", the first batches that fall all the way to the floor of the bin will break apart. When the ice piles up and fills the bin, the newest batches land a few inches from the top of the pile and tend not to break apart. I keep a stainless kitchen mallet in the bar and tap on the ice pile lightly and they easily break apart. It seems one review claimed the machine he received is not stainless and is actually white plastic, and I read that on another review site.

Nyomi Evans - 16/02/2021
Is great at what it is supposed to do (5/5)

Please see &nbsp" This ice maker can save an immense amount of money in the long run, we have friends over a lot and we drink a lot of beer, so we have to buy a lot of ice. Making our own ice will save us $10 to $15 every time we have friends over.

Ensley Sutton - 25/01/2021
I was surprised by how well it went (5/5)

When it arrived, I was surprised to find that it was a little bigger than I expected. The water line was hooked up to it after it was plugged in. That's all there is to it! In order to have working ice, you must first hook up a drainage line to dispose of condensation. Without this, your ice will float in water that is cold. 51 dollars was the price I paid for a Little Giant condensation pump. I was able to solve this problem thanks to this. Despite its small size, the ice maker provides an abundance of ice. It is also very quiet. Our beer coolers and coke cups are filled with this great drink and her mixed drinks keep the party going. Besides producing crystal clear ice cubes, the unit can also be used in a variety of settings such as at homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, and grocery stores. This self-contained unit is approved for residential use and combines a high output and capacity with a Design that is contained and compact. In addition to its ability to be setup either freestanding or built-in, the device is supplied with a complete set of accessories, including a shovel, water supply line, and drain line. It runs on a standard household voltage. Our family gatherings work well with this.

Sylvia Barron - 12/04/2021
It has so far been smooth sailing (5/5)

The Original Review for January 2020 is as follows I purchased the item on November 11, 2019. In our house with five children, our refrigerator ice maker wasn't able to keep up with our needs. In the aftermath of our outdoor shopping trip, we purchased this An ice maker that had been in service for over four years died. When it came to the U-M, I didn't want to spend as much as I did on the U. S. To replace it, write the following line. As this item was so much cheaper than others and I knew it wouldn't be a freezer, I was hesitant to purchase it. During the installation, it was relatively easy to put in place. As the summer heat in Texas approaches, we'll see how well it handles it. )*br>*br>Our freezer drawer is quick to restock with ice. The ice cubes are constantly melting due to the lack of a freezer, and they tend to stick together when placed in one. A metal scoop is used inside and we don't mind if they are broken Our experience has been great. Except for the plastic scoop we received with the product, we do not recommend breaking up the ice with it. *br>*br>We are satisfied with our purchase after 3 months. Our only use of it outside will be in Texas, so we'll see how well it performs. In case it lasts more than two years, I will be in the clear.

Esther McLaughlin - 16/04/2021