Estilo On Metal Stand Single Beverage Dispenser Review

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Fácil de montar 4.5 
Estilo 4.3 
Fácil de limpiar 4.1 
Excelente inversión 3.8 
Durabilidad 3.6 
Robustez 3.6 
  • Very affordable.
  • With metal stand included.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Small capacity.
  • Too fragile.

Estilo On Metal Stand Single Beverage Dispenser Product Description

With its chunky, thick, high quality glass and easy to pull spigot, the dispenser boasts a non-drip surface. Bringing a beverage dispenser to a party will allow you to fill your favorite drinks because it holds up to 1 gallon (3.78 liters). Parties, events, BBQs, picnics, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties are all great reasons for having it as a centerpiece.

  • If this is not the same as your model number, check it.
  • With a tin screw cap, a Mason Jar beverage dispenser is mounted on a metal stand.
  • Made from thick, high-quality glass, it has an anti-drip spigot that is easy to pull.
  • Great centerpiece for parties, events, barbecues, picnics, bachelors parties, bridal showers, and anywhere else you want to show off your love.
  • You can fill it with any of your favourite drinks. Approximately 3.78 liters of liquid can be held at each dispenser.
  • The dimensions of the dispenser are 6 inches long by 6 inches wide by 10 inches high. The only thing you need to wash is your hands. Liquids that are hot should not be poured into this bottle.

Selected User Reviews For Estilo On Metal Stand Single Beverage Dispenser

The item was broken before it was even used

Had the glass jug not cracked when I picked it up to place it back on the stand, it would've made a perfect cup had it not broken with the contents of my drink inside. The bottom of the jug broke before I could.

Elliott Mooney - 04/04/2021
It is defective

Having only used it three times in a month, I have had it for a month. I'm 19 days out of time to return it, so I used it tonight, filled it with water, picked it up, and found that the bottom had come.

Mikaela Delgado - 13/01/2021
I ordered this item for a very special occasion my Son's baby shower, which I hosted

I am not certain what this item would have made for a drink dispenser and metal stand. A rustic farm themed shower was chosen by the parents, which this ESTILO Drink Dispenser with metal stand would make the perfect addition to. *br>*br>This item came packaged inside of a product box from the manufacturer that clearly showed large pictures of both items upon arrival. *br>Glass is a material that needs to be inspected carefully to assure it is intact and not broken in any way, and that all pieces are included. This is *br_*br_- The Standing Committee consists of The frame is made of a sturdy, ornate metal that is There were no scratches or dings on it. According to my understanding, the glass dispenser would have been seated securely and properly in the top section. Upon sitting on a solid surface, the legs were all level and sturdy. This item was fine for me, I'm very happy with it! This is *br_*br_- WHERE DISPENSER & WHERE TO USE The Spout- This is an ultra-clear glass made from thinner materials. With the transparency, I was able to see exactly what liquid I poured inside, which was important when I was hosting an event. As per the instructions provided, I was to unpack the plastic spout from the dispenser, and as per the instructions I was to add it. Rubber o-rings and small rubber balls were also included It is important to keep the ring clean to keep it sealed. The first thing I was going to do was wash it with warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent. It wasn't even possible to remove it from the box because there was a broken piece of glass inside. When the glass dispenser was examined closely, the box revealed that the entire glass dispenser was broken. Even taking the dispenser out of the box proved difficult to me. In this case, this product is My contact with the seller was immediate, and he apologized right away. I need to return the item in order to receive my refund. The coat was in perfect condition, so I sent it back, but I think it would be too dangerous to ship since it was shattered and could cause someone harm. After concluding the deal, they said the product should be disposed of and they refunded the entire purchase price! am satisfied with the way the matter was dealt with and the speed in which it was done.

Marceline Wise - 01/06/2021
This is a great product for in-store use

There is an iced herbal tea dispenser in the refrigerator. My favorite way to make herbal tea is to brew one quart of it and then mix it with water and ice in this one gallon dispenser (the cold If I want iced herbal tea at any time, I can put this in my refrigerator (without the stand). It is fast and easy to fill a glass using the spigot without pulling out a container from the refrigerator.

Janelle Carney - 20/07/2021
The creative solution I came up with worked very well My purchase was based on a quick online review, and I did not actually measure where it would fit

I apologize for the error. Recently, I decided to stop drinking water straight from the tap because our water company notified us that it contains too much PFOA and PFOS (something which we don't want more of) so I decided to stop drinking it straight from the tap. After taking a couple of vitamins and pills a day with water, the bathroom was the last place I had to deal with. This 1 gallon Estilo dispenser fits perfectly below the LED mirror cabinet and I was in need of a good water As soon as it arrived, it was very easy to add the spigot and the tube didn't leak in any way. It was too tall on the stand, so that was the issue. Despite my best efforts, I could not open the cabinets. To fix this, I bent the metal stand's legs to make it look like it was missing a leg. Once the stand was upside down, it worked like a charm! I need to file down the metal edges, but that will be simple. It is just high enough so that I can put a bathroom cup underneath and still look nice. Using the dispenser is easy, as the water flow is steady and the pressure is even. I am pleased with this.

Lucas Austin - 14/02/2021
This jar is so cute

This jar is so cute. For our first trial we bought one to try it out We liked it so much that we got another one to put in the kitchen for our homemade disinfection. If the spouts were not made of plastic, I would have given them 5 stars, but so far I have not seen any problems with them.

Alexandra Shannon - 26/02/2021
The spout and lid need to be replaced, and the lid needs to be loosened

The nozzle was replaced with a metal one as suggested by most people, and it worked well. The glass must be covered with a cloth or nonslip pad to keep it stable, but that's an easy fix. It must be kept loosened since the bottle has an airtight seal. It is also good to travel in because it is airtight.

Leona Petty - 23/02/2021
The glass canisters I received are outstanding

I am extremely satisfied with them. Although I was afraid after reading the negative reviews, the items all arrived in good condition.

Oaklee Black - 17/02/2021