Estilo 4 Section Condiment on Ice Review

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Giftable 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Easy to use 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.1 
Durability 3.7 
  • This product is BPA free.
  • Visible ice filled bottom.
  • Lid may break.

Estilo 4 Section Condiment on Ice Product Description

Make sure you keep your salads, fruits, vegetables, dips, and other foods fresh and cool all the way through your picnic or party. Besides placing the condiment trays above the ice trays, you can also put small ice cubes or crushed ice at the bottom of the tray. With its hinged lid, the contents of the container stay cooler for longer and are protected from dirt and bugs. Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, this crystal clear acrylic condiment is available in a wide range of colors. Be careful not to use boiling water or put it in the oven.

  • A patented ice-filled bottom keeps dips, fruits and vegetables fresh and cool for long periods of time .
  • A total of 4 removable trays, each with a capacity of approximately 725 square inches. The serving size is two and a half.
  • The condiment measures approximately 1 x 1 x 1 cm. It measures 15 x 6 x 5. It is safe to use the top rack in the dishwasher.
  • Freshness is preserved with the hinged lid and the container stays cold for a longer period.
  • The ceramic trays, cups and lids are composed of food grade acrylic that is BPA free.

Questions & Answers

I would contact the company to find out. If you want to get the right answer, make sure you follow these steps
The length is 5 inches and the height is 3 inches. It is 5 inches wide, and the bottom is curved there isn't a box all the way The product is okay for the price. I received one that had a cracked lid, and the other lasted about 6 months before it broke.
Breaking this item after it was shipped to me, so I haven't used it yet.
If the lid comes off, it should remain in place. One of them had to be returned since the lid was off on one side and it couldn't be put back.

Selected User Reviews For Estilo 4 Section Condiment on Ice

I am ok for the price, but one of them arrived broken (3/5)

1 of the 2 was broken when I ordered it. As you can see, it's actually in perfect condition, except for the hinges that came undone or unglued, and since it's all acrylic, it can't really be fixed. The broken one is being returned. It's fine to go with the one in perfect condition. Ice needs to be crushed in order to be most effective. I've froze about two inches of water, and layered crushed ice on top of that. It takes longer for the block to melt when it is 100 degrees. Onions, tomatoes, and yogurt sauce are the condiments I like to add. The temperature stays between 40 and 50 degrees F Icing that is fresh and placed around the containers should have a temperature of 50 degrees. Though I need to measure the containers, it does not appear that they are I'll update when I've had a chance to prepare 5 cups. At the moment, it's working better than nothing at all, but for the price ($9), I couldn't pass it up. Depending on what you pay for, you get what you have paid If you're having a party inside, it's perfect. However, if you're holding it outside, the ice has to be refreshed.

Donald Gutierrez - 13/02/2021
It is a great set up, but it is of Since I've been bartending for over 5 years, I used products similar to this (2/5)

Having the option to put ice under the small bins is really convenient, I love how the set up of this piece is. The item, however, is extremely fragile. On the night of my husband's 30th birthday, I prepared a surprise party for him While the bar had a professional bartender to tend to the bar, the lid came off before anyone had even ordered The most curious and surprising thing I have ever seen. As a result, I rated it 2 stars because I like the concept, but I don't like the quality, at all.

Paola Dickerson - 07/05/2021
The quality of the product is poor should not be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher- It cracks after the first use of acrylic! I had high hopes for this buffet condiment container, but it did not live up to my expectations (1/5)

This is a great concept Four decently sized food trays are provided, the lid of the outer container shuts, it fits inside the fridge, and it has a space for ice underneath when it's hot outside. Although only after 1 use does the lack of quality of the material become apparent I placed the trays in the top rack of the dish washer according to the user guide provided by the seller, and it showed cracks in the center of each tray. You should only wash acrylic/plastic by hand, as it is very scratchable! Check out the scratches on the outside of the container which were already present when it arrived. The quality was not what I was hoping.

Cassius Duncan - 16/03/2021
This item arrives broken each and every time (1/5)

I really want to love it. It will make it possible for me to host taco nights, burger nights, salad meal prep, and many other tasty things. When I ordered my first order, it arrived chipped right near the hinge, so you are unable Again, Amazon resent the lid without charge, but the hinge on the second one was completely cracked, meaning that it cannot be used. Normally it doesn't happen, but this time it did. I'm very sad because it was exactly what I wanted. I feel like the way they pack this item for shipping is the reason why it breaks inside the original packaging every.

Matias Novak - 05/07/2021
I like the way my fruit looks! I was impressed with its durability! Crystal clear, almost as if it were made of glass (5/5)

The surface is easily cleanable. I enjoyed it a lot.

Jamie Sherman - 15/01/2021
The two times I received these items, they were fragile and poorly constructed (1/5)

I first received one with a hinge completely shattered, in which case I discarded it. My second one arrived the day after I was going to use it for a cookout, and the lid had a huge crack in the middle. In this case at least the hinges are intact, so I won't have to go through the hassle of returning an item to get reimbursed. I guess if I make sure people handle it with care, it will be alright, despite its ugly crack.

Patrick Bishop - 30/04/2021
Parties are a breeze with this product (4/5)

As taco toppings for our two year old daughter's 'taco Tuesday' we bought this. She loved it! I have not yet noticed any cracks in the plastic! At a pot luck dinner, we used it also for fruit. I like this product, despite the fact that the containers are small, and it doesn't hold much ice under the lid. It has been great so far, and I anticipate getting.

Carmelo Soto - 21/06/2021
We have received a damaged product, and are waiting for it to be replaced (1/5)

I received a damaged product, but Amazon customer service has always been great, so I'm confident that a replacement should be available soon due to the fact that the damaged item was just picked up yesterday by USPS. Concerned that the unit was of a higher quality than what I received, I contacted customer service. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Roselyn COATES - 02/02/2021