Eparé Glass Champagne Flutes Stemless Sparkling Wine Glasses Review

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Light weight 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Durability 4.3 
  • Made up of dual thin glass.
  • Borosilicate glass is included.
  • Can be used in microwaves.
  • Lacks stability.

Eparé Glass Champagne Flutes Stemless Sparkling Wine Glasses Product Description

One might think that his/her champagne is suspended in midair based on the first glance. They are all due to the double-wall insulation design that keeps the drinks cold for a longer period. You will surely impress your guests with these champagnes. A wonderful way to get your celebration off to a good start, the champagne glasses are perfect for amplifying the occasion. The best gift for any person who enjoys drinking is also a beer stein.

  • A double-walled Champagne flute is perfect for keeping champagne cold longer, as it keeps condensation off of the outside of the glass with its double-walled insulated design. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite wine, mimosa, whisky, scotch, martini or cocktail, the wine tray is perfect.
  • Glassware made of chemistry-grade borosilicate glass Because this glassware is made by hand, it is able to be thin and strong at the same time. As a result of their durability, these wedding chairs are great for wedding services.
  • This high quality tumbler will be a great addition to your home bar. You'll be proud to serve friends and family their favorite bourbon, scotch or chardonnay. With its double walls, this amazing modern design creates the appearance of liquid inside being magically suspended.
  • Beautiful barware that can be washed, frozen, and microwaved These tumblers not only look great, but are tough and durable as well. The materials are easy to handle and can be put into the dishwasher, the microwave, and the freezer without melting, and deforming.
  • Your order will include two (2) double-wall champagne flutes, which hold five ounces of liquid and are six inches in diameter. Paré is known for its quality products. The diameter is 2" and it is 5 inches tall. It is our quality that we stand by.

Questions & Answers

There is a glassy feel to them. He did mention that he thought they were plastic because they are very strong in his hands but they are actually Apparently, other buyers have also complained that their flutes broke or chipped when dropped.
Thank you for your interest in our champagne glasses, Barbara. We are not able to engrave the glasses. Whether you have further questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
Located in China, they are manufactured there. Regulatory standards that comply with US regulations.
I was pleased with how durable the ones I received were. These were given to my friend as a gift, and she liked The items could be returned to the manufacturer if they arrived broken.

Selected User Reviews For Eparé Glass Champagne Flutes Stemless Sparkling Wine Glasses

I really like these glasses (5/5)

My favorite thing about these glasses is that they are stemless. While watching a reality show, I saw a couple of ladies wearing these glasses and immediately loved their style. My search for them on Amazon led me to Upon receiving them, I noted that they were just as beautiful as I had A Sangria I made with Moscato Asti, watermelon syrup, ginger ale and fruit like watermelon, oranges and strawberries was served in stemless flutes and was even better because it was served in them instead of a regular cup. Should you be looking at them with interest, I recommend you put them to purchase, you won't The pictures are stunning and wonderful!.

Arthur Nolan - 18/03/2021
The quality of the product is very good (5/5)

My favorite thing about these champagne flutes is how beautiful they are. You can enjoy the beauty of sparkling wine longer when it's kept cold in a crystal flute. I use them just for sparkling wine, whereas the real French champagne is served in crystal glasses. The cold weather is fine with me as long as it remains that way. A glass of that wine should be of higher quality.

Crystal Mejia - 06/01/2021
This is a great gift for lovers of mimosas (5/5)

The first set I gave to my niece was very nice, but the first ones were broken when they fell off a shelf, they didn't fall very far, but they smashed pretty easily, but she liked them so much I ordered another set, she'll be more careful with them.

Willa NICHOLLS - 26/03/2021
A stemless plant (5/5)

In the case of. We purchased stemless champagne flutes for the friend who drops everything she drinks. She dropped three flutes and they broke before falling outside on the deck and creating a scene last year. This is who you are (you We can either give her the stemless ones and hope for the best, or if she does get invited, we can do as we pleased.

Emery Huber - 16/07/2021
Unlike anything else I have seen, these double wall stemless champagne glasses are the best I have ever There is no doubt in my mind that the set I have is the best As a stemless wheel has a low center of gravity, I was seeking a wheel that would be tougher to knock over In order for it to remain cold and not heat up because it is being held in a person's hand, double walling was as important to me as sweating (5/5)

It is an excellent set that feels superior in quality and looks great. The book is excellent. I highly A set and a pair were bought.

Elyse Foster - 12/01/2021
Despite its great concept and design, I did not like the glasses (4/5)

I liked the concept and the design, but not the It was an exciting day for me when they arrived. As soon as I received them and held them in my hands, I was I find them to be way too thick (I prefer thinner labels for wine), and the plastic feel in the hand did not help at all. In addition, the brand name is very boldly stamped at the bottom of the glasses, a design that doesn't seem very.

Aniyah Bailey - 17/07/2021
The flutes are beautiful and of high quality (4/5)

am in love with the look and feel of these quality sparking beverage glasses. Moreover, I like sitting on the patio and enjoying a glass of Prosecco while the refrigerator keeps it cold throughout the time. There is a little top weight in their numbers, so I'm giving them one star. It is possible for the flute to be knocked off its base and roll toward the edge due to an unstable deck table. if you plan on playing these beautiful flutes, just be very careful. While we took sips from the bottle they did very well on the beach while nestled in the sand. The purchase of another set is in the works!.

Trinity Khan - 08/02/2021
Compared with stemmed champagne flutes, this predicts a longer life expectancy (5/5)

There are some beautiful glass stems in our collection, but we always break one whenever we take them on holiday. In this case, I decided to buy a pair I also liked the fact that it was less likely to fall over since it was insulated. The stemless wine glasses are a logical addition to the stemless wine glasses I already own! Quite happy with how they performed. The remaining stemmed flutes will be demolished as soon as possible. I will probably purchase more pairs of Epare flutes as soon as I can.

Jakob Watts - 21/02/2021