Embellish 1 oz Crystal Clear Disposable Hard Plastic Shot Glass Review

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Easy to clean 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Suitable for large gathering.
  • Sturdy look.
  • Common design.

Embellish 1 oz Crystal Clear Disposable Hard Plastic Shot Glass Product Description

In addition to the highest quality extra heavy-duty recyclable plastic, this embellish heavy-duty plastic party supplies are hand-inspected to ensure their durability, finish and style. If you want to entertain your guest without worrying about them breaking, chipping, or flaking, then these disposable shot glasses are the perfect choice. Shot glasses are the perfect way to transform an ordinary party into an extraordinary one. Disposable, affordable, and easy to use. Quite simply, these heavy-duty single-use disposable shot glasses combine the striking look of a sophisticated table setting with the convenience of tossing the dirty dishes after use. Their unmistakable charm is that they are so surprisingly affordable with the perfect mix of convenience and sophistication. BPA-free, non-toxic decorative bowls, are leak-proof, soak-resistant, cut-proof, and chip-proof, so you do not need to worry about spills. It is a relief to know that our durable dinnerware is 100% eco-friendly, BPA-free, healthy, non-toxic, and recyclable.

  • The Sophisticated Embellish Party Supplies Are Made From The Highest End Premium Plastic, Every Disposable Shot Glass Is Hand Inspected For Style, Strength, And Finish, And Will Stand up to the Stress Of Breaking, Chipping, And Flaking At Your Next Event.
  • a meal into a presentation, Your tableware says a lot about your style of hosting, and a proper setting can transform an ordinary meal into something extraordinary. A Shot Glass is a great way to dress up a typical party.
  • Easy to use and affordable. this 12 pack of single-use disposable shot glasses, you will enjoy the style and performance of a sophisticated table setting, the convenience of not having to wash dirty dishes after use, and the distinction of an unexpected blend of sophistication and convenience that is surprising affordable.
  • It's composed of non-toxic BPA-free material that can be wiped clean and is leach-proof, soak-proof, cut-proof and chip-proof. You Can Feel Confident Knowing All Of Our Durable Dinnerware Is 100% Eco-Friendly, BPA-Free, and Nontoxic.
  • Choose from disposable dinnerware, cutlery, cups, place settings, and more. On amazon.com, you can find the best quality disposable products.

Questions & Answers

The top part of the 7" is 1. The "1" bottom can be found at the bottom of the page. The height is 57 inches.
I could not tell if these were real shot glasses or not. I am not sure of their dimensions, but they were fine for my party in the new year.
There is not enough room at the bottom. There was a problem with the tea light not going all the way It would be best if you put something in the bottom, such as small.
NO, I wouldn't use them for hot drinks.

Selected User Reviews For Embellish 1 oz Crystal Clear Disposable Hard Plastic Shot Glass

This dish is great for appetizers! These are my go-to food containers for finger foods that don't fit on a finger (5/5)

After pouring the chocolate pudding, I add a strawberry in the middle and wait for it to A squirt of whipped cream tops it off before serving. In addition, I offer a variety of other services A small spoon and toothpick are needed to remove the fruit from the cup, as well as a toothpick to remove.

Jasmine Moon - 16/02/2021
I highly recommend them for the workplace I bought these because regularly we shoot up on Friday night at work, and they're a lot more fun than just using a water glass that you just fill up a little (5/5)

It would be a good idea to buy them again. Disposable shot glasses that are perfect for parties.

Linda Bell - 07/01/2021
The shot glass at your Dollar Store is not what you expect (5/5)

The glass shot glasses are a little expensive when compared to disposables, but they are very rigid, so using them at home or at a party could last years The use of. They stand up to all kinds of chemical mixing except acetone, which can cause a haze on the surface (without melting). I use these to mix epoxy, glues, chemicals, etc. A good heat and shatter resistant material. You must be able to keep up with grandma's booze-fueled antics You can find bingo tournaments on the internet.

Calvin Burke - 07/07/2021
The little cups are good for a lot of things (4/5)

My understanding of the situation is a little unclear. The two packages I expected were not there. The whole package arrived at the same time. That disappointed me a little, but I am fine with it. My search for the right answer came to an end. One of them was broken but none of them are fragile. There will be no end to their existence. I am pleased with my purchase.

Johanna Lin - 31/03/2021
Clear shot glasses were the only ones I could find (5/5)

Due to a lack of clear glass shot glasses in my area, I had to buy these and was surprised by their high price. They are however good quality and I have been delighted In addition, the smooth interior of the glasses (cheaper glasses usually have ribbed interiors) is a nice feature.

Annalise Cortez - 22/01/2021
Keeping these shot glasses for your wedding reception is a great idea (5/5)

They are durable and will last a long time. Having disposable items was perfect for our socially distant wedding, since they were only used once and can be thrown away. The next time I buy, I will definitely do so.

Anders Hicks - 22/01/2021
On Amazon, there is only one disposable shot glass to buy (5/5)

It's great to have shot glasses like these. In addition to being durable, clear, scratch-resistant, and easy to separate from a stack, they are also surprisingly lightweight. I've had better results with this brand than other brands I've purchased.

Harmoni Wiley - 30/03/2021
I am very pleased with the price (5/5)

This is the ideal little cup! I'll use it for a variety of purposes, from serving sauce to putting moth wash in for guests to pour. Anyhow, the price is great and I like the size at least.

Jericho Farrell - 26/07/2021