Elixir Classy Champagne Flutes – Hand Blown Crystal Champagne Glasses Review

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Giftable 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.1 
Value for money 4.0 
  • Contains the capacity of approx. 8 oz.
  • Crystal-clear look.
  • Requires extra maintenance.

Elixir Classy Champagne Flutes – Hand Blown Crystal Champagne Glasses Product Description

From the look of these champagne glasses, you know that they are not ordinary. Any sparkling wine and rosé will look stunning in these vessels. The Elixir champagne glasses are very comfortable to hold and are very affordable. Since they are ideal for any occasion, you will use them over and over again. In addition, they are a lovely gift to give to someone you care about. These champagne glasses were the ones she was looking for, according to a client. They were packed snuggly in styrofoam, according to her. A number of her friends also commented on how heavy and beautiful these glasses are.

  • FALL IN LOVE WITH ELIXIR GLASSWARE - This limited-edition collection from Elixir Glassware is the perfect blend of the sensory delight of fine champagne with the elegant art form of your favorite glasses. The body and stem of this elegant glass are exceptionally clear and showcase your drink beautifully.
  • I like the sophistication, stunning, and luxuries of this gift for any occasion. It's a unique gift idea that's sure to impress your wife, your husband, your mom, and your dad. Remember to keep in touch with your A gift that speaks for itself is the best way to honor the occasions that are most meaningful to you - weddings, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, housewarming, or engagement parties.
  • Elixir glassware is constructed from lead free ultra clear crystal. Unlike crystal glassware that contains at least 20% lead, Elixir glassware is 100% lead free. The elegance and the sparkle of fine crystals, but with the durability of tempered glass.
  • ASSURANCE OF QUALITY - Each glass is intricately shaped and hand blown by artisans, according to traditional techniques. A wide rim is carefully cut and polished to direct the wine to the center of the tongue, creating a harmony between the fruit, acids and tannins. With so much ingenuity and beauty, we've created a unique piece of art, something best experienced with good company and fine champagne.
  • PACKAGING & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We want you to have complete confidence in your purchase and be at ease knowing your gift will arrive promptly in perfect condition thanks to our secure, thick protective The Elixir 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee is dedicated to providing you a no compromise experience. The service was excellent and the glasses were beautiful.

Questions & Answers

A "Made in China" label appears on the bottom of the box. The flutes were obviously made in China, though I'm not sure if it means they were made there.
It would be best not to add them to There are only a few flutes in the set. It is disappointing to see how fragile these items.
Honestly, I have no idea. Having a direct conversation with the seller would seem to be beneficial.
Honestly, I have no idea. Having a direct conversation with the seller would seem to be beneficial.

Selected User Reviews For Elixir Classy Champagne Flutes – Hand Blown Crystal Champagne Glasses

This glass has a lot of imperfections (2/5)

We found imperfections on 3 of the 4 champagne glasses. Either black dots were embedded in the glass or the glass seemed to be speckled with black dots The glass has air bubbles or bubbles on the surface. Despite the fact that they look great, I wouldn't buy them again since they're not very good quality.

Cory PARKINSON - 10/02/2021
The quality of the product is poor (1/5)

There should have been more trust in reviews saying that the clarity was poor and bubbles were present. When I opened them, I found air bubbles in the glass and mar marks on the base where something got stuck. I decided to take the risk since I liked the shape of these, but I was so disappointed when I found them to have air bubbles and mar marks. There are so many things you can buy which are better because these are a disappointment.

Steven Kirby - 13/04/2021
I am in love with these (5/5)

Wow, so many things to say. The size is perfect, so I don't have to refill every two *br>By the look and sophistication of the glasses, I truly believe that they will not stink when I hold them! There is only one little, teeny-tiny thing in the whole world. It's a tiny negative, and the glass bases are a bit I feel like the glass is fairly easy to tip. I was filling up my glass of bubbles from our second bottle of bubbly over Memorial Weekend when I noticed that it happened. The glasses might not have been at fault for that.

Oscar Carlson - 05/06/2021
Buying is not a good idea (1/5)

The stem of one of the glasses broke off when it was barely clinging to another glass and then shattered later when it hit the floor when we made our toasts to New Year's. It goes without saying that I would not recommend purchasing It looks like they are made in China, but they have glass imperfections. I purchased two sets and found them to be extremely thin and fragile. I would not recommend this brand. If I had gone with another brand or visited a BB&T local store, I would have had a better experience.

Adriana Patrick - 29/05/2021
The foundation is solid, but there are There must be rejects from Williams Sonoma or another high end store in this lot (4/5)

Overall, the flutes are very nice, but every one of them has a flaw. *br>*br>Many people complain about the imperfections, but if you're fine with that then this is a great set for the price. If it weren't for the imperfections, I'd have expected to pay about.

Savanna Acosta - 20/03/2021
One of the glasses was broken, but the product was nice (3/5)

Unfortunately, Amazon delivered the glasses in just the box they come in. I would have given it five stars if they came in a different box. The glass in the middle of the table was completely broken. I can't return them since I need them for Thanksgiving. Despite this, the glasses are quite beautiful.

Emmie Oliver - 05/02/2021
The paper is flimsy, thin with imperfections, cheap and of poor quality (3/5)

In addition to the packaging, the glasses themselves are stylish. One of the issues is that once you take one glass out of its box, you can feel how light, thin, and flimsy it As if the shards of glass would shatter if you put too much pressure on your lips. A black spot can also be seen on the glass - an obvious imperfection. My best glasses have come from the discount store for a quarter of the price. These glasses would be great if they weren't so expensive. I do not recommend this product because of its price. *TLDR With black specs, these frames are thin, thin, and flimsy, but they're very fun to look at.

Melany McCann - 29/04/2021
I love it! Their delicate nature makes them difficult to handle (5/5)

In the event of them being knocked over, I would wonder if they could survive. Hand blown crystal is what these are. As I realized I didn't own any flutes at the end of last year, I ordered them after New Years! I have yet to use them. I will order at least one more set of these, because they are stunningly beautiful. Simply looking at them gives me such a sense of peace and a sense of awe. Once I have a chance to try them out, I cannot wait to have another special occasion when I can do so!.

Aileen Knapp - 22/02/2021