EDI Disposable Red Plastic Mini Party Shot Review

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Ideal para regalar 5.0 
Robustez 4.9 
Durabilidad 4.8 
Excelente inversión 4.8 
  • Help in mess free party.
  • Suitable for large gatherings.
  • Fragile.

EDI Disposable Red Plastic Mini Party Shot Product Description

The shot glass is made of red plastic and is disposable. Innovative And Stylish Design. When you buy from us, you can be sure of satisfaction. A stackable desk that is 2″ tall and 2″ wide at the top. This is great for parties – perfect for soft drinks, jello shots, and regular shots.

  • Make sure you enter the correct model number when entering your information.
  • A pack of 40 disposable shot glasses made from red plastic.
  • Elegant and innovative, this design captures the attention of the viewer. You're guaranteed to be satisfied.
  • The height of a person is 2 and the width is 0. The top of the stack is 0 inches wide and stackable.
  • This jello shot is great for parties, but will also work for regular shots.
  • Exceptional quality manufactured with only the finest materials.

Selected User Reviews For EDI Disposable Red Plastic Mini Party Shot

Besides the enrichment, you can also snap a few shots for your pooch at the same time

Our Wolfy is going to have a lot of fun with these. Because we are working from home a lot like many others, my pup thinks it's play time all day long while we are trying to get things done. In order to introduce him to it, I began with 4, and gradually added more. I love to take him outside and he takes a long nap when I get the stack. I love it.

Kye Hanson - 06/04/2021
Beautiful Party Cups

These would be perfect to give to my daughter for her 21st birthday next month. To toast her at her party, these will be used. Using these solo cups will keep drinks warm for hot drinks as well as cold for cold ones. When it comes to solo cups, I use them all the time.

Kiara Cooke - 06/07/2021
I had a great time! They were delivered on time and in great condition

I bought them for a craft that I plan on doing, and they are perfect. The company can be counted on to fulfill my order.

Loretta Diaz - 09/06/2021
Described in the description

I actually use them to organize the vitamins and supplements that I take throughout the week. Excellent deal on these shot cups. This is a great tool!.

Ahmad Rios - 17/03/2021
These mini cups are perfect for a 21st birthday gift basket

I bought them as a present for my niece. It was great to work with them. The quality is excellent.

Christian Andrews - 19/04/2021
Our Friendsgiving party was lively and fun thanks to these party cups

The shot glasses were a big hit for our shots and everyone was talking Compared to a fakey disposable multi-use plastic bag, these are much larger My color short glasses are surprisingly durable, considering how many I have bought in the past.

Parker McCall - 04/07/2021
The size was just right for me

Paint, epoxies, and fiberglass can be mixed with them in small amounts.

Romeo Parsons - 25/07/2021
A few shots

Party favors that are great for any occasion.

Rowen Doyle - 19/07/2021