EdgeStar IB120SS Review

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Score By Feature Based on 61 ratings

Easy to install 4.5 
Flavor 4.0 
Value for money 4.0 
Noise level 3.9 
  • Freezing function.
  • Shut off automatically when full.
  • Has a scooper.
  • Can be nosiy at times.

EdgeStar IB120SS Product Description

In a stainless steel and black finish, this EdgeStar built-in ice maker is a stylish addition to any home or office. The price point is also attractive for use at home or at work. This unit comes with a front-facing vent and a reversible handle on the door so you can use it as a freezer. It can hold up to 6 pounds of ice at a time and produce up to 12 pounds of ice in 24 hours’ time.

  • The front vent can be easily installed as part of a built-in cabinet or as freestanding unit.
  • The door can be opened from either the left or the right side and comes complete with a 1/4" water line connection. It also comes with an ice scoop.
  • The system is easy to install, convenient, and inexpensive. It has an on/off switch, and it shuts off when the ice bin is full.
  • Up to 12 pounds of ice can be made per day A maximum of 6 pounds of ice can be stored Dimensions are 25 1/4" H x 15" W x 18 1/2" D.
  • No drain line is necessary with this unit since it also acts as a freezer Your ice will stay frozen.

Questions & Answers

It is true. It is likely that you will require fittings to connect the unit to the power source.
While I am not sure of the ice's measurements, it certainly makes nice ice cubes that are good.
This system does not recycle the water, but it will keep the ice so it will not need a drain.
In contrast to a refrigerator's freezer ice maker, it produces ice cubes that are as good as those made by an ice maker.

Selected User Reviews For EdgeStar IB120SS

An ice maker of high quality (4/5)

Based on my initial review, the following updates have been made to this review- I have just posted my most recent comment at the end of this post. Over the course of the last couple of years, I made numerous trips to the grocery store just to pick up ice for our family. I finally purchased the ES IB120SS after researching extensively. Moreover, I got the 3-pack as well A policy that extends the warranty for one year. After receiving the unit several days ago, I hooked it up to our reverse osmosis water filter system in our basement yesterday, with the water line connected to its power source. *br>*br>At the end of 40 minutes, the first batch of ice had been This machine produced ice steadily for the rest of the day. was working fine, and the inside of the freezer was extremely used to detect a full bin was partially up, and the white "arms" that rotate and expel ice cubes had stopped in an odd place. As I examined the ice mold, I realized that a bit of ice was forming on one spot of the white plastic top rim, effectively blocking the white arm at that spot. A few seconds after I carefully removed the ice, the white arms within the ice mold slowly began rotating, and water began to fill the mold. Apparently, water could have splashed or dripped on that location, but I cannot envision how it could have happened. However, I'm going to guess that as the white arms rotate, a drop or two of water moves along with them. There is a particular location where raindrops gather, and they quickly freeze. As the drops of water accumulate and freeze, the ice there becomes large enough to eventually stop the rotating white arms. It will be my pleasure to continue to update you I am updating 2017 with the following As a result of accumulating ice on its plastic top rim at one end, the ice maker module jammed the white arms that release the ice. This occurred about every four cycles. I contacted EdgeStar customer service after waiting 5 hours, and they were extremely First, the support rep told us that a new ice module would be sent out and an installer would be found in the area (which is Several minutes later, she returned the call and said that the module was not in stock. She promised and promised that she would send me a complete replacement My order arrived a few days ago, so I installed it right away. *br>*br>As of yet, no problems with ice buildup have been reported Up next for the ice maker. A bit quieter than the original appliance, I noticed the compressor is now running. perhaps I am just getting Our basement is where it is and it cannot be heard from up or down the hall. The only downside is that I have to pack up and ship back the original unit. Fortunately, I kept the original box and packaging, and EdgeStar has provided shipping for the return. My rating is going from 3 to 4 stars, since I was pleased with both the customer service and the prompt shipping of the new unit. I am also happy with the performance of the new unit so far. The latest update for 2018 is here I received the replacement unit from EdgeStar last week, and this device has continued to operate flawlessly, producing a bin of ice (about 6 lbs) every 12 hours* that being said, the unit does need to be defrosted every four hours. It is critical that you wait six weeks. (This is not a self-help book Units used for defrosting It was already damaged when I bought it, but I knew that at the time. A) Otherwise, ice will accumulate in the interior from frost and leaks, jamming the gearbox. In spite of this, the unit can easily be defrosted. After turning the unit off, opening the door, removing the ice bin, and placing a large cloth towel inside the unit, making sure that the towel is pressed against all sides and corners, I secure the door and close it. 3) Leave it open for six hours, and the frost will melt. Turn the ice machine back on and throw the wet towel in the laundry basket. Put the ice bin back in the freezer and turn on the unit. A full bin of ice once again fills the bin after 12 hours.

Wesson Peck - 01/01/2021
Is worthless as a warranty because it sheds metallic flakes onto ice (1/5)

I used it for about six months without any problems. A green little thing then emerged There have been black flakes found in the ice. Replacing the water lines and filter failed to resolve the problem. The flakes seem to be metallic in nature, and are coming from the ice maker. As a result, the device is still "under warranty" except that shipping costs in both directions must be paid, and labor is not covered after 90 days. I've thrown away affected cubes, but recently I have toss about half of the ice. I don't know if the chips are harmful, but I won't volunteer to be a test subject. Today (ten months), the machine stopped making ice. It must have eaten itself at some point. This does not sit well with me. In that case, it seems my only option is to ship the machine and pay for repair labor, which may approach the price I paid for it.

Lilyana GREENWOOD - 01/01/2021
This is a great little unit (5/5)

It's been almost a year since this has come out, and I've been waiting to review it. The first time I saw it, I was extremely disappointed. It is basically a tiny refrigerator, there is a freezer attached to it, and an ice maker similar to what you find in a refrigerator. Once I installed a filter on the unit as another purchaser recommended, it works like a champ.

Kate BEVAN - 26/04/2021
Frequent freezing of the device and jamming of the mechanism (1/5)

The ice maker I use at my spa has been there for over a year now. This is an old adage that Pay what you want and you will get what you desire. The first thing I notice is the volume. There is a rattling sound when the compressor operates. Since I keep it in the utility room, it's not a problem for me, but I can imagine you may have a real problem with it. The idea of having this in a kitchen or another room where I spend a lot of time is unthinkable to me. It happens several times each day that the mechanism fails to fully eject the ice. When this occurs, it stops producing ice until it is cleared manually. There have been more mornings than I can remember when I have come into my business only to find it jammed in the night. Lastly, it's not uncommon for the unit to freeze up quite For it to run properly, I have to turn it off and leave the door open at least once every month so that it can thaw out. My father now wants me to find a better ice maker for him. It looks as though I will have to shell out more than $1000 to get something that.

Mordechai Boyer - 06/04/2021