EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD 24 Inch Wide 142 Can Built-In Outdoor Beverage Cooler Review

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  • Comes with the glass shelves and integrated lock.
  • Suitable for outdoor trips.
  • Needs extra-care.

EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD 24 Inch Wide 142 Can Built-In Outdoor Beverage Cooler Product Description

When your beers are your babies (albeit babies who thrive at low temperatures), you want to store them the right way. The EdgeStar built-in holds 5.3 cubic feet behind a rust-proof stainless steel door that flawlessly maintains temperatures as low as 34 degrees. Cool air circulates within a robust body made of heavy ABS, without the use of cold plates, as a result of an Embraco compressor, a much more efficient and even heating approach. This mini beer refrigerator is ETL-certified and has a pro-quality design.

  • A standard 12 oz container can hold 142 standard pens. A can, a freestanding or a built-in installation.
  • The cooling system employs a powerful compressor the temperature range is 38-50°F.
  • The unit is equipped with glass shelves a factory installed lock a carbon filter built into the unit auto defrosting approved for outdoors reversible door digital thermostat.
  • If you are interested in an indoor-only version of this model at a more affordable price point.
  • There will be no inside delivery the delivery will be at the curb. The shipping company will require a valid phone number in order to deliver your order. When placing this order, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information.

Questions & Answers

The answer is a resounding yes.
304 grade stainless steel is used in this unit.
The information is on the description of the products, the specifications.
My EdgeStar refrigerator was purchased in 2020 and it DOES come with a power button - A picture of the unit's front.

Selected User Reviews For EdgeStar CBR1501SSOD 24 Inch Wide 142 Can Built-In Outdoor Beverage Cooler

It worked perfectly until just a few months after it expired (1/5)

A failed attempt followed. A review is being updated When the service company looked at it, the company determined that the coolant most likely leaked out due to a poor manufacturing process. I have given edgestar a call and will update my product review if they can help. Please note *br> We have had this outdoor kitchen for a few years now, and it has been a real asset. I then went to look at how to file a warranty claim when the computer stopped cooling As it was just over a year ago when I bought it, I cannot. Adding to my frustration is the fact that I have to hire a repair guy to fix this.

Benjamin Gentry - 18/02/2021
After two years, the unit is out of order (1/5)

The fridge has been in my outdoor bar area for almost a year now and is doing well. The program has been shut down for two years after it started in May 2019. Reviews seem to indicate that others in the same situation have also encountered this issue. Also, I had a professional repair person or company get it checked out, and they confirmed that poor construction and cheap parts have led to the leak of Freon. Similarly, they say that the cost of repairing is not justified. I have also found Edgestar to be unresponsive to my This is not a product that I would recommend.

Karson Phelps - 07/07/2021
It is expected that the stainless door front will rust the first time it comes in contact with water (2/5)

Yet to install it, still indoors! I have it plugged in but I haven't yet installed it. Rusting is taking place on the "stainless" door front due to water droplets.

Leroy West - 11/07/2021
Product is defective and I am unable to return it It is best to be careful when buying (1/5)

In order to ensure that it fit in my outdoor kitchen, I purchased this fridge while it was being built. As soon as we installed it, we turned it on and it failed to work. It is nothing more than a piece A return or replacement was not allowed after 30 days as the seller refused to accept it. You should be cautious of products and stay away from sellers with bad.

Zane HOPE - 24/07/2021
1 appliance was destroyed during shipping, 2 did not work, and 2 did not work There was no support from the seller (1/5)

I tested the fridge for 24 hours before installing it. It stopped working after no more than a day of installation. The box that I used was taking up a lot of space after testing, so I got rid of it. We have purchased 3 units of ice makers from the same seller and brand. Damage to both arrived during shipping one arrived destroyed while shipping, while the other was just found not working, maybe it had As of now, I have not received any response to my problem since I reached out a week ago. ( All 3 ice makers arrived on one pallet strapped together / quite beat up )*br>This seller does not care about the customer nor responds to replacement or No contact information is available on the seller's site and Amazon's number is no longer operational since pandemic took hold. There is no one I can contact about Feeling helpless, I went to my room to cry.

Rey Short - 31/05/2021
There is a problem with the door closing (4/5)

Generally, I love this fridge, but I have to watch that the door closes all the way every time we use it. In most cases, guests will not notice this issue unless they forget to close it completely. Other than the door issue, I'm happy with the overall quality of the product. In order to solve the door issue, we will make sure the floor is properly leveled. It is wonderful that there is such a large capacity!.

Riley Munoz - 01/01/2021
As I had not purchased the unit for the event I had planned, I did not have it (1/5)

A trucking company took two weeks to deliver the unit, and on their second attempt, the drive got lost, and I had to meet the driver and load it into my truck after driving 20 minutes to meet him. The first time I installed my refrigerator in my outdoor kitchen, it didn't get cold, the temperature accidentally went down so I was told by the manufacturer to let it sit unplugged for 24 hours. I did that and it continues not to function as expected. Now I'm being told that it will take 2 more weeks for the part to be replaced.

Celeste Carter - 25/03/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

The weather has been brutally hot for the past two months outside, but it has worked great thus far.

Angel Nielsen - 30/04/2021