DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener Review

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Easy to use 4.4 
Giftable 4.2 
Sturdiness 4.0 
  • Strong Magnetic build.
  • Wall-mounted bottle opener.
  • Flimsy.

DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener Product Description

This device is real – you do not have to dream about it. With The DropCatch, you’ll have a sturdy stainless steel beer bottle opener that connects directly to a quarter-sawn walnut hardwood backing (featuring maple inlays and water-resistant lacquer) that you can mount to your fridge or magnetically attach to your wall. Bottle caps are attracted to the powerful magnet before they fall to the ground.

  • Designed to hold more than 40 bottle caps with its magnetic catch.
  • Use Mounting Screws if you want to wall mount the item or use Magnetic mounting if you want to use magnetic mounting.
  • It is easy to operate with one hand due to the powerful permanent magnet on the magnetic or wall mounted device.
  • This piece is made out of real American walnut hardwood and coated.

Questions & Answers

Stainless steel is the material that the opener is made of. There is a lacquer finish on the wood itself, which helps protect it against liquids that may come in contact with its When placed outdoors, the wood is susceptible to warping overtime. We do not recommend using it outside. However, if it were to be permanent magnetically mounted to your refrigerator, it would be easy to take outside and place on a grill, metal pole, etc. temporarily outdoors.
It's the standard.
These screws are longer than the standard To mount it on a wall, replace the 2 screws that hold the bottle cap opener currently with the 2 longer screws The fridge magnet is also included to create a convenient mounting point for the device.

Selected User Reviews For DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener

I loved it, but it was not as I expected (4/5)

In my order, I ordered the "Porter" color, which looks to be a solid dark color, but in reality, my opener was lighter and had stripes, so it looked I'm not sure what the deal is with the Porter sticker on the packaging, but the product didn't look like I expected it to. was not in the mood to deal with any sort of exchange, and it still looked pretty cool to me, so I just went on When it came time to install it, I found there were no studs near the place where I wanted it. The drywall anchors weren't included with the kit, so I had to purchase them. My only concern, actually, is if it is recommended to attach this opener to the wall with drywall anchors as there is no documentation included with this unit other than a simple diagram showing how to swap out the screws that hold the metal opener to the longer ones for wall attachment. It may provide additional answers for wall mounting, but I have not found anything on its website. As a result, I decided just to purchase some hefty anchors (rated to hold 143 lbs, because I didn't want to use too weak of anchors and eventually have the whole thing come apart). I have had this hanging for about a week now, and it has seen plenty of use, and it is still adhered to the wall securely. As I have never used an opener mounted on a bottle before, I was a little unnerved with the first few beers since you have to tilt them horizontally and I was worried the cap would come off all over the place when you remove it. It didn't matter since they don't, so I just moved on. The finish you ordered based on the photo may not be the finish you receive. I recommend the finish as a whole, but you just need to be aware that it could be different.

Lea Marsh - 12/06/2021
Definitely my favorite bottle opener of all time! Honestly, I'm in love with The presents I gave to all the men in my family this past Christmas were in fact gifts from me (5/5)

I had to have one for myself after my wife and I loved it so much. This is a very cool looking product As you can see, my wood piece is a bit lighter in color than what you've seen, but with a nice grain that is darker. Since it is attached to the side of the fridge, I did not use or install the screws that came with it. However, it had tiny rubber feet attached to the back of the device to protect it from damage. There are two hands needed to pull the magnet off, it is so strong. The bottle caps are also there. You can feel the pull of one just a few inches away. It's a great gadget and fun to use. The best part is, I won't have to deal with a drawer full of bottle caps, since my family can drop the cap into the drawer as they open wine bottles. The cap collectors are also convinced that I want to save them all! These fun openers are a must-have! In addition, I didn't get any discounts or freebies with this purchase.

Melina Daugherty - 21/02/2021
It is not strong enough to keep a fridge in place (2/5)

It seems that the magnets are now weaker. When I try to open a beer bottle, it comes off the fridge. To do this I need to locate where I will make screw holes in the wall. A nice idea, but it's not working for me.

Prince Meadows - 16/02/2021
This is awesome (5/5)

The overwhelming number of positive reviews made me doubt this thing for a while, but I must admit, it's I love the way the device looks and it is extremely well made with a What a great novelty item that is actually functional and worth its price.

Josiah Goldstein - 04/07/2021
Magnet with a weak pull (2/5)

Earlier this year, I gave this gift to my boyfriend for Christmas. Honestly, he likes the idea of the magnet but the magnet is just too weak and we live in an area where the wall cannot be installed - You can mount your computer. I mean, it just slides all over the place when I'm trying to open a bottle, it takes about twice as long as a normal bottle opener. The bottle looks fantastic and it looks like it will be a big hit This product works, so if I could give it more stars, it would, however it simply does not adhere to my refrigerator like it should, so we will have to try another product.

Nikolas Kelly - 16/02/2021
It took me 2 tries to get it right, but I am extremely pleased with the product (4/5)

I ordered this for my husband for Christmas because we saw it at a friend's house and loved the idea. I received the first item with a visible chip on the corner of the wood and no mounting screws. I have been a Prime member for a long time, so I was able to re-inscribe We will exchange any defective items at no additional cost if you purchase the defective one. We lost time and had to give up on a The lack of quality control and the hassle on my end lowered my star rating by one. Thus, other than the fact that this seems to be a pretty high-quality video This is a great product. The wood is smooth, and the stain is rich and beautiful. The wall mount will be mounted in the garage by my husband, so I will update my review once it has been installed.

Anika Stark - 01/06/2021
A little damaged, perhaps in the shipping process Replacing the item was a great customer service experience (5/5)

There was a slight bend in the corner of the product, as well as an area where the caps reside. The air filled plastic that cushioned the inner box deflated which might have damaged the inner box and therefore caused the product to become Even so, it still works really well- It opens bottles easily and has a strong magnet that holds on to The magnets are super strong and stay put well on our fridge, so we were worried that it might be difficult to use (as in it could fall when we're removing it). But it's easy to use, and the magnets are strong. I really like your product! *br>*br>Update A new product was shipped free of charge to replace my damaged one. A very efficient and courteous customer service experience. I have not encountered anything like it before!.

Aurelia Johns - 02/07/2021
I am looking forward to the awesome beer (5/5)

had a specific assignment to do, which was as follows "THIS" will make my Christmas merrier. This bottle opener is totally unique and very cool for the garage or mancave. We browse online, browsing store after store, using Google shopping to find countless items. What's the time? It could be possible, right? My eye was immediately drawn to DropCatch and I was unable to compare it with any other app. The gift was ordered from Amazon before Christmas Eve (Prime helped get it here faster), delivered on Christmas morning, and enthusiastically unwrapped on There were rave reviews from the old man, and I only made a mistake by not including a bottle of beer to test Neither he nor I are shocked, and even though I will have to wait to see how it plays out in action, I did not have to wait in the first place Almost all of the artwork has already been.

Davis Short - 14/03/2021