Dragon Glassware Martini Glasses Review

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Peso ligero 4.7 
Ideal para regalar 4.6 
Fácil de sostener 4.5 
Versatilidad 4.5 
Durabilidad 4.4 
Robustez 4.4 
  • Durable.
  • Design wise.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Small capacity.

Dragon Glassware Martini Glasses Product Description

Featuring a classic shape perfect for chilling drinks, these 7-ounce glasses come in a variety of colors. The cocktails, whiskey, scotch, wine, and liquor they can be mixed in each excel. With double-walled insulation, your cold drinks remain cold for longer which makes them taste better, keep them crisp, and keep them enjoyable.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The 6-piece stemless mulligan glass set is an elegant way to chill beverages. It has an elegant design and has a large capacity. The product has an 8 oz. size. With each of these features, it is perfect for cocktails, whiskey, whiskey, wine, and liquor.
  • Cocktails Keep Colder, Longer - Insulated double-wall design helps retain cold beverage temperatures so drinks stay cool, crisp, and delicious for longer.
  • Gifts for Martini or cocktail lovers - This is a perfect gift option as it is packaged in a deluxe gift package ready for presentation.
  • Quality - High-quality, lead-free, clear glass, which is suitable for use in the refrigerator and freezer. The product is ideal for everyday use and is easy to clean.
  • Dragon Glassware is committed to providing you with the best service and product. You also get customer service that's unmatched, a 1-year limited warranty, and a money-back guarantee on the purchase.

Selected User Reviews For Dragon Glassware Martini Glasses

This product is the best that you can buy

Just about everyone who uses it will give it five stars. Firstly, let's look at the cons Glasses with long stems aren't traditional - this isn't a traditional long stem glass That's all I have to say. In regard to the "pros", we have the following In the original martini glass, the purpose of the stem was to keep your martini cold while you sipped on A long glass stem, or hanger, could be used to hold the glass so your hands did not warm up the martini. Using it in the traditional martini glasses is fine and it works fine. It is the best approach, but is it the right one? There is no doubt in my mind I say "no". developed a product that will keep your martini cold on a much greater scale. It is a very stable glass which you should never spill your martini out of. As well as looking good, it performs well.

Avayah Dillon - 23/01/2021
This cocktail glass set is of high quality

In this first set, we play a doubles match with A martini glass with a broken wall arrived with the order. The problem was reported the next day and replacements were provided. What a neat idea We are thankful to Amazon and Dragon Glassware for providing these products! At this point I have only used it a handful of times, but I enjoy that my martinis stay chilled until the very end. Its base and design are sturdy, there are no wobbles The approach is similar to some others on this topic and seems to wobble. The feeling of being in a laboratory is heightened by glass Glassware of the highest quality As long as I manage not to drop it, I expect that this stuff will last for a while. Not being able to hold a stem while sipping is a little strange at first, but I'm sure I'll adjust quickly! *UPDATE The 7th of October is today. Both pairs of glasses are still in my possession. In general, wash your hands, but every once in awhile- Once in the dishwasher, it gets thrown away. It is still "working" fine. Glassware that is well made. I have not yet tried the bounce test We will try to prevent that happening in the future.

Luciano Herman - 17/03/2021
It's stemware without the stem! The purpose of stemware is to prevent beverages from being heated by a person's hand

Though I appreciate stemware, I prefer it to be displayed on lower shelves in the cabinet and be less prone to breakage from bumps and knocks. There was a need for elegant glasses, but without the stems, that would serve the function of stemware. Those glasses are amazing, we are in love with them. These glasses enhance the presentation of drinks and eliminate the need for a martini glass, coupe glass, or wine glass. You can feel how sturdy they are in your hands. Hand wash is my favorite way to do laundry. I love the combination of practicality and beauty. The Dragonware Glassware Martini Glasses are perfect for fulfilling all three of those desires.

Ermias Weaver - 12/01/2021
The beauty of style lies in its elegance

What a beautiful pair of This was a gift for the 50th birthday of my husband A Manhattan in the morning and in the afternoon look so good in these pictures. They are very classy and he loves them.

Steven Green - 15/01/2021
I like it

Despite these being solid, but they are lightweight due to the distribution of weight around the glass, which is due to the double-walled The stemmed martini glasses have a reputation for being the best Unlike stemmed glasses, these ones are lighter and feel more comfortable in your hand because their center of gravity is lower and closer to your palm. They are also made of sturdy glass, similar to my Bodum double-walled glasses. Previously, I had another brand of double walled martini glass that was much thinner glass and fragile (in fact, one of them broke in delivery), so these Dragon glasses are definitely a step up in terms of durability. The surface itself should be hand washed, just to preserve the insulation and to prevent the little adhesive plug at the bottom from being disturbed. There is only one "con" I have to say about these glasses the consistency of their There is a choice between the 7 ounce or 8 ounce capacity for these martini glasses, depending on what listing you read. In the meantime, I measured both of them and one is 7 oz, and the other is a hair under Neither of them could be measured as far as they could reach. Obviously, this makes it difficult to fit the cocktail into the glass, as one cannot measure the drink every time the glass is picked up, because one isn't sure which one is the larger. So people don't have to slurp their drinks from the table top without lifting a glass, the drink capacity should be around six glasses per person for comfortable drinking levels The 5 ounces jar contains 54 All in all, I am very satisfied.

Cynthia Cherry - 28/01/2021
The design is beautiful and it keeps the drink cold for a long time

I was concerned about the rim of the glass after reading the reviews. As a result, the glass is thicker than you would expect, but it is double walled, so it is not surprising. These glasses make a statement but are also very practical. My favorite way to drink martinis is to sip them until the last drop is gone, great that they stay cold. Aside from looking great, they make a great addition to any room!.

Ari Mullins - 30/01/2021
bought them for cool points, but they are not as well made as I had Looks cool, but the quality isn't as good as I imagined

I still enjoy using the lip, but it seems to be slightly warped, so I don't get that new glasses joy when I look at them.

Sean Henry - 23/03/2021
Very well done! There is no denying my love for The beer glasses kept my beer icy cold for a very long time! I live in Florida and I initially purchased them for the novelty of having a frosty cold beer! They are now my go-to way to serve cold drinks

The martini glasses I bought were so impressive that I bought two more. Keeping glasses in the freezer is my preferred way of storing them. You can enjoy your drink for quite some time since the glasses keep the drink nice and cold. Additionally, the glasses do not tip over or spill as easily as traditional martini glasses. It is a great buy, and the price is unbelievable! You will not be disappointed.

Dior Warren - 16/01/2021